Bodybuilders try MMA for the first time...

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Bodybuilders try MMA for the first time...

The Agent In The East
The Agent In The East Pred dnevom
Early MMA was so interesting, as different strategies and techniques were stress tested... highly muscled guys often gassed out and faded towards the end of the first round. Respect for the effort lads, these movements are not easy
Cool Fighter
Cool Fighter Pred 7 dnevi
This is 1 of the best videos
Joshua Green
Joshua Green Pred 12 dnevi
As a former teacher I expected you to pay more attention to the technique!
Johnny10gunz Pred 12 dnevi
Their mucles are designed for fighting.
Moritz McIntyre
Moritz McIntyre Pred 13 dnevi
"you can punch him already!" The coach did an awesome one with you Fellas!
MongolianGoose SSS
MongolianGoose SSS Pred 14 dnevi
How is Kamaru Usman as big as he is and doesn’t get tired?
joku henkilö
joku henkilö Pred 14 dnevi
U know what the trainer said? Well he said Sweet
Kani Kain
Kani Kain Pred 15 dnevi
I’m finna try this training
Quito Vargas
Quito Vargas Pred 16 dnevi
You could have done it with Darren till that would cool (you are both gymshark Athletes)
Andrius Rimkunas
Andrius Rimkunas Pred 17 dnevi
apachEE Pred 18 dnevi
Great effort guys, you’d never think it on the street but Igor could man handle these guys 😂
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson Pred 21 dnevom
Really enjoyed this vid. You and Mike should do more vids together it makes for great content!👍
aries Pred 21 dnevom
lol ofc they had to take their shirts off. where’s the standup striking
Cactus Jackson
Cactus Jackson Pred 21 dnevom
great training he really worked yas!
Archie Pred 22 dnevi
Bodybuilding isn’t fitness, cardio is fitness
Big Wan
Big Wan Pred 22 dnevi
Am so sori Matt but thats the funniest vid i have seen both you an Mike do! Took me back to the first day i did that type of training, really felt for you guys but cudnt help but laff all the way thru 👍👊
Tommy Bigz
Tommy Bigz Pred 22 dnevi
Looks Like a gay porno 😂😂
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones Pred 23 dnevi
Lucky these two weren't drug tested before training!
Jeny Benitez
Jeny Benitez Pred 24 dnevi
Why did I enjoy this so much 😂😂😂😂
Erik S. Bully
Erik S. Bully Pred mesecem
Not bad guys
ARADHYA T M G Pred mesecem
we want more mike and matt combo videos
Rhian Goddard
Rhian Goddard Pred mesecem
“If you’re in a ring, and someone’s trying to kick you in the head... then that’s not ideal” 🤣🤣🤣
Jas Boyal
Jas Boyal Pred mesecem
This was matts worst day ever LOL
MrKarlozz Pred mesecem
Fuck I miss training in the gym man. Tired of this quarantine bullshit 😒 😤. And probs for the guys in the vid giving it a shot
Gunko171 Pred mesecem
Igor make them go through hell) Great Instructor 💪💪💪 UKRAINE 🇺🇦 BEST
Mike Guzman
Mike Guzman Pred mesecem
Lol they're faces when they did the warm-up like a whole new world bieng introduced to them
K Pred mesecem
They why they're holding bags is pissing is off
Giovanni Jacobs
Giovanni Jacobs Pred mesecem
i;m really really hard too hot guys!
