265KG SQUAT (584lbs) in my HOME GYM

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265KG SQUAT (584lbs) in my HOME GYM

Jackcann 13
Jackcann 13 Pred 7 dnevi
What’s the song called when Matt did the 265 kg squat
Justin In
Justin In Pred 17 dnevi
DIMVRCO Pred 18 dnevi
The best bit about this video is how happy Sairs is that he got the 265kg. Supporting her fellllaaa bro
Nikita Webber
Nikita Webber Pred 20 dnevi
3 months gym money and could have a squat rack at home. Just do it. Plates expensive but only buy as u get stronger. PS what accessory works needed as get stronger in squats? To avoid injury..
Expert Expert
Expert Expert Pred mesecem
Luca's a lefty. Mark of a great actor!
Steve Chung
Steve Chung Pred mesecem
You squated 484 pounds NOT! 584 pounds mate! I have been strength and powerlifting coach for 30+ years. We use bulldog gear bumpers as well. You are missing two 25 kilo black bumpers to make it 584 pounds. Plus your camera angle is poor it should be dead on front or back not to a side angle to misrepresent your followers!!
Joe Perry
Joe Perry Pred mesecem
Didn’t think the book would be for me but that audio book clip has sold it too me and I will buy it. 🤣
Luke Darren
Luke Darren Pred mesecem
I swear the gym is bigger than his house
chris bracco
chris bracco Pred mesecem
lets go
Zaid Rahma
Zaid Rahma Pred mesecem
Who ever say to like and sub i do it
Sander Pred mesecem
A tip: can you just start the video with the thing you are going to do. Not talk in like 5 minutes about something else. Waste of time. My opinion
oliver cao
oliver cao Pred mesecem
We wanna see you do a bench press PR
B M Pred 2 meseci
Anyone know what the squatting shoes are called, when I type in adipower I get loads of different ones.
Nathan Wedgwood
Nathan Wedgwood Pred 2 meseci
I only just lifted 100kg on squat wish me luck 😂
Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn Bennett Pred 2 meseci
You are soooo strong your kid has so much strength
dareios erodati
dareios erodati Pred 2 meseci
Does anybody know what belt he is using? I’m new and trying to find a solid belt and Matt’s seems nice
UNRE4L _ GUN Pred 2 meseci
Luca at 4 yrs old, can name all the hardest names (dinosaur related) Me at 4 yrs old, wondering in crayon colors have flavors
Steve Shink
Steve Shink Pred 2 meseci
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell Pred 2 meseci
Anyone who doesn't like and subscribe to this video is a pure hater or dumb as a doorknob. Well done Matt. Love from 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Craig B
Craig B Pred 2 meseci
@ 2:34 Have you guys seen the lump on Luca's neck?
Saul Allen
Saul Allen Pred 2 meseci
8:20 You know I heard that as Tren Cycle LMAO
Maza Dii
Maza Dii Pred 2 meseci
Your family is amazing i love seeing them both on your videos.
Omg is that nR Omg
Omg is that nR Omg Pred 2 meseci
Tom plat squatting that for 20 reps?
Andreas Pred 2 meseci
One of the very few "bodybuilders" that actually can perform a proper squat and not half ass mobility lacking shit squats 😁 can see that you're much more versatile in your training, but thumbs up!
Kiers M
Kiers M Pred 2 meseci
Honestly mate its cool you have a home gym and all but it looks a bit bare lol. Those black walls make it look like a bit grim :/
Nicholas Bakos
Nicholas Bakos Pred 2 meseci
Just out of curiosity, is there someone out there who knows British accents well that can tell us where Matt & family are from?
Dani Fitness
Dani Fitness Pred 2 meseci
he literally squat 2 times my PR xD. I mean, i´m 18 and 70kg but dude that was crazy!!!
Harrison Szymanowski
Harrison Szymanowski Pred 2 meseci
Be better with a power bar , whippy bar like that snap your back at the bottom of the squat. Sweet lift though you know what I mean
krimzons Pred 2 meseci
8:26 did he say in a midle of a normla tren cycle
Private Duckyy
Private Duckyy Pred 2 meseci
That 265kg squat was crazy insane! Proud of you mate for pushing your limit especially that yell whenever you coming back up. 😂🤟🏻
David Delacruz
David Delacruz Pred 2 meseci
damn imagine hitting a RP and your hot wife just jumps on you for celebration ....goals
Juan Esquivel
Juan Esquivel Pred 2 meseci
If I don't have a relationship like that, I don't want anything
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 2 meseci
Wow 🤩
Tony Simi
Tony Simi Pred 3 meseci
juicy assist!
