300KG DEADLIFT (661LBS) at The Gymshark Lifting Club

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300KG DEADLIFT (661LBS) at The Gymshark Lifting Club

ciansatt Pred 22 urami
anybody here after nathaniel messiah re claimed his title with the 310 home gym deadlift
Andy Plaatjies
Andy Plaatjies Pred 7 dnevi
What is the audio at 06:05 ???? the one without lyrics
Caiden Schmitt
Caiden Schmitt Pred 16 dnevi
I need someone to tell me where I can find this song he plays for the duration of the video. I need it!
Bros pk
Bros pk Pred 17 dnevi
Only true fans know that 4 years ago matt lifted 305kg so this isn't his record
andrew mutch
andrew mutch Pred 22 dnevi
Alright Matt this is the first time I've been able to comment on a video as I normally watch your videos and SLpost as a whole on my playstation which doesn't allow me to comment. But I see you doing sumo deadlifts. Is there any advantage to doing sumo other than conventional other than you don't need to lift higher?
Qasim Z
Qasim Z Pred 25 dnevi
Lmao and he still pretends he's natty
getstrongby40 Pred 12 dnevi
A bit of a joke isn't it
real fitness
real fitness Pred mesecem
I didn't realize how strong Matt was gg
Gung i
Gung i Pred mesecem
Nice vid
Popi Akaveka
Popi Akaveka Pred mesecem
Eskild sæternes
Eskild sæternes Pred 2 meseci
This Channel should be called matt does steroids because thats how he got so huge
Ryy Pred 2 meseci
what is the song when he hits 300?
Raghav S
Raghav S Pred mesecem
@Ryy the first is chained by antisound, the second is yin and yang by iso indies
Ryy Pred 2 meseci
and the song building up to his 300
YV MT17 Pred 2 meseci
Crazy to think an 18 year old has just lifted more than this
Sam Dunn
Sam Dunn Pred 2 meseci
Half a dead lift 😂😂😂
zeus #
zeus # Pred 2 meseci
Its okay for enhancing.🥳
getmassive999 Pred 2 meseci
Matt does trenbolone
getmassive999 Pred 2 meseci
WOLCOME? What the fuck does wolcome mean🤣🤣
Strongest Fan
Strongest Fan Pred 2 meseci
Not bad but can you use the thinner metal plates next time so the bar don’t bend as much
getstrongby40 Pred 12 dnevi
Or better yet use a stiff bar too
Patrick Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton Pred 2 meseci
Mate that’s hype
Kyle IC
Kyle IC Pred 2 meseci
That kid at 10:17 - "aight imma head out"
Be great In life
Be great In life Pred 2 meseci
I swear slamming down 300 kg like that could fuck ur back up
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Pred 2 meseci
The beneficial index lamentably shiver because anthropology micrencephaly drag unlike a vigorous wash. pretty, electric call
Cornelius Raka
Cornelius Raka Pred 2 meseci
Is that actually 300 kg? Or am i counting that wrong.. that's only 6 plate 20kg + 1 plate 10kg (x2) + bar 20kg so it's actually 280kg not 300kg if im not mistaken. Am i missing someting?
Cornelius Raka
Cornelius Raka Pred mesecem
@Raghav S already counted, read before answer mate
Raghav S
Raghav S Pred mesecem
plus the bar ( 20kg)
Dean Pagani
Dean Pagani Pred 2 meseci
I did a 250 kg leg press today
Steve Stark
Steve Stark Pred 3 meseci
Music's name
Raghav S
Raghav S Pred mesecem
antisound -chained iso indies - yin & yang
Aven7218 Pred 3 meseci
lol his hand left a mark on his chest
Aven7218 Pred 3 meseci
that guy in 10:16 in the back was shoock he was like nah fuck this im out
Joel Zitzer
Joel Zitzer Pred 3 meseci
worst fucking form i have seen in a while
Ahzf Pred 3 meseci
Shut up man
Assem Soliman
Assem Soliman Pred 3 meseci
Is no one going to ask what the name of the song is? The one he played before attempting the pr
Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts Pred 3 meseci
this dude is always eating so annoying
Axel Jolly
Axel Jolly Pred 3 meseci
Music URL : slpost.info/dev/iqOdanlslGbW2qE/video.html
Mo Maassarani
Mo Maassarani Pred 3 meseci
Billy 23
Billy 23 Pred 3 meseci
Your a Twat mate
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 3 meseci
Distinctive Hats
Distinctive Hats Pred 3 meseci
5:16 j cole
Josh Miller
Josh Miller Pred 3 meseci
His Neck at 10:16.... Bruh
Kenny Lindahl
Kenny Lindahl Pred 3 meseci
To be fair, isn't that more sumo than a deadlift?
