MY BIRTHDAY CHEAT DAY! *eating everything I want for 24 hours*

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MY BIRTHDAY CHEAT DAY! *eating everything I want for 24 hours*

CHR Ransom
CHR Ransom Pred 11 urami
Everybody likes Luca
Victor Street
Victor Street Pred dnevom
How isnt
Seth porter
Seth porter Pred 4 dnevi
We have the same birthday
Alyson Hansen
Alyson Hansen Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday 🥳
Alyson Hansen
Alyson Hansen Pred 4 dnevi
Love your vids
Alyson Hansen
Alyson Hansen Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday 🥳 love your videos
Alyson Hansen
Alyson Hansen Pred 4 dnevi
Best youtuber
Alyson Hansen
Alyson Hansen Pred 4 dnevi
Love the vids
Lee Babulal
Lee Babulal Pred 5 dnevi
Why buy food when you have a wife like that? 😅
jotdot Pred 5 dnevi
anyone got a proplates discount code
Nikhil Kummur
Nikhil Kummur Pred 6 dnevi
"daddy what did the pirate say on his 80th birthday" "I am eightyyyyy" Everyone: Smiles
David Garcia
David Garcia Pred 7 dnevi
Can we stop and appreciate how good is Sairs in cooking and prepping food?
Oliver Finn
Oliver Finn Pred 8 dnevi
I have binged watched Matts channel again for the 3rd time - never gets old
Kai Johnson
Kai Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
Next book: The 24/7 midwife.
Maina Munj
Maina Munj Pred 10 dnevi
I wish Luca was my son lol so cute
Farrell McGurl
Farrell McGurl Pred 11 dnevi
Why is Luca the coolest 4 year old ever?
Ali A
Ali A Pred 11 dnevi
the crust is the best part of the pizza
dominic hindes
dominic hindes Pred 11 dnevi
not a fan off the work out
Christoffer Topp-parving
Christoffer Topp-parving Pred 11 dnevi
Happy birthday
Rawan Alyassin
Rawan Alyassin Pred 12 dnevi
Did my man just crush 6 donuts with ease? Yes. Yes he did🤯
Nicole M. Cassidy, CPA
Nicole M. Cassidy, CPA Pred 12 dnevi
Matt reminds me of my dad
yazanyt ALHALLAQ
yazanyt ALHALLAQ Pred 12 dnevi
Happy birthday
David Ian G
David Ian G Pred 13 dnevi
You are a reason I started my channel!! Love videos from you Matt.
Lana Shikah
Lana Shikah Pred 13 dnevi
MY God its a quick disclaimer Go and get Matts Book. Its amazing !
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn Pred 13 dnevi
“There’s no chance we’re doing a time lapse” Two seconds later “3,2,1”
Salman Playz
Salman Playz Pred 14 dnevi
This guys a legend ‼️🦁
AspeK Pred 15 dnevi
The pizza time lapse made me realize that spending time with your family can change everything♥️
Gamer to Fit
Gamer to Fit Pred 16 dnevi
Happy Birthday. God Bless you all, and your families.🙏❤️🙏❤️
Tyler Zimmermann
Tyler Zimmermann Pred 16 dnevi
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (i now im late ) im german sorry for the bad english but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE
Petrosilius Zwackelmann
Petrosilius Zwackelmann Pred 17 dnevi
This guy eats straight up trash half the week but is still ripped. How many units of Somatropin are you pinning? 2 per cheatmeal?
