We only ate CHRISTMAS FAST FOOD for 24 hours

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We only ate CHRISTMAS FAST FOOD for 24 hours

Dee Dee
Dee Dee Pred 4 urami
I guess basically you made gym shark famous
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Pred 16 urami
Why are you eating in bed?? Now you have to clean the bed of crumbs and stains... -_-
Ty Holmes
Ty Holmes Pred dnevom
We won’t the skit with Luca back
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Pred 6 dnevi
I'm so glad I'm not the only one whoeaves the crust when eating pizza
Lee Ireland
Lee Ireland Pred 8 dnevi
I’m sorry but Luca is natural entertainer😂😂😂
Imran Rashid
Imran Rashid Pred 10 dnevi
Its so funny when Luca keeps putting his thumb for feedback
Cadey Barber
Cadey Barber Pred 12 dnevi
Love you guys Bihcdj
DRK hypez
DRK hypez Pred 15 dnevi
My sister likes ur vids😀
sophia trujillo
sophia trujillo Pred 16 dnevi
Luca should be the star of the videos🥲
RaksoHD No Commentary
RaksoHD No Commentary Pred 17 dnevi
Great video man!
Caribo Lavar
Caribo Lavar Pred 19 dnevi
In my country we have a staying. Which says "the love is blind" ... Damn yes
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 22 dnevi
Your son is a legend.
Sean john
Sean john Pred 24 dnevi
Why spend upwards of £300 a month on muscle food if not more when you can just go the best supermarket in the country for 3rd year running and that’s liddl for like £80
Mizzpia Priya S.
Mizzpia Priya S. Pred 25 dnevi
I'm always waiting for 3.... 2... 1.. 🔉🔊🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶🎵😎❣
Rhianna Mackenzie
Rhianna Mackenzie Pred 28 dnevi
I had an ok Christmas except I broke my knee and my wrist
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 28 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God
Laurentia martaux
Laurentia martaux Pred mesecem
Are you Christian??
Libby .R
Libby .R Pred mesecem
Luca is adorable
John D
John D Pred mesecem
You finally gave in and made a bedroom Cody with Sair
CTH_ STARZ Pred mesecem
the last time i watched you was months ago luca hasnt changed a bit
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones Pred mesecem
Your little boy is well cute and amazing you are a perfect family!
AT7 Pred mesecem
I absolutely love these vids with his family
Kyle Petrick
Kyle Petrick Pred mesecem
Telling poor Lukas baddest isnt a word... It most certainly is a word!
Tsambika Pred mesecem
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Aled Davies
Aled Davies Pred mesecem
7:30 what's the music called?
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred mesecem
Love Christmas food and treats 😌
Chomp 118
Chomp 118 Pred mesecem
sio Pred mesecem
Fire Fl4mes
Fire Fl4mes Pred mesecem
7:32 killed me 🤣. Love it 👍
Zay Xclusive
Zay Xclusive Pred mesecem
Correct, “baddest” is a word Matt
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Pred mesecem
It’s so weird seeing the steering wheel on the right side of the car
Sniper474 Pred mesecem
Matt getting absolutely mugged of there at the end hehe xD
Jamie Gibbons
Jamie Gibbons Pred mesecem
Good to see you're 2million up big boy, watched you since 50k You deserve it big boy it's Luca that wrote this
The White Inferno
The White Inferno Pred mesecem
Matt: spits out pizza Also Matt: casually picks up the spat out pizza and eats it Matt also: *ItS Not BaD ITs oK*
The White Inferno
The White Inferno Pred mesecem
I like cheese
Philip Carpenter
Philip Carpenter Pred mesecem
Great video mate! I’ve been wondering what bm you got it looks like an m2 but I’m convinced it’s an m3.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Pred mesecem
What BMW is that
Elanchelian Umesh
Elanchelian Umesh Pred mesecem
Luca have abs
roloqween Pred mesecem
OH my gosh. The boys are so big!
roloqween Pred mesecem
Ollie's slowmo eating IS WHY I SUBB
S2 Nv
S2 Nv Pred mesecem
15:03 did she give up on the word
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall Pred mesecem
Does anyone have any good tips to keeps balance during squats?
Gamer Ollie
Gamer Ollie Pred mesecem
Love your vids 2mil let’s go
Marlies Callebert
Marlies Callebert Pred mesecem
Hey all! I started my first youtube channel this week, feel free to check it out 🥰🥰
Jack Merritt
Jack Merritt Pred mesecem
You should do only eating Weetabix or Cereal again for 24 hours because I loved when you ate cereal for 24 hours. Please do it
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou Pred mesecem
So McDonalds apparently had a holiday pie that could be New Years and they had a peppermint latte, which could be Christmasy. It is really weird that the UK McDonalds does not have either of these. Then again, they could have discontinued selling them because this is two days after Christmas.
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou Pred mesecem
When I think of fast food, I do not normally think of coffee shops and they are mostly brands that I know (do not know if Costa Coffee is exclusive to the UK). INCORRECT: Fast food can be anything that is not considered sit down and it does not matter the brand. :/
αlinuș Pred mesecem
Your relatives are literally the best , so funny watching em' especially at timelapses !
leons gaming
leons gaming Pred mesecem
Why doesn’t Luca get he’s own channel that would be cool
George is Smiling
George is Smiling Pred mesecem
2:10 - Luca is like "I'm not leaving this bed without devouring that."
Marc Byrne
Marc Byrne Pred mesecem
Do you ever drink alcohol?
