Reviewing my subscribers' home gyms...

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Reviewing my subscribers' home gyms...

Dylan K Johnson
Dylan K Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
If you do this again I'd love to submit mine, ha. Might need to be a tier 4 though, I'd feel bad going against the tier 3 guys....
E X V Z Q I Pred 3 dnevi
You say why does no one care about cardio but they spend loads on a treadmill if you can run outside
BeardOfPower Pred 5 dnevi
You said twice that the person couldn't do a proper deadlift because they have small plates, but one had full size plates on the smith machine and the other had 20kg plates leaning against the wall.
BeardOfPower Pred 5 dnevi
You don't need equipment to do cardio. Yes I understand the criteria. I'm just saying. The amount of work you can get done with a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells is nearly unlimited. I believe this can be discouraging. Somebody that doesn't know any better may not even bother because they assume that you're saying without all this stuff then you can't make gains.
Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker Pred 5 dnevi
Love that a lawnmower counts as cardio! Hahahaha 🤣
Huh what
Huh what Pred 5 dnevi
Matt doesn't know a lot of equipment. Should be Matt likes bodybuilding.
Sophia's edits
Sophia's edits Pred 6 dnevi
As a cardio person, I loved the red gym the most actually.
V1BES jaxon
V1BES jaxon Pred 7 dnevi
A little but of lawnmower. You can run around with that
V1BES jaxon
V1BES jaxon Pred 7 dnevi
The car jack one is vrry ingenuitive and is actually decent since there rated for holding up cars
V1BES jaxon
V1BES jaxon Pred 7 dnevi
belgian builder
belgian builder Pred 7 dnevi
when does he talk about joe fazer's home gym?
Nehuen Nocetti
Nehuen Nocetti Pred 8 dnevi
Zain Esa
Zain Esa Pred 9 dnevi
Part 2
Garth G.
Garth G. Pred 10 dnevi
I am feeling pretty lucky compared to some of the people submitting their home gyms. I am in the middle tier. I am impressed with the winner of the top tier.
Gavin Mowat
Gavin Mowat Pred 11 dnevi
Ethereum to the moon?
Isaias Mena
Isaias Mena Pred 11 dnevi
Man your reviews are brutal haha
Sam W
Sam W Pred 12 dnevi
thought on an outside home gym
tom barr
tom barr Pred 12 dnevi
100% need more of these !
mastershred1991 Pred 13 dnevi
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Commercial gym tier Bryan Shaw tier
Keto Frugal Madre
Keto Frugal Madre Pred 13 dnevi
LOL man I should have sent in my home gym- 2 treadmills, foam tiles on the floor, small dumbbells and light bands for toning, a shelf with TV for walking/running, oh.... and an inflatable hot tub. We LOVE our gym!
Prakhar.Ar. Pred 13 dnevi
U should proud on ur subscriber for their creativity....👍👍👍
SJB Training
SJB Training Pred 13 dnevi
I want to review home gyms on my channel but low subscribers
Stephen Dunne
Stephen Dunne Pred 17 dnevi
Hi Matt, I think my home gym will beat that one that won, can I send mine for a comparison to the winner on this vid? Thanks
Riya Nair
Riya Nair Pred 19 dnevi
Why did you have to be so rude about the dog
James Panning
James Panning Pred 20 dnevi
matt "why does everybody hate cardio" also matt "I hate cardio i never do it"
Mikey F
Mikey F Pred 20 dnevi
Sorry no gyms in tier 4 ~ Boris Does Fitness
Mitchell Bennett
Mitchell Bennett Pred 20 dnevi
“Lumberjack peasant kinda way” got my like👍 😂😂
Connor Chambers
Connor Chambers Pred 23 dnevi
Do a part 2 im in the process of making my home gym
teddy henderson
teddy henderson Pred 23 dnevi
it is not all a out the wights
Shawn Brownfield
Shawn Brownfield Pred 24 dnevi
First gym completely underrated,nobody remembers the ol' sayin..."take you behind the woodshed"?
c e
c e Pred 24 dnevi
Haha, "you can run" but that doesn't really count.(as cardio...) lmao, coming from Mat the king if cardio. Truly priceless, I about lost it laughing so hard at that. 9:10
AzAnimations Pred 25 dnevi
Hey Matt!!! I love your videos! I remember when you had about like 500k 😇
Rama Ambon
Rama Ambon Pred 25 dnevi
Good job
Been here since before 1 mil
Ebrahim Abrahams
Ebrahim Abrahams Pred 26 dnevi
If you watched this in 1.5 speed it should be like an average 15 minute video
Flab 2 Fit
Flab 2 Fit Pred 27 dnevi
lol love the death stair for subscribing
Highview Barbell
Highview Barbell Pred 27 dnevi
Would love to see you review my gym too! where can I send a video?
