I swapped diets with my pregnant wife for 24 hours

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I swapped diets with my pregnant wife for 24 hours

Emily Kern
Emily Kern Pred 5 urami
What protein shake do you have that taste like squash?🙏🏼
Mohammed Arham Gangat
Mohammed Arham Gangat Pred 11 urami
You need another seat for you wife😂
Alex Venes
Alex Venes Pred 13 urami
I laughed so hard when he said “ men aren’t supposed to take this” then takes the pill anyways 😭😭😭
Recall Pred 16 urami
i stop watching this channel for like 3 months and come back to a pregnant woman, and a Luca with much more hair than before I-
Lily-May’s Random channel
Lily-May’s Random channel Pred 18 urami
The range sells mini eggs all year ...
Kay Rey
Kay Rey Pred dnevom
I’m guessing squash in the UK and squash in the US are very different, because squash flavored protein sounds horrendous.
Frederikke Lundgreen
Frederikke Lundgreen Pred dnevom
Where have i seen you before???
Hayden Delaney
Hayden Delaney Pred dnevom
Haha sto argooing
5thYonkoCry Pred dnevom
AGAIN?! i havent been active with this channel in a minute and now MATT GOT BUSY?!!!
Fun with Charly and Olivia
Fun with Charly and Olivia Pred dnevom
I drink after or before
Kaden Rushing
Kaden Rushing Pred 2 dnevi
You you should not deadline next to a wall. If you max and you faint then it would break both your legs. Trust me you should move it a couple of feet forward. There was a video of someone breaking both their legs doing deadlift next to a wall.
Kaden Rushing
Kaden Rushing Pred 2 dnevi
The video is from serious tennis behavior do not watch if you cannot handle limbs being broken.
Fearne Tipping
Fearne Tipping Pred 2 dnevi
Omg, i haven't seen a video in so long i thought luca was still on trains😭😭😭
The Eustace life of Stacey
The Eustace life of Stacey Pred 2 dnevi
He looks like he's dying inside because of his lunch 🤣😂
Elisha Ferguson
Elisha Ferguson Pred 2 dnevi
I drink after
Shubham Jangra
Shubham Jangra Pred 3 dnevi
Luca will be a good brother
Kenzie Pred 3 dnevi
I don’t drink during meals often, aside from at a restaurant . My husband thinks it weird.
Erika Raean
Erika Raean Pred 3 dnevi
I just found your channel because of your colab with Nial Wilson! You’re so entertaining and Luca is adorable. May be here just for Luca 🤪
George Watson
George Watson Pred 3 dnevi
Lucas the most cute and creative kid that has great potential and great content to Matt and you should crack on and you’ll smash 1000000000000000 subs by the end of the year
Ashton Gardiner
Ashton Gardiner Pred 3 dnevi
It looked so good
Mo Ab
Mo Ab Pred 4 dnevi
He needs a new child for more cute intros, luca is growing fast
LCKB gotzelaura
LCKB gotzelaura Pred 4 dnevi
Fizzy water is so much better than normal water. 😂😂😂
Xdgolfmaster Ttv
Xdgolfmaster Ttv Pred 4 dnevi
omg the face he made when u said u are switching diets for a day i’m dying laughing 🤣
meach Patel
meach Patel Pred 4 dnevi
I can’t believe he put baked beans on top of tortellini! 😱 why would you ruin such brilliant cuisine with baked beans! 🤢
Isaias Mena
Isaias Mena Pred 5 dnevi
The kitchen door trim needs to be repainted. It seems like the paint is scratched a bit but I am not sure.
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim Pred 5 dnevi
Remember God loves you! Want to turn your life around, say this prayer to give your life to him⬇️ Dear eternal and everlasting father, i come before your throne of grace surredering all, i come before you asking for your grace, your mercy and your forgiveness. I know that i have not been living for you lately but i come ro you today ready to change my life and live for you and you only. Please guide along this journey with you in Jesus' name i pray, amen.
shinto paulose
shinto paulose Pred 5 dnevi
1:46 you feel that happy over winning against your son?
