I'M OPENING A GYM!! *not clickbait*

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Luxurio: prestigestudentliving.com/student-accommodation/loughborough/luxurio
Wood Veneer Hub: www.thewoodveneerhub.co.uk
We Are Retail: www.weareretail.eu
Training & meal plans: morsialtd.com
My book: www.amazon.co.uk/24-Body-Everyday-Training-Permanent/dp/1529135230
My Instagram: mattdoesfitness
Gymshark: gym.sh/Shop-Gymshark-MattDoesFitness
MyProtein: tidd.ly/bb677c6a (35% discount: ‘MATT’)
Legend London: www.legendlondon.co/ (10% discount: MATT10)
Xite: www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=19611&awinaffid=226763&ued=https%3A%2F%2Fdrinkxite.com%2Fproducts%2Fxite-energy
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I'M OPENING A GYM!! *not clickbait*

Jonny Fallon
Jonny Fallon Pred 10 urami
What is clikbeat
Sophie Sayers
Sophie Sayers Pred 12 urami
Hey Matt u should do the original insanity workout
Warren Walsh
Warren Walsh Pred 19 urami
Amazing stuff! That sign of your logo is sick!
Mon217y Pred dnevom
Matt, I would love to get the Morsia X Earbuds, but do you know when they will become available as for a long time they have been sold out . Also, are they compatible with android devices.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Pred dnevom
Matt that’s gunna be sick! Think you should do just drinking protein shakes for 24hrs
Amir Malik
Amir Malik Pred dnevom
Great video matt , hope you’re well Check my channel out guys , just started it the hardest bit was starting now follow my joirney to the top! Much appreciated
Brandan Lord
Brandan Lord Pred 2 dnevi
(I want to marry this gym and impregnate it to far (matt) Matt your hilarious and congrats on making your own gym man thats incredible you are by far one of my fav youtubers and my number one fitness youtuber :)
Josh Hammond
Josh Hammond Pred 2 dnevi
Matt is out here living a dream life
Giire Mohamed
Giire Mohamed Pred 2 dnevi
whats cute and funny luca
Giire Mohamed
Giire Mohamed Pred 2 dnevi
bro i love ur gym i can go there same contry love ur vids by the way
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills Pred 2 dnevi
Sound 100x better, sign looks great! Good on you you bumder
Will Walker
Will Walker Pred 2 dnevi
This man starts every video with his hands together - i can’t unsee it
Danny Davies
Danny Davies Pred 2 dnevi
I’m going to tell Boris you had your hair cut illegally
Aidan Weber
Aidan Weber Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone else made that we did not hear his kid calling him big boy
Andrew Daniel
Andrew Daniel Pred 2 dnevi
Matt's home gym is going to look better than most commercial gyms soon at this rate.
Timothy Isidro
Timothy Isidro Pred 2 dnevi
Pretty soon the gym is gonna have a second floor
joe noor
joe noor Pred 2 dnevi
looks crap way too small and not enough dbs or obbs for a start
Siddhant Patkar
Siddhant Patkar Pred 2 dnevi
Why am I having tears in my eyes 😭😭
boondezzz Pred 2 dnevi
Cracking vid mate! Look forward to hearing about the new hotel gym! Best of luck to you three when babba comes👊 X
nandish Halemani
nandish Halemani Pred 2 dnevi
Gym is very small
Jessie Gorgonia
Jessie Gorgonia Pred 2 dnevi
BORRIS gonna shut it down :))))))))))))
Jamie Simmons
Jamie Simmons Pred 3 dnevi
Do you think you could beat Eddie hall in the dead lift challenge in the future
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez Pred 3 dnevi
What is the name of your hair cut.? Saying Hi from Austin Tx
beachbreh Pred 3 dnevi
sairs looks a bit anemic
Carolina Carmona
Carolina Carmona Pred 3 dnevi
I can say that now the gym looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
musik799 Pred 3 dnevi
That is a sick gym! Hope you’ll hv the opportunity to put one in the US!
Razvan Radu
Razvan Radu Pred 3 dnevi
That logo is f Monster mate .
Dark blue Army
Dark blue Army Pred 3 dnevi
Btw you look like captain cold in flash
Cosmic Cool
Cosmic Cool Pred 3 dnevi
Do Chris bumsteads diet and workout for a day
samweller2099 Pred 3 dnevi
After a erm...'strength' cycle....