JorbsOnline Pred mesecem
3:34 luca.exe stopped working
Daniel Sheppard
Daniel Sheppard Pred mesecem
Hi Matt happy late Christmas and New Year's God Bless You and Your Families
5minstrashofficial Pred mesecem
i don’t think matt was happy when everyone started eating his macies
Bobsamarly Pred mesecem
Did he say sidemen video 8:11
Joe Hyde
Joe Hyde Pred mesecem
Guys remember when Mat used to go to the gym and get a McDonald every time after😔😂
Marwa Elkady
Marwa Elkady Pred mesecem
Luka maks the video
RNS_1137 Pred mesecem
Luca looking sheredded :)
Ross Marvin
Ross Marvin Pred mesecem
Anyone know the song playing whilst he is training?
Ross Marvin
Ross Marvin Pred mesecem
I finished your book in less than 24hrs, couldn't put it down. I'm now working my way through these vids. Love it, great work
Kamron Umrov
Kamron Umrov Pred mesecem
10:06 I literally thought he was getting a fine 😂
The Professional
The Professional Pred mesecem
Fuck... How the hell did you ever get to 2mill subs? Such a shit channel. People must just be here to see those titties.
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker Pred mesecem
Just spitting food out on camera. Dude. Stop.
BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin Pred mesecem
Don’t you love how the Chanel is called Matt does fitness yet everyone just comes for Luca
Electric Hazard
Electric Hazard Pred mesecem
I love how it's only in the gym that you appreciate how ripped Matt is
Freelanc3rX Pred mesecem
Fake Natty
ll yptz ll
ll yptz ll Pred mesecem
I can guarantee that during some of your videos this thought has crossed your mind: “Christ I wish we had a girl” My Merry Christmas present from my drunk mother: FanF**kingTastic
Nicolas ONA
Nicolas ONA Pred mesecem
did u notice the subway employee spoke without her mask on and right below her was all of the food ?
Astro Pred mesecem
anyone else notice how lil man got a whole six pack 😂
Kiara Jett
Kiara Jett Pred mesecem
1.99M subscribers?! So close!
EseFNBR Pred mesecem
Luca has to be having the time of his life😅
James Johnson
James Johnson Pred mesecem
Ffs he didn’t get 2mill by new year
Amy Kleber
Amy Kleber Pred mesecem
This wouldn't be a food video without a pizza
Adrenalin Edge
Adrenalin Edge Pred mesecem
Another great video man happy New year and I wish you and your family the best of luck
Zak Holland
Zak Holland Pred mesecem
Where's the ketchup? *uugh*
Mae-C Smith
Mae-C Smith Pred mesecem
Been watching you guys from when you first started and all three of you have grown so much, Luca is so intelligent and cute, your intros of him are entertaining as well 😂😂😂 keep up the good work Matt 🤝
Andrew Milne
Andrew Milne Pred mesecem
MattDoesFitness to start January 1st at 2 million subs? Me thinks so! Congratulations
Ben 822
Ben 822 Pred mesecem
Do a video of every one of Lucas intros ( like if you agree
Tahamid Khan
Tahamid Khan Pred mesecem
All the sweet u had today I never had in my whole life and I'm 11 years old so ye but Merry Xmas and a happy new year.
Tahamid Khan
Tahamid Khan Pred mesecem
Big Mac
Big Mac Pred mesecem
Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year Matt any idea when the ear buds will be back in stock???
Zeppi Menga
Zeppi Menga Pred mesecem
Next year there will be 4 kids there 1 girl and 3 boys 🤣
Farewell L
Farewell L Pred mesecem
slpost.info/dev/dqjQZpyblKXXpmI/video.html this will help
w415hyz Pred mesecem
Mr. Amazon delivery man has just delivered ‘The Book’!!! Looks amazing, can’t wait to read
TroyJP Pred mesecem
Got the new book had it on pre-order
Nathan DANG
Nathan DANG Pred mesecem
This is how many time he said “Nice one” or “Nice one thank you”🤣🤣 👇
Faulk Smash
Faulk Smash Pred mesecem
Tantalizing is a weird word lmao
TheGreatfulServant Pred mesecem
Who misses his intros with Luca 😂😂
PiRATE NAMii Pred mesecem
I love Matt’s laugh. It’s contagious at times lol
xGizzer Pred 2 meseci
he kinda looks like gronkowski put a picture face by face
xGizzer Pred 2 meseci
the purple one haha
sherif rizk
sherif rizk Pred 2 meseci
Congrats for the new car 🎉🌹🎄
I like guitar A lot
I like guitar A lot Pred 2 meseci
I’m just sad there was no intro
Don ny
Don ny Pred 2 meseci
typical UK day just rain no snow
Gavin Mckinney
Gavin Mckinney Pred 2 meseci
matt matt matt
matt matt matt Pred 2 meseci
Luca is ripped lmaoo
j3s Pred 2 meseci
11:15 I thought you were sat with Pep Guardiola!
Ben 822
Ben 822 Pred 2 meseci
Hi great video think I could Maby get a shoutout sometime?
borntoberiled6982 7
borntoberiled6982 7 Pred 2 meseci
“Stuffing is disgusting.” Couldn’t agree more, that stuff is repulsive, don’t know how people can eat it, tastes like fish food.
Alpha GenetX
Alpha GenetX Pred 2 meseci
been living in the UK for over 6 years, never did I consider Costa a fast food place. The pizza you got did sound great though
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