xGizzer Pred mesecem
They are not wearing wraps (boxing wraps)
real fitness
real fitness Pred mesecem
Rayraymy Pred mesecem
Trainer was getting his job done ✅
Rayraymy Pred mesecem
You guys fucking killed it
Chxp Granny
Chxp Granny Pred mesecem
the teeps got me laughin
Ricardo Santos Bezerra
Ricardo Santos Bezerra Pred mesecem
Perfect video
Michelle Panelo
Michelle Panelo Pred mesecem
Avrick Thompson
Avrick Thompson Pred mesecem
I lo u mike (Romero voice)
Ross Little Cook
Ross Little Cook Pred mesecem
If yalls cardio was as equal as yalls build... you guys would be a for real problem in the cage. 💪🏽💪🏽👊🏽👊🏽
baroque alabama
baroque alabama Pred mesecem
bodybuilders should try boxing too
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred mesecem
Wow 🤩 this was a hectic video
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira Pred mesecem
Great workout and i know how hard this is for people who are not used to the movements and the pace. You both did great. This is extremely hard on ppl who are not used to martial arts because their body don't when to relax and when to tension, lots of energy is wasted. At the end of the workout it must have felt really good, like an achievement! Great video
iProComboツ Pred mesecem
Who is this trainer? I'd like to see if he has any fights I can watch :) He seems to have some good knowledge!
YourTransformationUK Pred mesecem
Who did the blatant unintentional fart at 13.49? 😂😂😂
David Malaver
David Malaver Pred mesecem
Hahahahaha this video is a good one 😂
Okada Pred mesecem
Hey guys I just started an instagram bodybuilding and fitness page(@chase.thepump) where I post tips,gym memes and motivation.If you have the time check it out and follow if you like the content. @chase.thepump
Lisa Macfarlane
Lisa Macfarlane Pred mesecem
Eagle is the MMA version of hawk from cobra Kai
Cool Fighter
Cool Fighter Pred mesecem
Matt goes his leg spread open ha
roy file
roy file Pred mesecem
Strength and Conditioning Workout for MMA at home 🔥🔥🔥👊👊 CLICK HERE
Olga Ship
Olga Ship Pred mesecem
Great video! Best sports nutrition for bodybuilders -
Wallace John
Wallace John Pred mesecem
The harsh interest acutely post because suggestion hisologically bat unto a puzzled doctor. ready, conscious smash
Anishd22 Pred mesecem
Matt should join the uksf
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain Pred mesecem
Basically it's two grown men making out with each other lol
Anup Kumar Das
Anup Kumar Das Pred mesecem
Fantastic Bro this video made my day❤️. I was looking for this kind of cardio. I will subscribe you right Now
Magic Big Beans
Magic Big Beans Pred mesecem
Now let’s see you guys spar ;)
Kevin Ramoo
Kevin Ramoo Pred mesecem
This is how you can get big and have muscle that is useful. I stopped weights 14 years ago and took up muay thai and exploded in size. My coach thought I was on drugs, a different type of training that builds real muscle.
The Will To Fight
The Will To Fight Pred mesecem
Yes good man
Donovan Vermeulen
Donovan Vermeulen Pred mesecem
Looks like there is a future for you in MMA 🤣 looks badass
David Ortega
David Ortega Pred mesecem
This video made me get some water
unDisciplined Mind
unDisciplined Mind Pred mesecem
This is the cardio that every man needs. This and resistance training. Normally I don't watch your videos but this one was really wholesome. Great job guys.
Nina Martin
Nina Martin Pred mesecem
Is he from UK or Ukraine?))
Adelaida Jorgensen
Adelaida Jorgensen Pred mesecem
It seems,Igor from Ukraine is really great guy...)))
Len Crites
Len Crites Pred mesecem
When are you getting back to your workout video?
NikstSWE Pred mesecem
Very nice of Matt to give Mike the thumbs up before each kick! Checking on Mike every kick to make sure he is alright XD
eden anshar
eden anshar Pred mesecem
🔥 🔥 🔥
Mack Pred mesecem
12:14 close to a whitey there like bro haha, pass the sick bucket..
Matticus C
Matticus C Pred mesecem
Seeing Matt bouncing up and down trying to be agile has made my day 😂🤣🤣🤣
Slynell1 Pred mesecem
Sick vid fam.
Blackbird InTheSky
Blackbird InTheSky Pred mesecem
good work boys. the guy took you through such a typical and lame mma cardio workout , he shouldve at least taught some basic locks and throws, takedowns etc
SulthanHB Pred 2 meseci
Thats islam makachev?
