Training with my pregnant wife + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Training with my pregnant wife + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Reece Chancler
Reece Chancler Pred 9 dnevi
Do you like Donald trump
Mir Mueed
Mir Mueed Pred 13 dnevi
The thumbnail was real tho
Gabriel Iacoboni
Gabriel Iacoboni Pred 19 dnevi
Def not been paying attention lately. Didn't know number two was on the way.
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Pred 23 dnevi
The next time those two kids sit together, the world will literally end.
Mary Georgia
Mary Georgia Pred 25 dnevi
Deffo want to buy your book. Will there be an audiobook?
Natasha Dodds
Natasha Dodds Pred 26 dnevi
Do you have a muscle food discount code?
Michael W
Michael W Pred 27 dnevi
what is the music at 8:31? anyone??
ReflexzZ Pred 28 dnevi
Somebody please tell me the jacket he’s wearing 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
wendy harris
wendy harris Pred 28 dnevi
Your having another boy
Leslie Wilkinson
Leslie Wilkinson Pred mesecem
When is there going to be an updated house tour 😁😝
Nathan Schmaltz
Nathan Schmaltz Pred mesecem
Congrats on the book! Just gotta ask, what's wrong with being next to the Obama book?
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson Pred mesecem
bet that feeling of seeing something you have worked so hard on come to a shelf was phenomenal!!! congrats
Про100 Все
Про100 Все Pred mesecem
I really doubt this result got done without hormones
Zeynep Aydın
Zeynep Aydın Pred mesecem
Hello from Turkey, you are amazing 🤍🤍
Ted Reed
Ted Reed Pred mesecem
Is sairs having a boy or girl ??
Jamie Pred mesecem
congratulations on the book you sicko. Nice touch signing the last copy.
Fredrick vandard
Fredrick vandard Pred mesecem
1970s dad and moms: What type of song is that Kids 2021: LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!!!
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred mesecem
Wow, oh and happy new year 🎆🎈🎊
Shmuel Wind ꤶ
Shmuel Wind ꤶ Pred mesecem
Mike Slattery
Mike Slattery Pred mesecem
Love that little High Street! Masive congrats on the book dude! SICK!!
Tsambika Pred mesecem
communism is free masonry. elon must is lab created clone (robot).all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the covid vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!!
Dragisa C
Dragisa C Pred mesecem
"I said horse you creeps" 😂
Ali Phone
Ali Phone Pred mesecem
No one: Literally no one: Matt:I said horse you creep Also Matt:She is extremely pregnant Luca:mummy's a female whale
DesertAttorney Pred mesecem
Wow! I am reading your book and really enjoying it thoroughly! It is REALLY a fantastic/well written book; and I am glued to every page! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to any and every's one of the best books I've read in a long time. I can't put it down! lol. Congrats, Matt. Great job! Keep up the good (and important) work that you do.
g1du Pred mesecem
Matt got bunda in the thumbnail
Lee Bal
Lee Bal Pred mesecem
Thank God I discovered Gregg Doucette, now I see through the BS
Lee Bal
Lee Bal Pred mesecem
Matt do you realize you are giving new bodybuilders false hope by lying about your "natty" status?
Syzca Pred mesecem
Came back to this channel after a year, and I’ve got to say I notice Sairs is a lot happier and less camera shy. You’ve come a long way Matt good job.
S Locky73
S Locky73 Pred mesecem
I love the clips with the family it’s absolutely chaotic 😂😂😂
Daniel Blake
Daniel Blake Pred mesecem
aye Matt, shes almost got bigger arms than u man what going on.
Philip Reid
Philip Reid Pred mesecem
U take steroids
Olivia Chamberlain
Olivia Chamberlain Pred mesecem
were Lucas into we miss him love your new book tho
Sasquatch 168
Sasquatch 168 Pred mesecem
It’s Luca
Michael Scrivens
Michael Scrivens Pred mesecem
From a person who reads at best 3 books in one year, I smashed your book in 2 days. Your personality comes out in every page. Thanks for the laughs.