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson Pred 3 dnevi
1 year ago you said you would swap diets with you dad.... SO WHERE IS THE VIDEO GET IT ONE MATT ;)
Surprise K
Surprise K Pred 3 dnevi
Congrats mate
Darren Peters
Darren Peters Pred 3 dnevi
Good luck with the venture.
Josh Porter
Josh Porter Pred 3 dnevi
How are crunchy nut clusters broken up cake it’s nuts that are stuck together 😂 the gym looks insane
Lucy Errington
Lucy Errington Pred 3 dnevi
Omg I’m from Loughborough !!! I am HYPED coming to the open gym for sure
Kitty Odell
Kitty Odell Pred 3 dnevi
Matt u make everyone’s day so much better. Can’t weight for the gym to open wooooo. Luuuukkkaaa boyyyyyyyyyyyyy
t0xic playz
t0xic playz Pred 3 dnevi
Can you do a video eating the cheapest fast food
Arxzzz Pred 3 dnevi
Hey Matt, I actually watched your videos all the way back to when you had 400k subscribers and still worked as a teacher. It's crazy to see how far you've come and im really proud of you. Greetings from a 12 year old from Denmark.
James Wutchak
James Wutchak Pred 3 dnevi
I love it ❤️👍❤️
Youssri Youssri
Youssri Youssri Pred 3 dnevi
I strongly advise you that you translate SLpost videos into Arabic. You will get a great interaction from the Middle East (Arabs) + Thank you very much
Petr Kýbl
Petr Kýbl Pred 3 dnevi
In every gym there is a big mirror behind dumbbells, dont you wanna do it too ? And move the logo somewhere else.
RedDevilDilan Pred 3 dnevi
That's insane, you're killing it bro💪💪
New Dad Bod
New Dad Bod Pred 4 dnevi
Looks like you need some mirrors.
JD Pred 4 dnevi
Congrats bro! Exciting news!
Elizabeth Swift
Elizabeth Swift Pred 4 dnevi
(He impregnated his gym and is having a baby gym that’ll be going to school) sicko
Jono01 Pred 4 dnevi
Awesome stuff! 👍 How’s the house reno going Matt?
Gordo Pred 4 dnevi
incredible matt
Classic PC Games
Classic PC Games Pred 4 dnevi
Very similar to a gym that opened near me back in october. Looked great but far too small and i think this setup is a bit too small also. Wont take much people to fill it or wait for equipment
Jess Magson
Jess Magson Pred 4 dnevi
I’m at Loughborough!! Will be ace to get another gym the other two are always packed ! Do you know what area of the campus it’s in ? 😊
craig harrad
craig harrad Pred 4 dnevi
nice man hope you well
Mihael Vukovic
Mihael Vukovic Pred 4 dnevi
Why everybody are opening gym, while everybody buying gym equipment for their home gym, wtf
dillon Pred 4 dnevi
@MattDoesFitness pls could you check out my insta dm @dillon_ev 🙌
Stefan Leggott
Stefan Leggott Pred 4 dnevi
It's been a minute since I was here. Luca still flexing more than Matt!
YouTube Fitness
YouTube Fitness Pred 4 dnevi
No pause on bench no lift.
Brian Turner
Brian Turner Pred 4 dnevi
Matt lookin like the final boss in the thumbnail 😎😆
xx xx
xx xx Pred 2 dnevi
Level 40 hitman
Damian McNeely
Damian McNeely Pred 4 dnevi
OK it's official.. Matt just became a superhero with his logo! Just need Commissioner Gordon to light up the sky with it!
SNG Pred 4 dnevi
Can’t wait to check out this summer, even though it’s pretty far from me
MrStruderz Pred 4 dnevi
Where's the rest of it? Would be a nightmare with more than 5 people in there
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke Pred 4 dnevi
nathaniel massiah deadlift>>>>mattdoesfitness deadlift u need to do some catching up to this kid matt
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon Pred 4 dnevi
Bro ik ur ripped but testing ur heaviest bench with no spot is kinda dangerous
Oliver Sullivan
Oliver Sullivan Pred 4 dnevi
Can’t wait to try out your gym, ill be a fresher going into Loughborough
Dave Larose
Dave Larose Pred 4 dnevi
Love the energy of the tunes you use in editing. Very nice.