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 5 dnevi
Such an awesome video 🤩🤩
Nicola Camlin
Nicola Camlin Pred 5 dnevi
i can not wait until he/she is born
Hanna Birgitta
Hanna Birgitta Pred 6 dnevi
Sometimes I'm thankful I can't understand you because you talk so fast. Didn't hear the spoiler alert
Grubbyonyt Pred 6 dnevi
I drink during a meal
La Daniels
La Daniels Pred 7 dnevi
Your wife reminds me of Genevieve padaleki (ruby from supernatural) idk what it is, it might be they kinda look similar but I found that quite nice because supernatural is my favorite show❤️
Frances E
Frances E Pred 7 dnevi
Why does Matt make it seem like eating his wife's diet is harder than her growing a human 😂
Heledd Jones
Heledd Jones Pred 8 dnevi
I always have to have a drink with a meal otherwise I can’t eat the meal😅
audrey wade
audrey wade Pred 8 dnevi
I only drink after I eat otherwise I get to full 😋
Lex Chandler
Lex Chandler Pred 8 dnevi
Whole family *eats extremely healthy* me *hasn’t slept all night and ate the last cupcake from my sisters baby shower*
Khaldoun ANASTAS
Khaldoun ANASTAS Pred 8 dnevi
Wow Luca is know more dinosaurs than me.😯.
Jennifer Jiang
Jennifer Jiang Pred 9 dnevi
Can Sairs please come out with a cookbook or cooking show?
Misha Khan/SICAS DHA
Misha Khan/SICAS DHA Pred 9 dnevi
Luca is so cute
beth godfrey
beth godfrey Pred 10 dnevi
I want the recipe for that soup oml
Xanitt Pred 10 dnevi
should have got coach Greg's cookbook would have bulked easier then last time
Sierra Skelton
Sierra Skelton Pred 10 dnevi
I eat all of my food first then drink 😂😂
Strucid Xd
Strucid Xd Pred 10 dnevi
I usually drink a protein drink while eating or water
Toxic Rift
Toxic Rift Pred 10 dnevi
Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell Pred 10 dnevi
During and after meals
Nika's Words
Nika's Words Pred 10 dnevi
‘Giving my wife diarrhea for 24 hours’ would also be an appropriate title 😅🙈
SAP 900
SAP 900 Pred 10 dnevi
Man I thought his jeans where already girls jeans lol
BrodyeJean Chevallerau
BrodyeJean Chevallerau Pred 10 dnevi
That spoon is like a salad server 😂🤣
zoerheaume Pred 11 dnevi
I drink during 😂
Nia Pred 11 dnevi
Passion 💥
Chimpanzee That87
Chimpanzee That87 Pred 11 dnevi
Stop leaning forwards haha
Erin Parkinson
Erin Parkinson Pred 11 dnevi
What date are you expecting the baby for ?
Jack Wall
Jack Wall Pred 12 dnevi
12:36 Ferrari ready to win..... 2020 season Ferrari 6th in the championship .......
Emily O'Neill
Emily O'Neill Pred 12 dnevi
Alternative title "Matt eats like an instagrammer and Sairs eats like a student for 24hrs"
Xx LovelylyhoneypeachesXx
Xx LovelylyhoneypeachesXx Pred 12 dnevi
He got da buns
Evelina Music
Evelina Music Pred 12 dnevi
Wow! ❤️.
xydoit Pred 12 dnevi
Stop getting rubbish and call it food
xydoit Pred 12 dnevi
You eat bad food. Your wife gave you good breakfast.
Chloe Willetts
Chloe Willetts Pred 12 dnevi
Great video keep it up stay safe
Rain Pred 12 dnevi
We all subbed for luca
nicobyr1 Pred 13 dnevi
What protein is it at the beginning? I really struggle with protein drinks but if it tastes like squash we could be on to a winner. Just found your channel and loving it 😃
Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies Pred 13 dnevi
My account went loopy so I’ve missed a good couple of videos so have they revealed the baby’s sex? I was watching this thinking how awesome it would be if it was a girl! They are wicked parents and I think they would be fab to see daddy Matt swooning over his liccle princess and Sairs would have some back up and Luca will make the best big brother! But as long as the baby it healthy then it will be fabulous boy or girl! X I can’t wait!💞💞💞
Bubz Pred 13 dnevi
David Főző
David Főző Pred 13 dnevi
I love tortellini
lino249 Pred 13 dnevi
love how sairs hardly complained about how much food she was eating
Jonny Whyte
Jonny Whyte Pred 14 dnevi
Late but mostly i drink separate from meal!