Asmat Khan
Asmat Khan Pred mesecem
What did u eat for wieght gain
Debiek64 Pred mesecem
Debiek64 Pred mesecem
jordan15308 Pred mesecem
2M subbs!!
Eva Pred mesecem
I aim for that friendship between Luca and the nephew? Friend? This is goals!!
mucha hoocha raps
mucha hoocha raps Pred mesecem
just ordered the book!
Thomas Clark-Puia
Thomas Clark-Puia Pred mesecem
You should try do a bronco fitness test. Its only 1.2km and the universal rugby fitness test
Oshi Kantor
Oshi Kantor Pred mesecem
what you going to do for 2 million subs
AJ Pred mesecem
you ever going to reveal your steriod stack?
Angela Cummins
Angela Cummins Pred mesecem
Yeh, congratulations Matt getting to 2 Million on SLpost! Well deserved. And congrats on your new book
tony cory
tony cory Pred mesecem
Look like a boy
Sha Uru
Sha Uru Pred mesecem
I just hate brits for all the shit they did in this world. People still suffer because of fucking Churchill and English atrocities
congrats to 2million subscribers!
Marlies Callebert
Marlies Callebert Pred mesecem
Hey all! I started my youtube channel this week 😁 Feel free to check it out if you’re interested, it’s going to be productivity based 🥰🥰
Steve Hancox
Steve Hancox Pred mesecem
Hello Matt, I’ve started watching your posts with interest,, wacky they may come across to some people, but to the average male/female on the street who wants to believe changing there physic and get a healthier way of life is possible, with dedication YES but as you refer to, if you fancy a McDonalds then have one enjoy it without feeling guilty but then know there’s a little extra effort needed in your next work out. Matt, watching yours and the plethora of other you tubes available, there nearly always some buff 💪🏻 young guy bursting out of his shirt,, Matt, I’m 60 in April and consider myself a fairly fit ( almost 60). How about this for a challenge for you, train me with before and after photos (and yes genuine photos no air brushing), and create an whole new audience of guys my age that want to really be able to believe, change is possible!. Are you up for the challenge Matt,, I promise you commitment and no one will be thinking, ( bellends
Higgo Vatch
Higgo Vatch Pred mesecem
水木 Pred mesecem
Matt is kinda thicc on the thumbnail lol
Super Sergio
Super Sergio Pred mesecem
I saw your book in Sainsbury’s today
Lily Yue
Lily Yue Pred mesecem
Aw sairs so proud of Matt on the book
Dimitris Gian
Dimitris Gian Pred mesecem
What's the song guys? Nobody asking?
Ross Marvin
Ross Marvin Pred mesecem
Great book, finished it in 2 days. Would you mind signing it if I send it you?
Three Aces
Three Aces Pred mesecem
Congratulations 🎉🎉💯🔥!!! Matt you have 2M SUBS on your channel!! I hope it will make you even more popular Fitness SLpostr. So keep going!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎉
Jack whyte
Jack whyte Pred mesecem
Jordy Purvis
Jordy Purvis Pred mesecem
2m subs time for the video of how much SLpost pay a year
ConnorGlitches GamingTV
ConnorGlitches GamingTV Pred mesecem
I’m low-key gonna buy your book🏃🏽‍♂️
Yasin Adhag
Yasin Adhag Pred 11 dnevi
I have lol
Factsdontcare AboutFeelings
Factsdontcare AboutFeelings Pred mesecem
You are a faker natty than Isaiah Miranda
Tim Dunks
Tim Dunks Pred mesecem
Congrats Big Boy for 2mil
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez Pred mesecem
make video updates on the house!
therim x
therim x Pred mesecem
Congrats on 2 million subs Matt ❤️
Tommy Good
Tommy Good Pred mesecem
Oh, and page 13 for the first "AKA".....
Tommy Good
Tommy Good Pred mesecem
Matt.... I can't believe it took until page 9 for you to use the word "sick". Loving the book btw. You the man.
Dannyh 9541
Dannyh 9541 Pred mesecem
Just wondering where is that sick coat from matt?