Kristjan R
Kristjan R Pred 3 meseci
That 270 moved like empty weight. Though you had like 320 in you :o
grifboy 2
grifboy 2 Pred 3 meseci
Sumo doesn’t count
Neil P
Neil P Pred 3 meseci
Nice one Mat, for everyone that thinks Matt is on steroids. This just proves that if he was on steroids he would be able to lift 600kg. Matt struggled with 300, so he is obviously natural
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Pred 3 meseci
you really are stupid.
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman Pred 3 meseci
Is This Tha Douche Bag on that "Fails" video where he "fall's" Over and Screams like a Douche Bag Creep!!!!@@@@@@@@!!!!!!...
David Pred 3 meseci
That was the highest amount of testosterone I've ever seen exerted
David Pred 3 meseci
Louis is a legend
Jay Chadwick Rugby
Jay Chadwick Rugby Pred 3 meseci
Galaxy Dude
Galaxy Dude Pred 3 meseci
I have anxiety that he will drop it on his foot
usayd gazi
usayd gazi Pred 3 meseci
ngl @nathaniel messiah has already done this i wouldve thought this is a walk in the park for matt
Taha Mansoor
Taha Mansoor Pred 3 meseci
Congratssssss from 25th aisle
Carl Dunson
Carl Dunson Pred 3 meseci
Matt do your thing my brother I absolutely loved it💪🏾💪🏾❤
AbdulX Investigations
AbdulX Investigations Pred 3 meseci
just a reminder dave did this as a 19 year old
Hamid Hafizi
Hamid Hafizi Pred 3 meseci
Song name when he starts to deadlift
Hamid Hafizi
Hamid Hafizi Pred 3 meseci
Song that starts at like 7:25 7:26 what’s the name
M ALI Pred 3 meseci
MashAllah, very well done 👏
TC Flixz
TC Flixz Pred 3 meseci
What belt does he use? And where to buy it?
TWO MANI Pred 3 meseci
what weight lifting belt do you use
Haris Mir
Haris Mir Pred 3 meseci
Oh I live in Birmingham
Fraser Jackson
Fraser Jackson Pred 3 meseci
Anyone else see that bloke doing his workout and just gets off the machine when Matt lifted the 300 hahaha
simplyM0NST3R hello
simplyM0NST3R hello Pred 3 meseci
Luca is a ledgend like if u agree
Minowg Pred 3 meseci
Sumo doesnt count.
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed Pred 4 meseci
Alex Palmberg
Alex Palmberg Pred 4 meseci
the camera is too zoomed in while he's following you
James Dinkins
James Dinkins Pred 4 meseci
10:04 thank me later
Newtnn Pred 4 meseci
Nathaniel Massiah is coming for your record broww, and hes 17
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson Pred 4 meseci
Sorry, sumo doesn’t count. Pull that shit conventional and I’ll give you props
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Pred 4 meseci
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor Pred 4 meseci
10:17 that guy is like bruh ..