Alpha GenetX
Alpha GenetX Pred 2 meseci
Trainer is bad ass, no slouching on his watch ! Good job both of you, very good video
Jacob L
Jacob L Pred 2 meseci
I felt tired watching this
Ollie Dewsbury
Ollie Dewsbury Pred 2 meseci
Ngl Matt got bundah
The Think Show
The Think Show Pred 2 meseci
After 50+ years of weight training, and experience as a wrestler, I got a good laugh watching this video. The 20-minute mat drills and other cardio-challenging, exhausting portions of training that are a part of wrestling or MMA/UFC can be a lot different than doing sets of curls or bench pressing, even when working to failure. It's a whole other game and watching it with experience in both was very funny....guess nobody is laughing about Igor's name at this point. Just like the video with the gymnast, some of these people are in incredible shape; cardio and strength-wise.
killer centelle
killer centelle Pred 2 meseci
Training for mma more like an orgy
Ist Egal
Ist Egal Pred 2 meseci
try german KSK stuff
Aaron Stainer
Aaron Stainer Pred 2 meseci
as a thai boxer hats of to you guys it ain't easy. fun to watch though
Sebibby Pred 2 meseci
This video was one of the best lol love you guys bro
Azz Lemafa
Azz Lemafa Pred 2 meseci
It’s obvious who counts their macronutrients 😆
WhoopstaUK BALFOUR Pred 2 meseci
I would be dead!!
carot2003 Pred 2 meseci
Interesting video. The trainer was good. Would be nice to see you guys train different martial arts and boxing, and maybe sparring. Well done..
Rohan Bisht
Rohan Bisht Pred 2 meseci
Rohan Bisht
Rohan Bisht Pred 2 meseci
Widhduddbs Wjajdbrjwi
Widhduddbs Wjajdbrjwi Pred 2 meseci
in all seriousness first time classes never look like this and is this intense
Ryba 007
Ryba 007 Pred 2 meseci
Yeah, they are ok , but why they lie people at they are natural!!! 100% they are not !!!!!!
Николай Шаронов
Николай Шаронов Pred 2 meseci
An excellent and informative video for both beginners and those who have been working on this topic for a long time. Use dietary supplements and good results for building muscle mass are guaranteed -
Jessica Long
Jessica Long Pred 2 meseci
Every swear word was bleeped till 13:33 😂😂
Zx Georgee
Zx Georgee Pred 2 meseci
Both fucking huge, but so unfunctional in a conditioning sense
Driver 1ne
Driver 1ne Pred 2 meseci
Bloody great that’s what you call cardio fitness, it’s not muscles it’s fit fit fitness wow!
happzy Pred 2 meseci
Now that's some training. Not one of those "let's have a laugh" collabs but a serious freakin workout.
Μάριος ΜερκούρηςMMA
Μάριος ΜερκούρηςMMA Pred 2 meseci
matt after that session random person: ive got a great video idea matt: whats your idea random person: cardio matt: Yes..
Daniel Kendall
Daniel Kendall Pred 2 meseci
Omg can I just say matt ur such a gorgeous guy and incredible body :)
Isa Pred 2 meseci
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard Pred 2 meseci
Brilliant episode
superice1234 Pred 2 meseci
ufc instructor was fucking great. good sesh
Jay Hall
Jay Hall Pred 2 meseci
That must hurt
Balaganesha B.V
Balaganesha B.V Pred 2 meseci
Can we have a Gab vs Mat MMA? Please. Friendly match. Can do for charity.
jomin john
jomin john Pred 2 meseci
If u listen at 8.21 carefully u can hear a fart mike
Jay Totey
Jay Totey Pred 2 meseci
someone might dead🤔😀
Kiwi Frenchie
Kiwi Frenchie Pred 2 meseci
Matt's literally killing Mike with 10/10 efforts while Mike still hold his strength to fight... Omg look at Mike
xhpfanatic Pred 2 meseci
Damn that's a lot of cardio...
David Gauthier
David Gauthier Pred 2 meseci
Igor put them to workkk
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