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali Pred 14 dnevi
Sairs needs a cooking show, her food always looks so good.
Amanda Guzman
Amanda Guzman Pred 14 dnevi
You and Luca should have a tik tok together.
Fern Hamilton
Fern Hamilton Pred 14 dnevi
Looks like we can have child intros for a while longer with another small human 😂
James Pittman
James Pittman Pred 14 dnevi
So cool that he picked oats over sugar filled cereal
Wilma L
Wilma L Pred 14 dnevi
Well you’re not supposed to drink when you eat and 30min before or after a meal. So she does the right thing but I can’t eat if I don’t drink 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner Pred 14 dnevi
Let’s get started - luca
Matthew Viramontes
Matthew Viramontes Pred 14 dnevi
He thinks 100kg is big?? Lol
Kd Smith
Kd Smith Pred 15 dnevi
Wow he has well manners and is very smart is he really that age or....
Jessica Letts
Jessica Letts Pred 15 dnevi
I would like to see a video of luka control your diet for a day
angelica efu
angelica efu Pred 15 dnevi
hi its Abs how are you miss you guys
strawberry Roblox
strawberry Roblox Pred 16 dnevi
Looks like mrs bench just me 😊
Gstarhunter Pred 16 dnevi
You should eat baby food for a day
shanayashanaya08 Pred 16 dnevi
Alright, Sairs is trying to..poison our child 😂😂
Maisey Wick
Maisey Wick Pred 16 dnevi
Yours and sairs relationship gives me faith 😅😂
emma logan
emma logan Pred 16 dnevi
Is there anyway to adopt Luca... asking for a friend 🥰🥰
Alex Yang
Alex Yang Pred 16 dnevi
Haven't watched your channel in a while, glad to see that your family and you are doing great!
Katherine Wills
Katherine Wills Pred 16 dnevi
That awkward moment when a four year old is smarter than you lol
Jeweliah Freeman
Jeweliah Freeman Pred 17 dnevi
So can your wife cook for me? 🤤
Crystal Bethany
Crystal Bethany Pred 17 dnevi
Luca has gotten so big!
Ishmel Francis
Ishmel Francis Pred 17 dnevi
This child will come out looking like a mini matt swole I just expected this he's gonna be swoler than me and I'm 13
Jus Me
Jus Me Pred 17 dnevi
It was so cute when the mum gave the wee boy some coco pops😭😭
Saj _
Saj _ Pred 17 dnevi
She eats hardly anything
Unknown B
Unknown B Pred 17 dnevi
Pregnant?!? Jesus I have missed a lot
Maisie lee
Maisie lee Pred 17 dnevi
What a polite little boy !
Ethan Joel
Ethan Joel Pred 17 dnevi
Video Idea, Matt switches workout programmes with Sairs for a day.
Zoya Khan
Zoya Khan Pred 17 dnevi
HOW LONG HVE I BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! congrats matt luca and shara
Haych 123
Haych 123 Pred 17 dnevi
All u need to do is now film some #shorts with Luca😂😂
Teenage Ryft
Teenage Ryft Pred 18 dnevi
Where’s Luker
AllowedTrack 657
AllowedTrack 657 Pred 18 dnevi
Serious question: How much money do you spend on nutrition a day? Or do you buy groceries weekly?
Jess Ess
Jess Ess Pred 18 dnevi
Mowahib Olol
Mowahib Olol Pred 18 dnevi
leasleigh Pred 18 dnevi
Drink mostly after meal.....
Laura Rivers
Laura Rivers Pred 18 dnevi
Love the sign! I have a similar one that says nobody gets out sober 🤪
Diana Benjamin
Diana Benjamin Pred 19 dnevi
I don't drink with any of my meals either.
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin Pred 19 dnevi
Sorry Sairs but I’m with Matt. Tortellini is the best food.
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