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Morsia: morsia

My Instagram: mattdoesfitness
MyProtein: tidd.ly/bb677c6a (35% discount: ‘MATT’)
Gymshark: gym.sh/Shop-Gymshark-MattDoesFitness
Legend London: www.legendlondon.co/ (10% discount: MATT10)
Xite: www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=19611&awinaffid=226763&ued=https%3A%2F%2Fdrinkxite.com%2Fproducts%2Fxite-energy
Muscle Food: www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=11002&awinaffid=226763&clickref=&p= (£5 discount: MATT5)

dominic hindes
dominic hindes Pred 11 dnevi
hav u fix u app @MattDoesFitness
Chazza _
Chazza _ Pred 24 dnevi
I was the 1000 comment
wilkin.simon Pred 2 meseci
2:26 cracking
Average Dad
Average Dad Pred 2 meseci
Look forward to it
Aiste Rutkauskaite
Aiste Rutkauskaite Pred 2 meseci
Sarah should post her workouts/recipes for us girls trying to get in shape literally love her vibe too
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 3 meseci
So so cool 😎
Tesco Primark
Tesco Primark Pred 3 meseci
56k IG followers already ... congrats!
Yahi M
Yahi M Pred 3 meseci
واو وا اختك حلوه
SoggyToast Pred 3 meseci
how does luca eat so much i couldnt finish that xd
SoggyToast Pred 3 meseci
Matt: i want to take over the world! luca: alright big boi Mom: boys🙄
roger dou7
roger dou7 Pred 3 meseci
Ok Matt doing squats in compression pants with those legs & his amazing glutes, I'm in!! I'll watch him doing dishes
Clay Lewis
Clay Lewis Pred 3 meseci
Finally! It had to happen, glad you did it man
Matt Kison
Matt Kison Pred 3 meseci
What's with the tights? Weirdo...
AJ Cooney
AJ Cooney Pred 3 meseci
Matt you have gotten huge good job mate
inspiring angel
inspiring angel Pred 3 meseci
great video. do you have the recipe for the baked oatmeal - looks yummy.
Juraj Hudo
Juraj Hudo Pred 3 meseci
Hi,matt can i get your mail adress because i have only two question on you?
xhpfanatic Pred 3 meseci
I am so thrilled every time I see Matt in the women's Gymshark camo leggings! Killing it in them! Congrats on the new company Matt; with you in charge, it's guaranteed to be top notch
Kavithan Naidoo
Kavithan Naidoo Pred 3 meseci
Congrats on everything. You should do more videos explaining how you organize your time so that you're able to create all these creative outlets. you're ambitious and seem super goal oriented, how do you plan dude.
Jack Horsfall
Jack Horsfall Pred 3 meseci
sounds like a gymshark conflict of interest...
KENZO PLAYZ Pred 3 meseci
Susan Abela
Susan Abela Pred 3 meseci
We only need one Suckaaaa T-shirt and that's for Luca!
Martin Husted Hartvig
Martin Husted Hartvig Pred 3 meseci
Is this yours, or is it a scam? morsiaevent.weebly.com/# Got it from this instagram account instagram.com/equipe.morsia?igshid=14de85rppfili They sent me a direct message to make me registre where ones credit card credentials, so that one could get the "gift" as they wrote. But entering the data, the site redirect one telling something went wrong. I've blocked my card, eventho I googled the site, but I simple didn't trust it.
Elyse Silver
Elyse Silver Pred 3 meseci
Stop fixing your clothes...
tommarsh04 Pred 3 meseci
What is 8.8.06
roblox with katie xx
roblox with katie xx Pred 3 meseci
How's the baby
Samraj Kang
Samraj Kang Pred 3 meseci
Work Max
Work Max Pred 3 meseci
What belt do you use for support in the gym?
Jamie Williamson
Jamie Williamson Pred 3 meseci
Just installed it mate,session 1 done can’t wait for sesh 2. Cheers mate
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold Pred 3 meseci
That oatmeal for breakfast looks delicious, may I have the recipe? 😊 what’s the nutrition in this and serving sizes?
Ww Ss
Ww Ss Pred 3 meseci
I'm happy to see someone is having a decent year
Quant Quill
Quant Quill Pred 3 meseci
Morsia for president. There's still two days. Write him in, people. Help him take over the world.
Daniel F
Daniel F Pred 3 meseci
Matt why did your new company instagram link to a page where personal bank details were needed? Obviously I didn't enter them. Just not what I expected from what I thought was a genuine competition.
