Eating my wife's pregnancy cravings for 24 hours

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Eating my wife's pregnancy cravings for 24 hours

Zander-Plays Pred dnevom
I really miss the intros that started with Luca just bullying matt and then finishing it with suckaaa
Erika Raean
Erika Raean Pred 3 dnevi
I’m pregnant as well, and that onion clip was making me want to gag! 🤢
Erika Raean
Erika Raean Pred 3 dnevi
I appreciate how down to earth you and your family is. It’s refreshing!
Gena Adkins
Gena Adkins Pred 4 dnevi
Who thinks Luca is the chap of all champs love u matt
ghost pensor
ghost pensor Pred 4 dnevi
Raw onions slap
LittleKerr Pred 4 dnevi
Have you ever had a PB&J then??
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Have you seen what happens to a McDonald's if you leave it for 3 months 🤔
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Pred 5 dnevi
I didn't have weird cravings. Are they 'real lol
Charlotte Philliskirk
Charlotte Philliskirk Pred 6 dnevi
Matt: can I get a McChicken please? McDonald’s person: As a meal or on its own? Matt: By itself please Also Matt: I’m pregnant
Jamie Zed
Jamie Zed Pred 7 dnevi
Everytime Sairs says ‘stop whinging’ in these videos I honestly crack up 😂
Logan W
Logan W Pred 7 dnevi
I used to eat onions as an apple as a child bro. My weird ass would eat a onion, mustard, and salt and pepper sandwich. And later added cheese. 😂 roasts are accepted
Savannah Ellis
Savannah Ellis Pred 7 dnevi
When I was pregnant I couldnt eat McDonalds like at all!!!! I would eat 1 nugget and I would throw up. One bite of my fiance's mcchicken or mcdouble and I would throw up. It was bs....
sheldon irving
sheldon irving Pred 8 dnevi
Do you still reply ?
Aunna McGregor
Aunna McGregor Pred 9 dnevi
My Mom craved drywall and chalk. Pregnacy does weird stuff to your body
Laina Sargent-Coulson
Laina Sargent-Coulson Pred 9 dnevi
Although not associated with pregnancy, there is a disorder called Pica where people get cravings for non edible things (dirt, paint chippings, ect) and it can be "activated" by pregnancy.
Brooke Donaldson
Brooke Donaldson Pred 9 dnevi
I ate a whole brown onion for $10 :( wtf
Virtue_91 Pred 10 dnevi
People tend to crave soil when they're iron deficient
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy Pred 11 dnevi
11:46 🤢
Evelina Music
Evelina Music Pred 11 dnevi
❤️. Beauty!
Shanah Levy
Shanah Levy Pred 12 dnevi
No vanilla yogurt w cheese is so good
SvenVG SvenVG1986
SvenVG SvenVG1986 Pred 12 dnevi
Matt you are if I got take my baypass I got eat cold baby food that you must normal warm up in the microwave and you don't like this
Natalia Banos
Natalia Banos Pred 12 dnevi
14:28 lmaoooo, anyone else saw this
Dink__11 Pred 12 dnevi
You always eat the chips first
DRK hypez
DRK hypez Pred 14 dnevi
posties p
posties p Pred 15 dnevi
if u like fizzy water your weird * thought i was the only one who thought that
Prinetime Brian
Prinetime Brian Pred 15 dnevi
Bruh why does your MC chicken look like that it looks better than the one in the states or at least in maryland idk bout any other state 😂😂
Michelle Ring
Michelle Ring Pred 16 dnevi
If you look closely it said there craving is dog 😂
chloe dobbins
chloe dobbins Pred 18 dnevi
I eat onions like apples all the time the only issue I get is heartburn
meleah roy
meleah roy Pred 19 dnevi
Rolls up to McDonald’s to order, finishes ordering and says “I’m pregnant” 😂😂😂
RoSaLiE JoHnStON Pred 19 dnevi
But she is not actually fully prego yet is she
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith Pred 19 dnevi
I can eat a hole lemon
Terje Ervik
Terje Ervik Pred 19 dnevi
user 0606
user 0606 Pred 21 dnevom
thats like burning the inside of my face HAHAHAH
C. Barrett
C. Barrett Pred 22 dnevi
Your wife is so beautiful and funny, love you guys!
