Bodybuilders get their BACKS CRACKED *Worst Pain Ever* ft. My Brother

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Bodybuilders get their BACKS CRACKED *Worst Pain Ever* ft. My Brother

Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Omg I felt that crack ouchhh
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 26 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God
Anishd22 Pred mesecem
doesnt matts bro look more like luca
Elijah Westbrook
Elijah Westbrook Pred 2 meseci
L hope you hit 2000,000
Ruby Hourigan
Ruby Hourigan Pred 2 meseci
That hurt me and I’m watching the video
Jackson Pegram
Jackson Pegram Pred 2 meseci
Ouch ouch ouch
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter Pred 2 meseci
Matt, I think your brother looks like a huge version of Luca
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter Pred 2 meseci
Cue the DNA test
Imtoby _
Imtoby _ Pred 2 meseci
Omg an English youtuber
RajRocky86 Pred 2 meseci
@2:18 - Duplicate of john cena
Adam Pred 2 meseci
is this dude a Chiropractor? or Massage therapist? Please someone answer
Cristina Mazare
Cristina Mazare Pred 2 meseci
That sound isn't health lol
Tracey Beaty
Tracey Beaty Pred 2 meseci
Did it hurt I love watching this video’s 👍
Jan Palmer
Jan Palmer Pred 2 meseci
Ok JUST WOW🦶🏻🦵🏻👌🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖕
Easy Life The Hard Way
Easy Life The Hard Way Pred 2 meseci
im not gonna lie man, that sounds like it hurts
Sahel FAZLI Pred 2 meseci
Elijah Fox
Elijah Fox Pred 2 meseci
That sound when it cracks tho 😬😮
Tracey Beaty
Tracey Beaty Pred 2 meseci
Ben looks like Luca I wonder what Ben was doing at university 👍
Mikescottfitness Pred 3 meseci
Iv got a chiropractic appointment on Monday thanks to Matt cheers buddy love your videos probably the only thing I watch on SLpost like a series on Netflix 😂
Lil Ryan
Lil Ryan Pred 3 meseci
toasty pop
toasty pop Pred 3 meseci
Did you hear that snap
jussvic c
jussvic c Pred 3 meseci
Why does he low key look like Steve will do it
Robert Price
Robert Price Pred 3 meseci
Yes ouch
ZXKingYT Pred 3 meseci
Dam that looks like it really hurts but do u feel better from the cracks😏 I subbed btw
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 3 meseci
FHNAKZMS Pred 3 meseci
If back pain is the worst pain... then what about periods for girls...
Howlin Mad
Howlin Mad Pred 3 meseci
Jokes on you a lot of us have back pain among other things on our cycles
Saadullah Khan
Saadullah Khan Pred 3 meseci
What is this actually for
Logan Fletcher
Logan Fletcher Pred 3 meseci
Why does he look exactly like luca
Life Is good sometimes
Life Is good sometimes Pred 3 meseci
That must hurt
Carl Dunson
Carl Dunson Pred 3 meseci
I ain't going to lie my man Ben was over there rocking Matt was on that Struggle Bus
Uum Uum
Uum Uum Pred 3 meseci
When you first go to the cyropractors BC u got back problems Cyropractor: "breath in" "And breath out" Ur back: CRAAAAAAAACK
Gavin Wilson
Gavin Wilson Pred 3 meseci
I fell bad it felt like you snapped your bone! 🦴
Hayden Ricker
Hayden Ricker Pred 3 meseci
i get that once a week. my moms a chiropractor
Caroline Haggerty
Caroline Haggerty Pred 3 meseci
Your son looks like your brother😂😂
I eat Children
I eat Children Pred 3 meseci
The sound made me cringe
Jerry Lashley
Jerry Lashley Pred 3 meseci
Does it hurt Matt ?
