BODYBUILDER vs 4 YEAR OLD | Bench Press 1 Rep Max *How much can a 4 year old bench press?*

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BODYBUILDER vs 4 YEAR OLD | Bench Press 1 Rep Max *How much can a 4 year old bench press?*

Dan Yel
Dan Yel Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone know that music 6:20
Sniper Switch
Sniper Switch Pred 4 dnevi
Start them young as they say
Pippa Skinner
Pippa Skinner Pred 6 dnevi
I think Luca was just going easy on Matt if he used all his power it would make Matt look bad
Christopher Umanzor
Christopher Umanzor Pred 6 dnevi
Garland Pred 10 dnevi
i wish you do the luca intro in the video at the start they were sooooo funny and brought everyone happiness and laughter
Graciela Gomez lopez
Graciela Gomez lopez Pred 11 dnevi
Ethan Chant
Ethan Chant Pred 11 dnevi
Congrats 👏
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
EAB220 Pred 14 dnevi
Jeko Pred 14 dnevi
Luca def not natty
Katelyn Peebles
Katelyn Peebles Pred 16 dnevi
Love this
rana ayaan
rana ayaan Pred 18 dnevi
Oh I like it I think he wanted to be bodybuilder when he grow up
Luke Clifford
Luke Clifford Pred 19 dnevi
250 kg easy for Luca
Mahlatse Baloyi
Mahlatse Baloyi Pred 20 dnevi
RDR Entertainment
RDR Entertainment Pred 23 dnevi
That kids got more defined shoulders than you ever had lol, just a joke, great vid
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Pred 24 dnevi
I have ur merch
Jonas Marken
Jonas Marken Pred 25 dnevi
I thought that he could bench press 2kg there.
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 26 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God
idk idk
idk idk Pred 26 dnevi
What a loyal son Luca is, letting his dad Matt win the competition to look good on his channel!
rivernook the manz
rivernook the manz Pred 27 dnevi
lucas gunna become the real life reck it ralph
Razzah YT
Razzah YT Pred 27 dnevi
It’s soo cute how Luca talks
brianasaurus09 Pred 27 dnevi
If there was drug testing involved here matt could have come out on top, sadly he fell to King Luca, is what it is I guess!
Say cheese
Say cheese Pred mesecem
Luca's accent makes him that much cuter. 😂
Ethan Gosling
Ethan Gosling Pred mesecem
come on luca youre the goat and a beast and youre dad is not like you
Adam Rainbow
Adam Rainbow Pred mesecem
Luca has clearly been smashing the 24/7 body
ebulfez cebrayilov
ebulfez cebrayilov Pred mesecem
Shahriar Kabir
Shahriar Kabir Pred mesecem
Matt: i m benching 182 kg Luca: wait till i hit my 30 dady
Eslam Elmagnifico
Eslam Elmagnifico Pred 21 dnevom
Karolina Smigielska
Karolina Smigielska Pred mesecem
Harshvardhan Patil
Harshvardhan Patil Pred mesecem
luca 👍
ferivngre Bochos
ferivngre Bochos Pred mesecem
ferivngre Bochos
ferivngre Bochos Pred mesecem
syuzanna Kocharyan
syuzanna Kocharyan Pred mesecem
Bozhidar Petrov
Bozhidar Petrov Pred mesecem
Every breakfast is gear for Luca - biscuits xD I forgot the name jaja
iiiloveuboy and girls Turps
iiiloveuboy and girls Turps Pred mesecem
what the heck man
22 Wilverich Pantinople
22 Wilverich Pantinople Pred mesecem
I can only lift 2 to 4 killos
jonathan bell
jonathan bell Pred mesecem
Next video: How much beer can a 4 year old drink?
Vlado Marić
Vlado Marić Pred mesecem
2 mil
Matt Heo
Matt Heo Pred mesecem
Oke hi y doesn't like dislike o not winking not is because Wo lo
Adnan Hasan
Adnan Hasan Pred mesecem
nplante57 nplante57
nplante57 nplante57 Pred mesecem
Pls do more intros with Lucas
angel Hernandez
angel Hernandez Pred mesecem
is amor
Anthony Kargoglou
Anthony Kargoglou Pred mesecem
Luka was lowkey doing skullcrushers
Khushi Ujjwal
Khushi Ujjwal Pred mesecem
Beal small pain in toummy
SRG S W I C H Pred mesecem
7 KG
Easton Markley
Easton Markley Pred mesecem
nice abz
H H Pred mesecem
Matt speaks so fast that if I wanna understand I hafta put the video on 0.5 speed😂
Dr. DOOM Pred mesecem
Body builder vs 4yo's T shirt....