Kendra wadleigh
Kendra wadleigh Pred 23 dnevi
As a non pregnant person I've eaten a raw onion like an apple before
Maddison Edwards
Maddison Edwards Pred 23 dnevi
Look at his hair line
sam hart
sam hart Pred 24 dnevi
I love mcdonalds fries dipped in strawberry milkshake its yummy
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 26 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God✝️
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones Pred 27 dnevi
Ur great parents
S Byron McEvoy
S Byron McEvoy Pred 27 dnevi
Where are the luka intros
Jim Kim
Jim Kim Pred 28 dnevi
SpectaYosief Pred mesecem
0:26 Ha Ha Ha my dad boat a yacht last week.
Brady Trimmer
Brady Trimmer Pred mesecem
What the fuck
Jodie Jo
Jodie Jo Pred mesecem
All my pregnancies I craved gherkins dipped in peanut butter.... ❤️
Joking Joseph
Joking Joseph Pred mesecem
Wait are you having another child
Av Pred mesecem
I miss the Luca intros
Jonny Whyte
Jonny Whyte Pred mesecem
Such an inspiration. Thank u
Hawkmaster 209
Hawkmaster 209 Pred mesecem
12:30 I prefer red onions. Btw I don’t now how a white onion tastes raw soooo yh
Jay jay
Jay jay Pred mesecem
I love that u call ur wife “mate” 🤣🤣
clOwN 666 IcU
clOwN 666 IcU Pred mesecem
Matt you need a part 2
justyouraveragehumanoid Pred mesecem
Enjoyed this video, you just earned yourself a sub!
Nene J. Phillips
Nene J. Phillips Pred mesecem
Literally my grandmother used to eat onions like an apple. Scared the crap out of me when I was young.
Aarush Verma
Aarush Verma Pred mesecem
I FINALLY found someone who hates fizzy water!!!!!!!! Earnt yourself a sub mate!
Eyad Ak
Eyad Ak Pred mesecem
Matt can I ask how much is your body fat
Kwanele Sithebe
Kwanele Sithebe Pred mesecem
Kwanele Sithebe
Kwanele Sithebe Pred mesecem
Ohh he does know iy
Kwanele Sithebe
Kwanele Sithebe Pred mesecem
Wait he died know about mcchickens until a month ago
Kwanele Sithebe
Kwanele Sithebe Pred mesecem
10:40 looks like matt spits out green stuff Go check😂😂
Brittany Beehler
Brittany Beehler Pred mesecem
When is the baby comeing
Dr. Noob
Dr. Noob Pred mesecem
He just swore
Sanne Veldhuis
Sanne Veldhuis Pred mesecem
Doesn’t salmon needed to be heated first to kill it’s bacteria? I always thought you couldn’t eat raw fish and so on..
Harry Highsted
Harry Highsted Pred mesecem
My mums where white chocolate and mash potato
Gaming Kit
Gaming Kit Pred mesecem
i thought i was the only one that hates fizzy water
May Monster
May Monster Pred mesecem
Me not wanting to skip the ad but the ad ends up being 2 mins long in FRENCH
ge dgfs
ge dgfs Pred mesecem
1:47 someone put dogs
Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham Pred mesecem
I craved cruller donuts and salsa when I was pregnant with my daughter and almost and cried when I couldn’t get it.