Mihail Mihaylov
Mihail Mihaylov Pred 17 dnevi
Go fam
bowspammerYT Pred 17 dnevi
Why do you have 08:06 tattooed on your arm
Imogen Cartwright
Imogen Cartwright Pred 18 dnevi
Why is there a hanger above the lounge door? :/ 😂
CodyL Pred 18 dnevi
the fact that a 3 or 4 year old knows sarcasm is amazing for his understanding of it
slasher Pred 18 dnevi
Half the video- Luca being sarcastic
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 19 dnevi
Love cheat days 🤩🤩
Isabella Pennell
Isabella Pennell Pred 20 dnevi
My main goal in life is to have Luca sing happy birthday to me
Tamara Lucelia
Tamara Lucelia Pred 20 dnevi
The humorous age acly trap because women socially flash beneath a successful mallet. foregoing, uneven lion
Tamara Lucelia
Tamara Lucelia Pred 20 dnevi
The periodic cent biochemically file because entrance concurrently arrange abaft a abundant fireplace. teeny, verdant wealth
Jayce Johnson
Jayce Johnson Pred 20 dnevi
Luca is so funny 😂
Tronci Pred 20 dnevi
It's crazy that Luca understands sarcasm at his age
Daniel Deiana
Daniel Deiana Pred 20 dnevi
u filmed it on my bday
David Liffen
David Liffen Pred 20 dnevi
Luca makes me laugh when he's sarcastic 😅😅
Lexus Moore
Lexus Moore Pred 20 dnevi
Omg Luca’s pirate joke delivery was perfect 🤣 he’s adorable 🥰
Ryouforreal Pred 21 dnevom
Because you reply to your comments your going to tell me where you get your maki from
Hywel Jones
Hywel Jones Pred 22 dnevi
How do you find your book in audio form
OK1Kennedyplays Yeet
OK1Kennedyplays Yeet Pred 23 dnevi
i have seen your book in harpenden at whsmith
HereWeGo Pred 23 dnevi
It's amazing how kids get sensible quickly when the parents engage with them as much as they can.
KirstenMarie Official
KirstenMarie Official Pred 24 dnevi
I was also obsessed with dinosaurs when I was a child. Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs and the land before time was two of my favourite programs
SlimJimLim Pred 25 dnevi
They have the cutest fam
Breann Zerbe
Breann Zerbe Pred 25 dnevi
Where can I get the recipe to those cinnamon rolls??!!! YUMMMM!!
Eleganto Gaming
Eleganto Gaming Pred 26 dnevi
Wait my birthday is also on 20 jan
elliot wallace
elliot wallace Pred 26 dnevi
Nothing beats original glazed
Yazul Pred 27 dnevi
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 27 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God✝️
Arthur Bartosiewicz
Arthur Bartosiewicz Pred 27 dnevi
Pshh so many rookie scores for the Donuts... barstool prez would be disappointed
Connie Dallaway
Connie Dallaway Pred 27 dnevi
Title should have been - Matt reviews crispy crèmes
Aliyah Haque
Aliyah Haque Pred 27 dnevi
1:17 W2S favourite sight
Leah D
Leah D Pred 28 dnevi
Dose anyone know what the song is called that is playing when his wife is making breakfast? I literally have been searching for the song tittle for 2 weeks!!!!!
A_D 26
A_D 26 Pred 28 dnevi
Luca is just adorable
Njabulo Mlotshwa
Njabulo Mlotshwa Pred 28 dnevi
Matts wife's drinks look good
Pulkit jain
Pulkit jain Pred 28 dnevi
Imagine getting a like from matt Fan from India🤠
Pulkit jain
Pulkit jain Pred 28 dnevi
Tomorrow is my fast
Евгешик Юджиновский
Евгешик Юджиновский Pred 28 dnevi
Hi from Ukraine bro. I just started to follow you, I like your videos, keep going. Who read my comment i be so thankful if YOU support me as well. Matt if you will post any comment below of any my video, I don't know, I'll start to believe in hope =) becouse to see your comment below my video it's SO unlikely =) I just took my shot. I hope my english is not so bad for understanding.
Ram Man
Ram Man Pred 28 dnevi
Yes I agree with you mat eat the middle then move on so you can eat more pizza then eat the crust 😂
zerodeathslassie Pred 29 dnevi
Where is the triangle sized pizza??????
