Reviewing YOUTUBER'S HOME GYMS | ft. Ryan Terry, Zac Perna, Joe Delaney, Joe Fazer, Craig Richey etc

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Reviewing SLpostR'S HOME GYMS | ft. Ryan Terry, Zac Perna, Joe Delaney, Joe Fazer, Craig Richey etc

Lucad Pred dnevom
This guy really knows how to appreciate a solid rack
Jono Meo
Jono Meo Pred 2 dnevi
how many times has he said array~
Stuart Furey
Stuart Furey Pred 3 dnevi
Love how he’s using a calculator for adding numbers 1-5 🤣
Rachael Santoyo
Rachael Santoyo Pred 4 dnevi
Just posted my gym tour, so if you do any more reviews in the future, feel free to use mine!
Claw Pred 4 dnevi
“Clustered” Cluttered Custard... il be right back guys... eats custard
Conor Sloan - Train Like A Warrior
Conor Sloan - Train Like A Warrior Pred 6 dnevi
You should review my home gym buddy, might blow your mind
Nameless player
Nameless player Pred 6 dnevi
Cardio workout Climbing Ladders. Haha love it Matt
PJ Kotze
PJ Kotze Pred 6 dnevi
You should review Eddy Halls gym, jeez! -
Cody Koh
Cody Koh Pred 7 dnevi
David laid’s gym too
Cody Koh
Cody Koh Pred 7 dnevi
Do jeff cavalier’s gym
Ant J
Ant J Pred 7 dnevi
These videos are really cool to watch. It’s nice seeing ppls gyms. Maybe I’ll send mine in if u keep making vids. :)
Benjamin Larsson
Benjamin Larsson Pred 9 dnevi
Zac Perna as a 14 year old lmao
Charly Rosky
Charly Rosky Pred 9 dnevi
I love ur Accent! ❤️
Dean Hodges
Dean Hodges Pred 9 dnevi
Man, I put up 585 in high-school before I blew my knee out... I never appreciated my strength until now.
Adam Craig
Adam Craig Pred 9 dnevi
Bulldog gear are a terrible company. They are too expensive and when I ordered stuff in december they tried to get more money out of me for delivery after I'd paid. I cancelled and went to Mirafit instead. Saved hundreds of £
jai Sankey
jai Sankey Pred 9 dnevi
You have to love Matt.... his sarcasm is on point
Garth G.
Garth G. Pred 12 dnevi
I would have been a little harsher on some of those ratings. Which is ok, the lower rated gym are trying but have aways to go.
Craig Porter
Craig Porter Pred 13 dnevi
Need to mark Zac down for still being at mummy and daddy’s house
Harvinder Doal
Harvinder Doal Pred 13 dnevi
This video was very boring.
Kane Brookes
Kane Brookes Pred 13 dnevi
I subbed after seeing you on Brandon Campbells SLpost
Sam de Regter
Sam de Regter Pred 13 dnevi
Joe d has a tredmill and gets 3.5 on cardio, joe f has a epilipticle (dont know the spelling) and gets a 1 on cardio, why?
ResponsiveHD Pred 14 dnevi
When will we see Crossfit Linda Workout again?
Just Kriskoooツ
Just Kriskoooツ Pred 14 dnevi
Can I receive an answer? Can I improve my pulls ups for 4 weeks from 14 to 20? I find difficulties in pull ups. My Upper body workout is 80% of my max pull ups x3 sets, 65% max of my chin ups (8reps) x2sets, 80% of my max Dips (25reps) and 75% of my push ups (30reps)
SKYRISE SENPAI Pred 15 dnevi
The cc on this video is so fking accurate wow
Not Even
Not Even Pred 15 dnevi
Rating subscribers gyms pt2 ???
Doug Denessen
Doug Denessen Pred 15 dnevi
scaling ladders for cardio lmao
juke43sal Pred 15 dnevi
DJ- Eylon
DJ- Eylon Pred 15 dnevi
how do you stay lean by eating fast food and sugar ?
Antonio The Force Covarrubias lll
Antonio The Force Covarrubias lll Pred 16 dnevi
Rate my gym Matt !!!!
SparkyAsh Pred 16 dnevi
Love the videos mate and your book. I have started a SLpost account during lockdown. failure or not I enjoy it so won’t be giving up. My newest video has a £50 give away if any one is interested.
Tiarnan Mcgovern
Tiarnan Mcgovern Pred 16 dnevi
1:37 every online teacher ever
David Hammond
David Hammond Pred 16 dnevi
Christ when a bell-end
Barathvanan Sivanathan
Barathvanan Sivanathan Pred 16 dnevi
circle sized pizza!