Jaeger Pred mesecem
Do the Swedish Special Forces entry test/PST
Dale Gets Fit
Dale Gets Fit Pred mesecem
Hey mate, can’t wait to read the book. Any plans to come to Oz in the near future?
Matthew Wharton
Matthew Wharton Pred mesecem
Just completed your book (I was up all night reading it) and i already know it's going to have a profound impact in my life. It contained all the tools I need to become healthy again and I can't describe how thankful I am for it. And what an ending, anything is possible.
max macca
max macca Pred mesecem
Congrats on 2mill
EchosBeat Pred mesecem
Man someone’s going to pick up that book and get a special surprise haha :’)
Will Bolton
Will Bolton Pred mesecem
"my name is Paul and I'm a velociraptor" - luca
Ellie King
Ellie King Pred mesecem
You got the 2mil subscribers wohoo! 😀🎉🎉
R Ham
R Ham Pred mesecem
Sairs smashing it
Kimberly Busuttil
Kimberly Busuttil Pred mesecem
Just bought your book mateeeeeee. want to work on getting them gainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hahaah. no seriously im excited.
Teddy Seatory
Teddy Seatory Pred mesecem
Hi Matt I just bought your book the first and I already enjoyed it
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Pred mesecem
Love the content jusy come across your SLpost. Also from kent! Stay safe
Beth Freeman
Beth Freeman Pred mesecem
That little child has a beautiful voice x
Ned Hogarty Quads
Ned Hogarty Quads Pred mesecem
You scream steroids
Benjamin Larsson
Benjamin Larsson Pred mesecem
2 million subs! Wooo
cielo azul
cielo azul Pred mesecem
That Woman Is Having A New Baby Soon
peaky fookin blinder
peaky fookin blinder Pred mesecem
do you talk about your fake natty status in the book?
A.J. Van der Velden
A.J. Van der Velden Pred mesecem
5:16 Everyone: looking at Luka Me: looking at Sairs
Nick Starz
Nick Starz Pred mesecem
Matt. Your mother never done weights. You turned out pretty good mate . From down under
lee maskel
lee maskel Pred mesecem
Congrats on the 2M subs.
somebodygirl Pred mesecem
I preordered the book and have fingers crossed that I get a signed one all the way in the states!! Also congrats on everything, especially the baby!
Sam Archer
Sam Archer Pred mesecem
2 mill baby
Hailey Abecassis
Hailey Abecassis Pred mesecem
I really don't understand why Greg doucette thinks he's a fake natty??!! I feel like Matt is an extremely genuine person who is way too smart to do steroids. Also, I can tell that Sairs is so intelligent, she would be able to tell that Matt was on steroids. I trust Matt, he really is a good guy.
jai Sankey
jai Sankey Pred mesecem
Congratulations mate on the book ❤ im buying it for my 30th. Ps did you say brought or bought? I thought its bought the book 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
OctavionMoss Pred mesecem
Give that kid a song coach, he has talent
Donna McAllister
Donna McAllister Pred mesecem
I would buy it but I can’t read
shefin mathew
shefin mathew Pred mesecem
I Just downloaded your book from torrent
H Pred mesecem
Bought the book! Loving your content and happy to support! BIG BOOY!👍🏾!! 🤣🤣
5minstrashofficial Pred mesecem
congrats on 2k
Driven Nutrition
Driven Nutrition Pred mesecem
Congrats on the new book!
Theresa F
Theresa F Pred mesecem
You doing your little dance outside the store where your book was and signing it was the best! Congrats I may have to go buy it lol
Arsh Khan
Arsh Khan Pred mesecem
I go gym daily but I want a physic like you
Arsh Khan
Arsh Khan Pred mesecem
Is your body is natural or a stroied body
TV Pred mesecem
Now you’ve hit 2 million subs you have to show your yearly salary as you said you would
Beverley Warren
Beverley Warren Pred mesecem
King Ippy
King Ippy Pred mesecem
2 million subs and Matt still likes comments. 👏 🤩
Ramit Taparia
Ramit Taparia Pred mesecem
gongrats for the 2 mill subs🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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