Keerat Playz
Keerat Playz Pred mesecem
Lucas is so funny
Ale 12
Ale 12 Pred mesecem
Happy birthday ❤️
A J Pred mesecem
This is definitely my favorite video
Michael English
Michael English Pred mesecem
You seem kinda full of yourself
ItsCooks Pred mesecem
I love how you eat everything you want every day and still pretend you dont use steroids
çøøkîëłøvèr Pred mesecem
Lucy Milne
Lucy Milne Pred mesecem
Why is Luca still going to nursery? During lockdown its for children of keyworkers only. Very selfish considering you and Sairs work from home and are very clearly not essential or key workers 🙄
MattDoesFitness Pred mesecem
Nursery’s in our area of England are open to all children. Primary schools are just key workers 👍
Stacee Caara
Stacee Caara Pred mesecem
Her belly is showing! Oh my gosh she’s so beautiful pregnant , you can definitely see the pregnancy glow!! 😍❤️
Leon Leon
Leon Leon Pred mesecem
Sarah staring at them 2:50 is so cute🥺
Roshan Phaiju
Roshan Phaiju Pred mesecem
Is anyone going to compliment Matt’s wife? She cooks such amazing dishes at home and she doesn’t talk a lot.
Gee Loo
Gee Loo Pred mesecem
andys dinosaur/safari/prehistoric adventures theme song takes over 99% of my day. and agree it is extremely engaging 🤣
Hajra Akhtar
Hajra Akhtar Pred mesecem
~ my birthday is 18th january ~
omar mohamed
omar mohamed Pred mesecem
HBaxzzッ Pred mesecem
Happy birthday mate
Adam Hussain
Adam Hussain Pred mesecem
Luca is trained very well. Well done Matt hope you and your family are well and stay safe❤️🔥
josh blake
josh blake Pred mesecem
Typical BMW driver parking
Mohammad Alewidat
Mohammad Alewidat Pred mesecem
Luca “definitely “ learned a new word🤣
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson Pred mesecem
Matt, whats in tha shaker bottle ur drinking with your meals?
xGizzer Pred mesecem
(Matt) hey Luca the candle taste very good (Luca try's it and then spits it out
Luch Stefano
Luch Stefano Pred mesecem
mate no one realises you set up a tripod and ran like an absolute legend in tescos hahahah props
MD PhD S Pred mesecem
LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! Wishing you all the best as the new baby arrives! congratulations!! May we recommend another cheat day with ice cream and cake?? Have you tried french fries and chicken nuggets dipped in ice cream or milkshakes??
blitzkrieg Pred mesecem
12:33 😂👌
Mahlatsi Glenbooi
Mahlatsi Glenbooi Pred mesecem
I thought you just a guy on fitness You more than that Nice family ❤💕💝😍🥰
Sam Mathews
Sam Mathews Pred mesecem
Matt, how do you eat such rubbish and stay so shredded? For me a cheat day is getting to eat 'a' chocolate bar once/twice a week. If I ate like you I'd probably be on dyalysis by the time by the time I reached fourty 😂
Annemijn van Rietveld
Annemijn van Rietveld Pred mesecem
"no one likes plane bread unless it's luca." Me: 😅 i like plane bread love you matt ❤️
Rory Macrory
Rory Macrory Pred mesecem
In the 50s there was advertising that was banned cause like they they use psychologists.. Know a supermarket uses psycololgists every thing in a supermarket is we're it is for a reason
Rory Macrory
Rory Macrory Pred mesecem
The burger and pizza is an anomaly.. You should be craving sugar or chocolate not beef the pizza and burger fries is you have brainwashed since you were a kid to crave these things
Rory Macrory
Rory Macrory Pred mesecem
I eat what I want everyday 😲
Elya Azizi
Elya Azizi Pred mesecem
Can I have a circle sized pizza😂
J 1
J 1 Pred mesecem
Cold video g 🥶
zencsy second
zencsy second Pred mesecem
4:49 when the background is waiting for time lapse
zencsy second
zencsy second Pred mesecem
Happy birthday to big boy
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Pred mesecem
Wolcome to another vedio
Fiorentino Calim Saincic
Fiorentino Calim Saincic Pred mesecem
Apparently the wasabi in the soy sauce helps to kill some bacteria that might be present in the raw fish or seaweed, but don’t quote me on this
Noel Kennedy
Noel Kennedy Pred mesecem
He eats everything he wants every day anyway
Rory Macrory
Rory Macrory Pred mesecem
The objective man.. Wants means he wants to eat boxes of donuts and forces himself not to... If your a healthy lifestyle guru why da hell you want to eat boxes of donuts
Arnold Shortzanegar
Arnold Shortzanegar Pred mesecem
Happy bday champion
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