Will Graham
Will Graham Pred 3 meseci
gyms being lockeddown days after the announcement is so unlucky man
Barry Britcher
Barry Britcher Pred 3 meseci
sairs is definitely looking swell :O
arno Ottevaere
arno Ottevaere Pred 3 meseci
Is the app free?
Jazey Haze
Jazey Haze Pred 3 meseci
Can i get this app without insta?And congratz on all your success! You 3 (soon to be 4) have defo earned it!
Jack Pilkington
Jack Pilkington Pred 3 meseci
What’s the app called
DW Pred 3 meseci
Can you train as a WWE wrestler. That would be interesting.
Steph B
Steph B Pred 4 meseci
l don't use Instagram but our new app l can download! Question, l need to put on healthy weight so will the app help with that or is it specifically for those wanting to lose weight? Good luck with both, awesome news!
Abhinand Dathatri
Abhinand Dathatri Pred 4 meseci
your kid is cute n i watch for him
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Pred 4 meseci
Jesus loves you unconditionally and God has such an amazing plan for your life. Don’t give up on God. He is never going to give up on you. Leave everything in His hands, and watch everything fall into place. God’s got you. Trust in Him. Come home to Jesus. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and personal savior? If not, today is a great day to come home to Him. If you do, tell someone how much Jesus loves them. Let’s be blessings to someone today. God bless.
R Cabungcal
R Cabungcal Pred 4 meseci
Nice Donut
Umar Pred 4 meseci
Havent watched a vid in like 2 months.
Dpilla Pred 4 meseci
not gonna lie matt with full arm tattoo sleeves would look sick
Luca Stoke
Luca Stoke Pred 4 meseci
Enjoyed this! 👋🏾 Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of my buddies videos too --> #bodiedbybreeze 👌🏾
KANDAKUMAR HITESH - Student Pred 4 meseci
Almost disliked the video cuz there wasn’t Luca Intro(jk would never dislike your video)
Jasmin Begic
Jasmin Begic Pred 4 meseci
Congratz , maybe make a video you one day training muaythai/kickboxing that would be sick ! Ps: with Liam Harrison 👌🏻😝
Vicki-Ann Asmarah Malenga
Vicki-Ann Asmarah Malenga Pred 4 meseci
Crazy how 5000 pounds in my currency is a year of my rent 😅 sigh..
Faith Olsen
Faith Olsen Pred 4 meseci
I’m hoping it’s a girl 👧🏽. That way y’all will have one ☝️ of each.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred 4 meseci
Matt is just a British better version of John cena
Lane Firmin
Lane Firmin Pred 4 meseci
I’m in the US. Will I be able to interact with all that’s provided?
Blazzify Pred 4 meseci
Where can i download the app?
mark t
mark t Pred 4 meseci
Never use the word merch again! I'm with you on that one!! It's just not cricket!!! Any launch needs to include Luca! I bet most come to see him joking with you!!!
Mr Putman
Mr Putman Pred 4 meseci
test your gear... up mountains, against other products. PROVE IT.
ben parkhurst
ben parkhurst Pred 4 meseci
Gutted that I wont ever be able to get a Luca shirt!
Justin England
Justin England Pred 4 meseci
Good luck guys
Shierly Ngo
Shierly Ngo Pred 4 meseci
Can’t wait to download the app! Recipe for the baked oatmeal please 😁
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper Pred 4 meseci
Think matts hats would’ve been a killer name
Jasper Pred 4 meseci
The morsia IG now has 55k💪
CoachedByAlan Pred 4 meseci
Not generic clothing but a generic training app 😂
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Pred 4 meseci
Hope the company goes well, good luck 🤞 😍
Jeff allen
Jeff allen Pred 4 meseci
Matt, you need to visit the U.S. and meet your Brother from another mother on a ranch in TX - I am sure you could consult on his gym building (check off the ranch). Luca would fit in with the Carriker kids
Jeff allen
Jeff allen Pred 4 meseci
Why not convince GymShark to come out with a kid's line with Luca as the spokesmodel ?
Jeff allen
Jeff allen Pred 4 meseci
Come on, Luca will be too busy to take over the Pizza Co as he will be the breadwinner in 12-24 months in the house with his GymShark contract and LucaDoesFitness (quit your whining, Big Boy).
Aidan Boylin
Aidan Boylin Pred 4 meseci
Congratulations my bro
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Pred 4 meseci
I did not know Matt did for eight years and saw a few weeks back they show you BBC news channel.