V JW Pred 2 meseci
Honestly any cravings are a pain, I can't even imagine having pregnancy cravings with the food allergies I have. lol I'd be like "nope kiddo, tough shit, not going into shock so you can have some bread with cheese :P". lol I say something so boring as carbs spike my insulin too much, like bready carbs, mashed potatoes, etc. ya know the refined ones. So I don't eat them. So I'd assume with my 'luck' I'd get cravings for stuff I'm severely allergic too XD and since I'm allergic to gluten, soy and lactose giving up refined carbs was super easy, but that doesn't mean the fetus doesn't want it. I knew someone who was allergic to seafood and guess what her 3 month unborn fetus wanted ............ seafood! She was miserable every time she'd get cravings because she'd go into shock if she had any seafood of any kind and didn't want to eat anything else when having said craving. So it was a starving game --- she'd starve until the craving let up as any other food just make her sick. So at least you don't have that going on. lol edit again: lol to me that's what's incredible. When you get cravings for stuff that will literally kill you XD. Not the pineapple and chili flakes, etc etc. lol
Cloud Carver
Cloud Carver Pred 2 meseci
Glitch in the matrix ^___^
Sean O
Sean O Pred 2 meseci
Who else noticed at 14:28 It Reads “Glitch In The Matrix”
ZaMi OrBr
ZaMi OrBr Pred 2 meseci
Honestly the best part of this video was Sairs enjoying her husband's suffering. 😁
bowspammerYT Pred 2 meseci
fizzy water lit makes me sik when i drink it its so mank
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Pred 2 meseci
I think Luca is going to be jealous when the baby comes
CABBIE Pred 2 meseci
Can’t wait for 2 intros a week
Sonny Hawtin
Sonny Hawtin Pred 2 meseci
Do half ur wife’s diet for 24 hours
Daniel Kingswell
Daniel Kingswell Pred 2 meseci
good luck for you pesants love to see the positivity :)
mariam balaghe
mariam balaghe Pred 2 meseci
Okay but the pepper on toast really did it for me😂😂
Robbie Molyneaux
Robbie Molyneaux Pred 2 meseci
You that's such a good idea big matt lol
Kelgo Pred 2 meseci
The one guy who said dog
liz Pred 2 meseci
my aunt when pregnant ate coal and the peal from lemons
Ak. k.
Ak. k. Pred 2 meseci
I ain't watching this bcoz luca wasn't in the intro.
Ak. k.
Ak. k. Pred 2 meseci
I actually missed the luca in the intro.
Melanie Maitre
Melanie Maitre Pred 2 meseci
10:23, did anyone catch what in the world he said lmao
Robel Dayzz
Robel Dayzz Pred 2 meseci
Absolute peasants😂😂
Cuz I Can
Cuz I Can Pred 2 meseci
that onion got a like
urdu ki kahaniyan
urdu ki kahaniyan Pred 2 meseci
You are a great father and a loving husband. Love you bro❤❤❤
Joseph Marcum
Joseph Marcum Pred 2 meseci
I heard to this day this legend is still liking comments
Robert DiNicola-Guerrera
Robert DiNicola-Guerrera Pred 2 meseci
You deserved that like after the onion bit
caaalvo Pred 2 meseci
fizzy water is the only water that germans drink
Kimmy Grant
Kimmy Grant Pred 2 meseci
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Adcr Koki
Adcr Koki Pred 2 meseci
Your kid is smart to be fair
Lydia Vilums
Lydia Vilums Pred 2 meseci
Jesus loves you repent Hes coming back soon
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 2 meseci
Pregnancy cravings are the worst 😂
JMB III Pred 2 meseci
wheres the sand?! lol
JamesDaniel AlvesDinis
JamesDaniel AlvesDinis Pred 2 meseci
Hoping matt didn't get her pregnant while was on a roid cycle lol
pokemonuser2 Pred 2 meseci
At my school every in my year hate salmon and i eat 3 portions they would laugh so not gunna lie i beat the hell put of half my class before the teacher came by the way your videos are great
roloqween Pred 2 meseci
You're lucky I didn't catch that post. My mum ate chalk.
Yinka Ibrahim
Yinka Ibrahim Pred 2 meseci
Strawberry milkshake the worst flavour😟might have to snatch my like back
Aileen Campos
Aileen Campos Pred 3 meseci
14:13 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
The Life of Valley
The Life of Valley Pred 3 meseci
I’m watching at this point.
Nikolas Agustin
Nikolas Agustin Pred 3 meseci
glitch in the matrix
I swapped diets with my pregnant wife for 24 hours
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