Ian McVaigh
Ian McVaigh Pred 16 dnevi
Is this another fake natty
David Wilfong
David Wilfong Pred 16 dnevi
Dead at the Perna pic
Eggbox Gaming
Eggbox Gaming Pred 16 dnevi
Yoo, Matt were all missing the mini skits with your son! Do get em back bro
Cory Begay
Cory Begay Pred 16 dnevi
What camera do you use
Rachel Innes
Rachel Innes Pred 16 dnevi
When will the Morsia earbuds be back in stock pls?
Matthew Savage
Matthew Savage Pred 17 dnevi
Going to give you a 1.5 on grading consistency
JOHNNY K Pred 17 dnevi
Stitch up with zacs pic at the start 🤣
Karthikeyan Pred 17 dnevi
Love it how Matt says "BoDyBuIlDiNg"
Harry P
Harry P Pred 17 dnevi
SLpost unsubscribed me from Matt's channel. Happened to anyone else?
S.A. Pred 17 dnevi
Honestly I also hate Zac, the bastard has a fully equipped gym at home.
JackdawLifts Pred 17 dnevi
The guy with a sofa in his gym. (That’s not a diss I’d love his set up). Yeah Tesco rang, they want their crates back.
Dylan Dower
Dylan Dower Pred 17 dnevi
Apparently dip bars are hurdles ....
Bakers Oven
Bakers Oven Pred 17 dnevi
Will Tennyson bro?
Freeman Fitness
Freeman Fitness Pred 17 dnevi
Another quality gym review Matt! Love the way you absolutely violated Zac and his legs 😂. Was just wondering what the name of the background song is? Got it stuck in my head!
Tom Davies
Tom Davies Pred 17 dnevi
I may be wrong having never used one myself, but believe those long padded boxes that a few of them have are hip thrust benches 💪🏼
Louis Mcelhattonnewman
Louis Mcelhattonnewman Pred 17 dnevi
Any recommendations for cheap bench, weights and dumbbell bar
Brendan Burby
Brendan Burby Pred 17 dnevi
You should do an only eating pot noodles for 24 hours challenge
Ollie Lloyd Jones
Ollie Lloyd Jones Pred 17 dnevi
matt as your home gym is super kitted out will you ever go back to a normal public gym if covid ever ends?
Ali Emre Ozkahraman
Ali Emre Ozkahraman Pred 17 dnevi
I hove a home gym too matt, include me in the 2nd episode
James Peterson
James Peterson Pred 17 dnevi
I just thought of this question, searched it online and found nothing specific so I thought I would ask here. What happens if you do a heavy bulking diet with lots of cardio and no weights? Someone please let me know.
Nathan Chandra
Nathan Chandra Pred 17 dnevi
Matt will be walking down the street going: "that's a solid rack"
Ericka Laura
Ericka Laura Pred 18 dnevi
I like this series 👏🏽🔥
Adam Hagen
Adam Hagen Pred 18 dnevi
What do you have against Zac? God damn lol
Caleb Isaacson
Caleb Isaacson Pred 18 dnevi
Browney: Cries in 10,000 dollar gym
Max Heffner
Max Heffner Pred 18 dnevi
So if you’re rating SLpostrs home gyms what would you rate your own gym honestly
Dami Pred 18 dnevi
kingruud111 Pred 18 dnevi
A mental health video or a help a charity based one.
kingruud111 Pred 18 dnevi
You're really running dry for new material/videos. Can you do some gym or fitness content. With and without home gym equipment. All the best.
JJ Richards
JJ Richards Pred 18 dnevi
I just can’t believe you didn’t feature me in this video 😢😢😢😢
Itzakz Pred 18 dnevi
You should do Nathaniel Massiah
SAB8700 Pred 18 dnevi
Hello Matt. I see you actually answer people. Can you help me out a bit? I have been dieting for 4 months , went from 122kg to 94kg. For the last month i stalled. I walk 1h a day and do a 3 day split weight home. PROBLEM is i fcked up bad. I started my diet at 1600cal a day(im 1.84cm). Now im at 1200-1400 and nothing. Im not hungry, i stoped caring about food. I eat 500g chicken breast(weighted raw), 100g of tuna, skyr yougurt, brocolli, and some pineapple....daily....for 4 months. What should i do to break the plateau? Can't go lower on calories, i allready eat less then a skinny woman 😂
Nick Gauntlett
Nick Gauntlett Pred 18 dnevi
Think your subscribers should review your gym on the next video
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris Pred 18 dnevi
Who is the woman on the left in the thumbnail?