Aya Manana
Aya Manana Pred 3 meseci
Luca has Ben's whole face
Marc Teo
Marc Teo Pred 3 meseci
RB Jesus
Xertias Strat
Xertias Strat Pred 4 meseci
I have a pain on my toe Been 1 mounth now It was about my nail anyway i touch it and i know i must not... Hope i ll really get better Why pain exist gosh..
Hello Hi
Hello Hi Pred 4 meseci
What is this that they’re doing?
Yivraj Soenja
Yivraj Soenja Pred 4 meseci
I am from indian. Give me heart matt plz
Max Da gamer
Max Da gamer Pred 4 meseci
I got jumped scared when I heard Matt’s bone crack lol
Captain Shark
Captain Shark Pred 4 meseci
crrrrrrraaaacccccK OW
fezzer Pred 4 meseci
Already got surfshark you creepy weirdo.
Thien Tran
Thien Tran Pred 4 meseci
I wish I could understand more of what you are saying through subtitles but still thumb up for your content.
James Cordell
James Cordell Pred 4 meseci
Damnit! You guys are genetic freaks!!!
Clay Lewis
Clay Lewis Pred 4 meseci
Woo else would do this?
keebird7 Pred 4 meseci
Luca's twin!!! Uncle Ben!
jimbobharry2003 Pred 4 meseci
Chiropractic is total bullshit.
E.B.G Pranks
E.B.G Pranks Pred 4 meseci
Your videos are sick bro i will be so happy if u shout me out
Al Pachinko
Al Pachinko Pred 4 meseci
Ya know, you can be funny without the homophobia.....just sayin'
rainbow boi YT
rainbow boi YT Pred 4 meseci
Sub to mat sub to mat sub to mat sub to mat
Katie •
Katie • Pred 4 meseci
16:40 song?😍
Lydia van der Hout
Lydia van der Hout Pred 4 meseci
It should not hurt... -_- You should get another Chiropractor
Jack Mason
Jack Mason Pred 4 meseci
More chiro quackery on the tube.
Rezsm GT
Rezsm GT Pred 4 meseci
Damn MattDoesKeepOnTopOfHisComments
I'm Batman
I'm Batman Pred 4 meseci
6:20 thats not a crack, its a snap
Anna Elise
Anna Elise Pred 4 meseci
Henry Lancaster
Henry Lancaster Pred 4 meseci
I see one regularly and that neck one is always the funniest so close to death every time but I like it, being close to death, the only moment when you feel so alive! Nice Matt son!
Taylor Heilig
Taylor Heilig Pred 4 meseci
This was kind of frightening but I couldn't stop watching 😅
Solitary Wolf
Solitary Wolf Pred 4 meseci
song name Matt?
Jack C
Jack C Pred 4 meseci
Cracking vid mate
Ethan Estalilla
Ethan Estalilla Pred 4 meseci
What's the song when they are benching?
Zero_SL Pred 4 meseci
Ok Mtt you might want to get a paternity test because Ben looks exactly like Luca. #JustSaying! lol
Lewis Babbage
Lewis Babbage Pred 4 meseci
Wow your son is growing fast!
Nuggets Pred 4 meseci
throwback to you and David doing this 🥺
Saulius Kerinas
Saulius Kerinas Pred 4 meseci
That was the most satisfying and hurtfull think to watch ever
karl williams
karl williams Pred 4 meseci
cant do any of that stuff to my back or neck end up paralizeing me stenosis and cervical lamenoctemy ,c1 to c5 and spinabifida plus 2 disks and vertabrae bolted and screwed together no back manipulator will touch me ,i had them come and look and walk away dont fancy the risk plus will cause more problems than help
Mohamed Bashir
Mohamed Bashir Pred 4 meseci
These guy do so much work they deserve 10000$ per session I swear
siva charan
siva charan Pred 4 meseci
I'm getting a weird feeling on my back by seeing this
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10 Pred 4 meseci
Matt are you sure luca is yours he is the spit of your brother
Isabelle Manni
Isabelle Manni Pred 4 meseci
It actually shouldn't hurt...