Sarah Locke
Sarah Locke Pred 4 meseci
Jan Sundling
Jan Sundling Pred 4 meseci
Awesome, the app look sick!🙌💪 Will there be plantbased food in the app? 🐱‍👤
Kaptajn Kizzmizz
Kaptajn Kizzmizz Pred 4 meseci
MattDoesAnnouncements - Already made your new channelname, thank me later! Big congratz on alle the amazing stuff happening atm. for you guys!
Isaac Kenneth
Isaac Kenneth Pred 4 meseci
Morsia sounds like the name of Star Trek character.👌🏼
F.A Pred 4 meseci
although i am going to buy the app whats to say that most the info there i could find else where for free
Jimmy Kronholm
Jimmy Kronholm Pred 4 meseci
hello Matt can you show us a really good workout for building mass on arms plz.
No One
No One Pred 4 meseci
man we have another lockdown here in germany xD no gyms are open at monday. you are lucky to have your own :) . congrats mat for the company :)
Average Cuber
Average Cuber Pred 4 meseci
Next Video: Eating my pregnant wife's diet for 24 hours!🙂
Sam Burrow
Sam Burrow Pred 4 meseci
Hey Matt, best of luck with everything! Love following the channel. Which t shirt is that please? Really like it and I’m trying to expand my gs collection 😂
Owen Wheatley
Owen Wheatley Pred 4 meseci
Isn’t gym shark just a crap merch brand?
Moonmoon Sarkar
Moonmoon Sarkar Pred 4 meseci
Let's hope Luca gets a younger sister soon❤️
Jordan Cervantez
Jordan Cervantez Pred 4 meseci
Why doesn’t xite ship to the US tho 😩
thisismolloy Pred 4 meseci
No more Luca intros?😥😥😥😥
Jacob Quintero
Jacob Quintero Pred 4 meseci
Is the app available in the U.S ??
FLIX Erode
FLIX Erode Pred 4 meseci
He drops his spoon Says I'm vegan Me dies in the background laughing so hard I can't catch a breath
Rikus Boshoff
Rikus Boshoff Pred 4 meseci
Are you part of the Morsia Give on Instagram
P Hollander
P Hollander Pred 4 meseci
Damn, your wife is beautiful. And congrats and the child soon mate!
Mohib Humayun
Mohib Humayun Pred 4 meseci
man is moving like David Beckham
AJS C Pred 4 meseci
A fitness app 🙄 didn't see that coming.
Jakob Hočevar
Jakob Hočevar Pred 4 meseci
Luca's face with caption sucker would be top tier shirt... What u mean rubbish?!?!
gaurang thakur
gaurang thakur Pred 4 meseci
Hi Matt. Just wanted to tell you that you have been an inspiration for me for a while. You motivate me for fitness. Thank you.
The Islam Brothers
The Islam Brothers Pred 4 meseci
Thrstwear has some competition then clearly!!! Watch out Mike!!
hamzi al murdaa
hamzi al murdaa Pred 4 meseci
Luca sounded like hes was shocked that they had this amount of money!! He was like what!!!
Aiden Court
Aiden Court Pred 4 meseci
ian parkes
ian parkes Pred 4 meseci
Hi totally off topic i like the monstera plant picture frame in the middle in this clip behind you both i want to buy one any link
UK Maverick
UK Maverick Pred 4 meseci
I'd buy a "Suckaaaaaaa" t-shirt right now. Just saying...
Elias Oratis
Elias Oratis Pred 4 meseci
There are a few accounts imitating matts new business on Instagram. Careful you don’t get fooled by there claims that you’ve won the prize. Double check the account that you’ve got the message from, I’m sure if you’ve won you’ll be messaged by Matt or the official morsia account
JamesThornes96 Pred 4 meseci
Tbh I’d buy a black hoodie with a small “Sucker” logo on the top left of the hoodie..... not gonna lie
Uzair Osman
Uzair Osman Pred 4 meseci
Always thought that doesfitness was your surname
oliver mcglone
oliver mcglone Pred 4 meseci
Is jimshark your company
Gulet 4k
Gulet 4k Pred 4 meseci
Goat 🙏
ben williams
ben williams Pred 4 meseci
Your wife is peng
feek2000 Pred 4 meseci
Congrats guys
Tim Hunter
Tim Hunter Pred 4 meseci
How about a gymshark discount code as a bribe to download the new app?
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