HHMinimalist Pred 18 dnevi
Clicked the subscribe button for the squat, am now unsubscribed. So if you could do that again next video i'll be able to re-subscribe :P
redwhiteandblueblood Pred 18 dnevi
Basement Brandon robbed :( Also Joe D has a better gym than you ;) (basically exact same setup with the half rack/functional trainer/bulk dumbbells, just he has cardio equipment on top of that)
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson Pred 18 dnevi
there is an elliptical in video 6, gotta bring that cardio score 1 up to at least a 2.5 or 3!
Saj Ali
Saj Ali Pred 18 dnevi
Is anyone getting pissed off seeing these home gyms?!? whilst here I am struggling to buy any benches or weights 😂😂
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson Pred 18 dnevi
How could you review YTer home gyms without featuring your own? Curious how many 5s that one would get, alongside a 0 for cardio of course
Chinmay Thorat
Chinmay Thorat Pred 19 dnevi
Brian Shaw's gym is a solid 26 🥴🥴
Justin In
Justin In Pred 19 dnevi
Fark 270kg squat
MCX Toastz ϟ
MCX Toastz ϟ Pred 19 dnevi
Jordon Bennett
Jordon Bennett Pred 19 dnevi
Celebrity gym's next? Like to see your reaction of The Rock's Iron Paradise
packerjock Pred 19 dnevi
Why such hate towards Zac? Many of us only know him from youtube etc, (and I think he's a great guy from seeing him here) as opposed to if you've had personal communication with him. If you already knew you didn't like him, why waste the time asking for a vid of his gym to review and then throwing such shade. No Haters please.,
GAP.Genius888 Pred 19 dnevi
Video idea: I only ate baby food for a day! Seems fun!!! Glhf
HIGTECHGUY2468 10 Pred 19 dnevi
it’s funny how he bought his own gym and now he’s the home gym god
Thebropill Pred 19 dnevi
When is your videi about being a fake natty coming out?
Hamad Pred 19 dnevi
he has some personal issues with zac lol
Slayer 61
Slayer 61 Pred 19 dnevi
Fuck you zack😂😂
arul Keswani
arul Keswani Pred 19 dnevi
Do you have stretch marks
Sophie Townsend
Sophie Townsend Pred 19 dnevi
Mate you need to review tiktok gyms some of them are insane
Goat On Claw
Goat On Claw Pred 19 dnevi
funniest fitness guy
Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy Wilson Pred 19 dnevi
should have done eddie hall
Kieran Pred 19 dnevi
Brian shaw's gym is the best by far
official. mitch
official. mitch Pred 19 dnevi
Pls do more vids and intros which luca
green green
green green Pred 19 dnevi
VIDEO IDEA: you should do 3x the wife's pregnancy cravings.
ALCHEMIST Pred 19 dnevi
Joey D for the win. Perfect set-up and aesthetic and best use of space
Louis Hatchwell
Louis Hatchwell Pred 19 dnevi
Professional Fitness SLpostr & Coach, "Some nice little hurdle things"... Everyone else... "They're Parallettes", Haha I love @MattDoesFitness
Natural Scape
Natural Scape Pred 19 dnevi
Stopped watching after the second gym got ranked higher than the first hhahahahaa EH?
Yonathan Bogale
Yonathan Bogale Pred 19 dnevi
Where is David laid's gym at
Back to Training
Back to Training Pred 19 dnevi
Good video! I've just started training starting at 100kg/220lbs as a starting point I've just uploaded, gunna actually get a proper camera soon to document my journey!
Jimmys stylianou
Jimmys stylianou Pred 19 dnevi
Do a video of reviewing your home gym💪
Michael Leon
Michael Leon Pred 19 dnevi
great video man! you should do another with your subscribers again, I would love to submit mine.
Zarrath Pred 19 dnevi
Holy shit, that Zac P picture in the beginning :D
Δημήτρης Χαριζόπουλος
Δημήτρης Χαριζόπουλος Pred 19 dnevi
We want more videos with review for home gyms... anyway great video 💪🙏
Candy yy
Candy yy Pred 19 dnevi
Do a training like logan Paul be training like Floyd mayweather. It will be a banger
fatdepressedveg knight
fatdepressedveg knight Pred 19 dnevi
Ryan's gym at 27 .58 mins He's got an Olympic barbell so how does he use that If you really reviewing home gym, check garage reviews he's got every piece of a equipment
ray Pred 19 dnevi
He was tooo lenient on the full gym giving him all 4 and 5's amd once the basement came and had 2 racks of dumbells and everything for bodybuilding he gave a 4 thats dumb 🙄
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