Aaron Lalichan
Aaron Lalichan Pred 4 meseci
wow did ur wife just say us to get a life when she is simply siting at home in one of the videos?? Mrs, please go get a life instead of telling us u #$%^#$^^&&$%#$
Quant Quill
Quant Quill Pred 4 meseci
In the US, both the doc (or massage therapist or whatever) and the patient have to wear masks because of the pandemic. I was so uncomfortable watching the doc's face like 6 inches from Matt and his brother, and 6 months ago, that thought never would have occurred to me.
Antonina Scholl
Antonina Scholl Pred 4 meseci
Do the us army new pt test. The acft
Golden greens Uk
Golden greens Uk Pred 4 meseci
That’s insane
Uzonna Anikwe
Uzonna Anikwe Pred 4 meseci
ben and luca look so much alike what the heck!
ElizeLynn Lucasan
ElizeLynn Lucasan Pred 4 meseci
What ever happend to Luca's intros
DrChimRichalds Pred 4 meseci
Def need to fix the acoustics in the gym .. too much echoing! LOL.
chat sheet get banged
chat sheet get banged Pred 4 meseci
Your brother looks just like your son. Spitting image 👀 erm 👀 im not making any assumptions its the people liking this comment
xvxcascaxvx Pred 4 meseci
its always nice to see "influences" showing that healing is "painful". Most believe pain = injury, but the body only knows a few things, as signals, and EXTREME discomfort is translated to "pain"
MRah Pred 4 meseci
That's it, I'm going to a chiropractor
Ahmad Muhammad
Ahmad Muhammad Pred 4 meseci
Luka looks exactly like Ben. Sairsssss Explain Lol
LEO Spearhead
LEO Spearhead Pred 4 meseci
I know that pain 😬😂
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M Pred 4 meseci
No's music was trash😂😂😂
Alex Orton
Alex Orton Pred 4 meseci
No Luca Intro ? :(
Eliza Pollock
Eliza Pollock Pred 4 meseci
has anyone on here tried matts training plans???
J Comm
J Comm Pred 4 meseci
Just stretching on your own is much safer than getting "cracked" by these rough manipulations by a chiropractor. They actually cause quite a few injuries this way. The massage part is usually fine, however. Check out these nerdy intelligent phys therapists explaining some easy ways to achieve 'cracking' results gently on your own!
PoePan Island
PoePan Island Pred 4 meseci
His son is all grown up.
Oliver KIELAR Pred 4 meseci
Nearly as hard as I nearly broke my ankle bc I bashed it against a wall accidently
Lenni Perälä
Lenni Perälä Pred 4 meseci
That should not be painfull...
MR. SSG. 《USA》 Pred 4 meseci
Matt...hello from Pakistan.. I want to take Lucas on Holidays...Adorable.. 💕🍰😍Lucas😍💕💕💕🍰💕
Sebastian Ionut
Sebastian Ionut Pred 4 meseci
4:22 Did you fart? =))))
AskJeeves Pred 4 meseci
“It’s so hard to relax when you know you’re gonna get absolutely decimated” 😂
Harris Thomas
Harris Thomas Pred 4 meseci
Luca looks more like Ben than matt 🤣
Katia Akik
Katia Akik Pred 4 meseci
Your brother looks soo much like luka
A Singh
A Singh Pred 4 meseci
Is it just me or does Ben look more like Luca than Matt
harps Pred 4 meseci
do a bro Olympics to see who is the strongest and better bro
Thefreegamer Pred 4 meseci
Enoch Kabalo
Enoch Kabalo Pred 4 meseci
Ben is l i t e r a l l y a grown up version of Luca. Brilliant. 😂
Christopher Pitt
Christopher Pitt Pred 4 meseci
Creeping on that 2million subscriptions matt!
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