Benathan Saxophone
Benathan Saxophone Pred mesecem
i bet 405 lbs
Bijoy Barua
Bijoy Barua Pred mesecem
Good thanks baby bodybuilder.
Connor Orr
Connor Orr Pred mesecem
I don’t know kind a video of you doing
Iveta Bliujute
Iveta Bliujute Pred mesecem
Lapė!c!a?w?s?x?s?www?sckdlslwwwls. K. www!s!x!s!also. S!s!skx
Jesse Nunez
Jesse Nunez Pred mesecem
Marsha Estep
Marsha Estep Pred mesecem
That straight up was angel of death beat by slayer
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala Pred mesecem
Tiene unos brazotes
Andrea Mena Salaya
Andrea Mena Salaya Pred mesecem
No hablo inglés
Haddy Njie
Haddy Njie Pred mesecem
Ur strength is insane
Caryn OMG
Caryn OMG Pred mesecem
Danna Santa
Danna Santa Pred mesecem
cvm vh nc dhvcbhvv
Eggbox Gaming
Eggbox Gaming Pred mesecem
u hate u to :) smellllyyy
taha animations
taha animations Pred mesecem
Frick you
5.7 hemi
5.7 hemi Pred mesecem
One day Luca is going to be stronger than Matt. Sooner rather than later.
Mark Daniel Nicdao
Mark Daniel Nicdao Pred mesecem
Keke Meme
Keke Meme Pred mesecem
Nhật Nam 6TA3
Nhật Nam 6TA3 Pred mesecem
i like baby because baby is handsome
Talal Alshtaiwi
Talal Alshtaiwi Pred mesecem
Mohamed Bashar
Mohamed Bashar Pred mesecem
Mohamed Bashar
Mohamed Bashar Pred mesecem
Mohamed Bashar
Mohamed Bashar Pred mesecem
Luge you
official vegthenx
official vegthenx Pred mesecem
Gymshark is for girls
Kaya Tenzin
Kaya Tenzin Pred mesecem
8 kg
Wed Buqami
Wed Buqami Pred 2 meseci
دحوم فهد
دحوم فهد Pred 2 meseci
ايطكيكييمميزيمينثنيهتثيعصتيوسنينسنينخسنينثنخينثهينثهيوخثنيتصهويعثويهصتستنصنينثتعيوثتيتثتيع7ثنق3خصخ3قننينثممينسميمينخينبنيزبننيميزبز يميمي مقجيمب ممي مقخقنفهثنقنيهنقهبتبعبعيتبغتقعغ نببتاسايل.ييغقلليالل.الا ينيويمزسزيزسزسزسزس
Scott Hibble
Scott Hibble Pred 2 meseci
I say he could bench press 487 kilos
Carter Wheeler
Carter Wheeler Pred 2 meseci
You and Luca are awesome!
Gamerdonut56 Pred 2 meseci
Gud chob
عباس ابوخضير
عباس ابوخضير Pred 2 meseci
Maza Dii
Maza Dii Pred 2 meseci
One of the coolest most athletic youtuber, then there’s matt 😂
Isaac Soccer
Isaac Soccer Pred 2 meseci
@4:10 excited "Yes" sounds like Liam Thomson.
Mahmoud Samir
Mahmoud Samir Pred 2 meseci
عمار انت
จิราวรรณ พรศรี
จิราวรรณ พรศรี Pred 2 meseci
Brendan Molineaux
Brendan Molineaux Pred 2 meseci
Is it just me or is that mark robers theme song?
Holy Love
Holy Love Pred 2 meseci
Look at that cut babe
مسلم ابو مهدي
مسلم ابو مهدي Pred 2 meseci
Oh no no
Oh no no Pred 2 meseci
Why the fuck would you compete with a 4 year old
Claire Mary Mack
Claire Mary Mack Pred 2 meseci
Fuck you
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes Pred 2 meseci
I Really thx he's Not on steroids
X gaming
X gaming Pred 2 meseci
Hey Where did you buy those pants i really want them
Savannah Haygood
Savannah Haygood Pred 2 meseci
man can lift 7x my body weight when I can barley do 10 push ups 😭
Tony Reid
Tony Reid Pred 2 meseci
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 2 meseci
Cool 😎
Goran Ivic
Goran Ivic Pred 2 meseci
Ovo je da ovo
Louis Schulze
Louis Schulze Pred 2 meseci
Matt I'm looking for fitness advice.. Where can I get steroids?
GabriellaBossMode Pred 2 meseci
G9t t9 do his promise and like the video
Xdreamer I
Xdreamer I Pred 2 meseci
No way Luca is natty.
LocoMocoBTW Pred 2 meseci
Luca: Does 6 kgs Dad: Hold my bar
COBRA Pred 2 meseci
He is so cute!
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