Dave Larose
Dave Larose Pred 4 dnevi
Matt’s making moves! Love you and your family!
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Pred 4 dnevi
The smart attraction oceanographically rob because font trivially smoke without a smart result. mountainous, windy stranger
E-LYAS Pred 4 dnevi
morsia merch
ohmymaddie Pred 4 dnevi
I got an offer to study at Loughborough and why is everything telling em go ahah
Chris Grant
Chris Grant Pred 4 dnevi
Bit dark in there but the writing on the wall 👌
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Pred 4 dnevi
He should do an eating contest with someone 😂 like who can eat the quickest
Logan Hughes
Logan Hughes Pred 4 dnevi
You are going to make so much bread after lockdown as people would want to go to the gym good luck
Saairah Jesmin
Saairah Jesmin Pred 4 dnevi
Matt ur gym looks 🔥
Howsurfootballstuds Pred 4 dnevi
Brave man benching no spotter arms, you must have been so confident
Christopher Pitt
Christopher Pitt Pred 4 dnevi
Sick! Wish I lived closer to be able to train there👎
dreadgarr Pred 4 dnevi
godspeed Matt!! sounds like a super plan! D.
Freedom 08
Freedom 08 Pred 4 dnevi
Congrats!! 👍
Jack Wrightson [GSU1T]
Jack Wrightson [GSU1T] Pred 4 dnevi
That gym is down the road from me
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith Pred 4 dnevi
It’s crazy what making SLpost videos can do
get entertained
get entertained Pred 5 dnevi
Ur home gym is bigger than this
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Pred 5 dnevi
open sum in the US :(((((((((((
Mike Dutchiee
Mike Dutchiee Pred 5 dnevi
that gym, pretty soft
Xena Burg
Xena Burg Pred 5 dnevi
No way in Holland 🇳🇱 u can only open one gym or food shop restaurant only with a degree of 3 years no chance everything is a lot stricter here loved in the uk for many years too easier less constricted
A Pred 5 dnevi
It's really small isn't it?
Taona Nyakuhwa
Taona Nyakuhwa Pred 5 dnevi
I love this bcs its acc not click bate Keep it up your such an influence on me
Jessie Pred 5 dnevi
Urmmmmm I should be at Loughborough lollllll. Such a sick video and so happy for you!! Can’t wait to follow your success even further 🙏🏻
OG_Gamer46 Pred 5 dnevi
Your gym looks nice
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali Pred 5 dnevi
cant wait to visit im near lough
Joe Long
Joe Long Pred 5 dnevi
bit small
Harps Pred 5 dnevi
Matt the timing! Opens gym in the summer just after I graduate from lboro
Anthony Pred 5 dnevi
Best gym ever can’t wait to see the house 🏠
Nick Tan
Nick Tan Pred 5 dnevi
Waiting for this to become a franchise...😏
Hayden Anderson
Hayden Anderson Pred 5 dnevi
Definitely need mirrors in the gym dog
BradAboutFitness Pred 5 dnevi
Take a shot every time Matt says “I’m extremely excited” 😂
Dylan Collister
Dylan Collister Pred 5 dnevi
Isn’t that gym kinda small
Ishraq Zamee
Ishraq Zamee Pred 5 dnevi
Anyone going Loughborough has been blessed 😂😂
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Pred 5 dnevi
Seeing Matts deadlifts compared to Nathaniel’s is mind boggling considering he’s 18
Big Don
Big Don Pred 5 dnevi
Am on my way to use that gym right now 😂
Bobby Franklin
Bobby Franklin Pred 5 dnevi
well done mate
Robbo Pred 5 dnevi
Bet you get your Bulldog gear quicker than I did😀😂 Good luck - just finished setting it up- start training Friday
The Irish Gamer Girls Yt
The Irish Gamer Girls Yt Pred 5 dnevi
Matt i am opening a gym Me im going back to bed 😴🤣
Maram Elrefaee
Maram Elrefaee Pred 5 dnevi
Where do you get your coat from?
Darren Timms
Darren Timms Pred 5 dnevi
Why do you not squat with a mirror Matt?
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