Matthew Tunik
Matthew Tunik Pred 4 meseci
Can you do more videos involving actual videos of your training sessions including accessory work, not just your 3 big lifts of deadlifts, squats and bench! I’m sure 10000’s are interested to see you training and what you do! 🙌🏻💪
Sky Fisher
Sky Fisher Pred 4 meseci
7:54 pretending he is good at math but he already added it up. is just as fake as his natural status
Chris Pacman Jones
Chris Pacman Jones Pred 4 meseci
At least you didn’t drop that on your bare feet.
nikaktus6 Pred 4 meseci
It just seems that the weight comes off the ground so easily...too easy for 300 kg
Vissy on 60fps Omar
Vissy on 60fps Omar Pred 4 meseci
Lucas home deadlifts the holy gym Matt what are u doing?!
Theo Edwards
Theo Edwards Pred 4 meseci
Watching Matt lift 300kg and get so amped motivates the fuck outta me, thank you 🙏
Luqmaan Cassiem
Luqmaan Cassiem Pred 4 meseci
I was 20 when I deadlifted 230kg.....idk I feel like this isn't all that impressive? Especially for a fitness icon?
Adam A
Adam A Pred 4 meseci
Nathaniel Massiah lifted that fame weight and he’s only 17. And he didn’t use that wide stance either
Tony James
Tony James Pred 4 meseci
Juice head you Matt
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Pred 4 meseci
That made me cringe too much when he deadlifted
Mark Levy
Mark Levy Pred 4 meseci
You should do a collab with Bradley Martyn.
Chris Pred 4 meseci
Eat clen tren hard, right babe ?
Derrick Okoh
Derrick Okoh Pred 4 meseci
lol. this is your new record when Nathaniel messiah who has a fraction of your subscribers and is 17 years of age lifted this.
William Kungen
William Kungen Pred 4 meseci
I mean cops lives don't matter huh? According to gymstark they don't
clausbacher Pred 4 meseci
Eddie Hall thinking......come on mate.
FIFA Pack king
FIFA Pack king Pred 4 meseci
Full beast mode
Narendra Roshan
Narendra Roshan Pred 4 meseci
he doesn't want to reveal the number.Meanwhile in the title 300kg😂
Theichoose me
Theichoose me Pred 4 meseci
Matt, you is an inspiration, thank you and congratulations. 🙏🎉🎊
Kostyan Sobol
Kostyan Sobol Pred 4 meseci
Matt what earphones you using?
FITNTH workout
FITNTH workout Pred 4 meseci
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that nathaniel massiah also did a 300kg deadlift, no sumo stands and is 17 years old
Tony James
Tony James Pred 4 meseci
He's on juice
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Pred 4 meseci
im coming down soon big boy
Luke Percival
Luke Percival Pred 4 meseci
Staying in Solihull? The home town👍🏽
Taylor Preston
Taylor Preston Pred 4 meseci
Song at 9:55 please.
constable771 Pred 4 meseci
Fucking hell mate , well done
Brad manson
Brad manson Pred 4 meseci
9:43 song name ?
Mike Domingo
Mike Domingo Pred 4 meseci
how about 300kg conventional deadlift ?
Francis Ferguson
Francis Ferguson Pred 4 meseci
What belt you use ? Wanna get one like that
Ben Feeney
Ben Feeney Pred 4 meseci
SLpost getting way to comfortable with double unskippable ads
Denny Daniel
Denny Daniel Pred 4 meseci
Ella Bellis
Ella Bellis Pred 4 meseci
Forever worrying about Matts fee when he does this
Johnny Sins 1978
Johnny Sins 1978 Pred 4 meseci
8:26 Don't know why, just felt so satisfying.
Jan Sundling
Jan Sundling Pred 4 meseci
Oh, so you are that guy at the gym, screaming and making noices. I will call you Hodor from now 😉😎
NIQUEonPC Pred 4 meseci
can anyone tell me the music in this video?
Mo. lhm
Mo. lhm Pred 4 meseci
coulda lifted more if u kept your core braced
Shaquille Nuku
Shaquille Nuku Pred 4 meseci
But it’s sumo..... Let the comments roll in 😂🤘🏽
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