Christian Kennedy
Christian Kennedy Pred 3 meseci
This is so motivating that I have to be listening to Chained anytime I’m going to go for a PR now.
Aven7218 Pred 3 meseci
FUCKING BEAST!! and the girl at the end literal life goals
Matthew Farah
Matthew Farah Pred 3 meseci
has anyone realised that he is wearing leggings nah jk love ur vid
Henrik Svensson
Henrik Svensson Pred 3 meseci
Want to see you strict pressing 100 kg overhead sometime. I think it's harder goal than both a four plate bench or a six plate squat :)
Caleb Mcnelly
Caleb Mcnelly Pred 3 meseci
Is the Audiobook going to be on Audible by amazon?
SAM & SHEP TV Pred 2 meseci
Please come check out our channel!! Means a lot!!
integra Pred 3 meseci
Impressively strong dude !!
Nitin Grewal
Nitin Grewal Pred 3 meseci
Is the bar 6ft or 7ft? Planning on getting one soon but not sure what size
Areeg Elhassan
Areeg Elhassan Pred 3 meseci
i was ur fan since 2014
Gary James
Gary James Pred 3 meseci
What brand the lifting belt you use
Maya Feyerabend
Maya Feyerabend Pred 3 meseci
Is that the womens‘ camo seamless leggings?😂
Melody Rice
Melody Rice Pred 3 meseci
was thinking the same hahaha
none none
none none Pred 3 meseci
Matt:hows your life? Luca: My life be like be like ooooa oooa
Matthew Hendrickson
Matthew Hendrickson Pred 3 meseci
I wish I had someone to jump onto me after I hit a PR. 😔
Kaio Hyzel
Kaio Hyzel Pred 3 meseci
Matt's only flaw is that Arsenal tattoo.
benno158 Pred 3 meseci
Great form mate, subscribed. Brilliant content 👏🏻
Jay-Dee F17
Jay-Dee F17 Pred 3 meseci
Matt be getting me hype
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson Pred 3 meseci
This book wont fit in with the few others I have, but why not. Gotta pay for that house reno somehow, right?
Ailias Pred 3 meseci
Came here after watching Amanda Lawrence smash 3x3 at 240kg on her IG, good effort
Callsign-Ghost 77
Callsign-Ghost 77 Pred 3 meseci
What is the music called at 7:30
Berzerker Fitness
Berzerker Fitness Pred 3 meseci
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett Pred 3 meseci
That sandwich is beautiful
Rohit Gurung
Rohit Gurung Pred 3 meseci
Please do indian army fitness test
Jarrod Walker
Jarrod Walker Pred 3 meseci
he just said a trend cycle drug user
Omir 85
Omir 85 Pred 3 meseci
did he say in the middle of a normal tren cycle? 8:27
BurnedPlantain Pred 3 meseci
Wow Luca's speech is becoming so much more clear its crazy
Eve Lambrick
Eve Lambrick Pred 3 meseci
You should do a WSM themed video! Atlas stones!
Nik Pred 3 meseci
What I love about this is that Matt did it 100% natural as he claims just like my other favourite natty lifter Mike O'Hearn. Unreal.
roomforthefiiixins Pred 3 meseci
The fact that you can squat heavy properly without a mirror is super impressive. I couldn't pull it off.
Eve Lambrick
Eve Lambrick Pred 3 meseci
Love this! Squat info was so interesting
Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir
Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir Pred 3 meseci
he's so strong he didn't flinch when she jumped into his arms, like literally like catching a feather! (ofc she is petite also)
Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir
Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir Pred 3 meseci
I LOVE her age =)
Ollie Pred 3 meseci
Matt full knowing Luca could squat 265kg at 1% of his full power
Rishi John
Rishi John Pred 3 meseci
Good video happy you got your book going why they have you wear a white shirt in the book cover kinda a bit off a throw off
Zishan Sheikh
Zishan Sheikh Pred 3 meseci
6:00 what is the name of the music???
David Williams
David Williams Pred mesecem
This is what I've been trying to figure out
Nathan Booth
Nathan Booth Pred 3 meseci
I did the same as Luca but I was a little older and nearly ran through the thing
Dharvesh Davedeen
Dharvesh Davedeen Pred 3 meseci
100% natty yup yesterday i deadlifted the empire state building
Warith Naz
Warith Naz Pred 3 meseci
What is that song called
Fxthers X
Fxthers X Pred 3 meseci
The question is , natural or not ?
Howsurfootballstuds Pred 3 meseci
Get this man to 2million subs
ihsan M
ihsan M Pred 3 meseci
I’m waiting for MDF gym wear to come out that shits going to be 🔥🔥
Nigel Pred 3 meseci
Dutch time lapse would be funny
Jarss Junior
Jarss Junior Pred 3 meseci
5:07 omg whoa social distance 6 feet bro
Matt Hogan
Matt Hogan Pred 3 meseci
2:34 not sure if those need to be looked at by a doctor? Sorry extremely random I noticed them but they caught my eye while watching your video
Nicholas Hawkins
Nicholas Hawkins Pred 3 meseci
Just preordered your book can’t wait to get it
Ri9p3r Pred 3 meseci
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara Pred 3 meseci
That is crazy risky without a spotter.
Niko B
Niko B Pred 3 meseci
Wait this guy said he does tren?
focus greg
focus greg Pred 3 meseci
Absolutely smashed it , BEAST mode 🙌🏾✨✨✨✨✨✨
Andrzej Przybylski
Andrzej Przybylski Pred 3 meseci
Worst advice ever? Come on Matt! Little Luca just told you "Go hard or go home!", well... You're home but you know what I mean. Put some weight on that bitch and when you think it's enough ADD ANOTHER PLATE. He knows what he's talking about! Light weight baby!
IanHDrummer Pred 3 meseci
Damn right I’ve just pre ordered a copy. Hopefully get a Luca signed one 🤞🏻🤞🏻😅
Arthur D Wolfe
Arthur D Wolfe Pred 3 meseci
We have the same model belt and the same model shoes, but I only squat 190 KG. I feel cheated somehow...
Errin Pred 3 meseci
Congratulations! I see 600lbs coming soon for you big boy!!!
Tsholo Nkosi
Tsholo Nkosi Pred 3 meseci
Cute man l Iove how his wife is so supportive
Weaver’s World
Weaver’s World Pred 3 meseci
When is a bench press Max video coming?
Weaver’s World
Weaver’s World Pred 3 meseci
Great video man. When are the challenges coming back?
Lauren Stanfield
Lauren Stanfield Pred 3 meseci
Ha! Who wants a signed book from a school teacher. Literally the most useless object ever. I hate penguin for printing a book from a PE teacher...Fuck me.
Strength Axle
Strength Axle Pred 3 meseci
This is what destroyed Ronnie Coleman, spinal compression, overloaded joints. Uncreative and unhealthy in the long run.
K2weapon Pred 3 meseci
Anything south of 600lbs is not even worth mentioning...
Genesis Esports
Genesis Esports Pred 3 meseci
Nah nah nah, this guy is a absolute monster !
alex cuijpers
alex cuijpers Pred 3 meseci
The way sairs jumped u when u squatted it made me feel soooo single
Theo Carnes
Theo Carnes Pred 3 meseci
I absolutely loved how Sairs jumped at you after the squat❤️ How lucky you both are to have each other😊
hi Pred 3 meseci
luca knowing all the names of the dinosaurs and counting in italian?? you lot need to drop a parenting video asap
Ted Smith
Ted Smith Pred 3 meseci
Luca is so funny 😆
yam yam
yam yam Pred 3 meseci
Mirror infront of the rack mate...
Jon Ward
Jon Ward Pred 3 meseci
Thanks mum you absolute bellend 😂😂
Mitram Bergeiro
Mitram Bergeiro Pred 3 meseci
Somente can tell me how is tanto music called the one from the time lapse
James Pred 3 meseci
Benefit of squatting topless?
Nik Pred 3 meseci
Benefits = More subs who think they can look like that natty to fill his pockets full of $$$
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