Jaquan Judkins
Jaquan Judkins Pred 27 dnevi
Last guy has like 15 plates “ can get a little bit of weight” 😂😂😂
Jackson Pred 27 dnevi
Matt was definitely being nice on the first one
Harru Pred 27 dnevi
38:35 zac perna: hold my beer
Mr Enz here
Mr Enz here Pred 27 dnevi
It's funny. How a paramedic wasted he money on gym stuff when he can put that money in to investment. 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾💵💴💶💷
Mr.Spiderman Pred 5 dnevi
its their choice
Journey Into 40K
Journey Into 40K Pred 27 dnevi
Massive congratulations on 2 million subscribers very much deserved. I have been a long time fan of your channel and have learnt a lot from you. Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 28 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God
Jacob Waldman999
Jacob Waldman999 Pred 28 dnevi
I would send mine but you would never see it
Bournemouth willwinEPL
Bournemouth willwinEPL Pred 28 dnevi
I bought a bench and rack at a yard sale for 50$ adjustable dumbells for 180$ a bar for 150$ and got some plates for free of my uncles lmao
Adnaan Kurawley
Adnaan Kurawley Pred 28 dnevi
I’m sure my one could’ve gotten a 25😂
Charlie Ibbeson
Charlie Ibbeson Pred 28 dnevi
You know matt is the best on the channel becase he replies to almost every comment!!! 🥳🥳🍻🎉
Wesley Coppersmith
Wesley Coppersmith Pred 29 dnevi
Bra you want video suggestions i got one for you:... Ask your viewers to send in videos of there work out routines or flexing photos and rate that I'd watch that all day
Janor Pred mesecem
congrats on 2 million
Jens Melis
Jens Melis Pred mesecem
matt be like: you can bench and squat and you got some dumbells, its something but not loads. 2.5 for bodybuilding. Also matt: you got a basketball, solid 3 for cardio lmaooooo
Mark Rung
Mark Rung Pred mesecem
Just bought 2 books for me and my friend from Amazon, looking forward to it.
Jake Page
Jake Page Pred mesecem
My home gym is very good but very messy 😖
Ero D-Nero
Ero D-Nero Pred mesecem
MattDoesFitness for 40 minutes sat down... I feel much fitter now and i can do this all day long! :D
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson
Stuart Grey Wolf Tomlinson Pred mesecem
Matt, is there a specific reason behind your choice of no cardio?? I'm planning my home gym and have ordered a vertical climber as I wanted something that would work cardio but also condition.
Ege Uğurluoğlu
Ege Uğurluoğlu Pred mesecem
I think cardio category in homegyms is unnecessary people who have homegym doesn’t cares about owning cardio machines because you can always skip rope in your backyard or go for a run so if you go to a gym you would absolutely want they to have a lot of cardio options but if you’re building a homegym i don’t get the point
Ghazi Bajouri
Ghazi Bajouri Pred mesecem
Matt im pretty sure everyone’s form of cardio in these home gyms are stuff like running outside or something along those lines
Mikael Mcivor
Mikael Mcivor Pred mesecem
Congrats on making £400,000 in 2020. Totally deserved, you worked hard for it.
Samantha Munro
Samantha Munro Pred mesecem
Yay I’m an amazing person!! Well done Matt! I have the book it is amazing My neighbour has a gym in the back of his broken stable. Although it sounds weird it actually looks sick
keith brasier
keith brasier Pred mesecem
I sent you photos of my home gym on Instagram . Be cool if can go check it out as I think it's much better than anything here
J 1
J 1 Pred mesecem
Holly Hickman
Holly Hickman Pred mesecem another one of these pleaseee
christo farnucc
christo farnucc Pred mesecem
wanted to check you out, clicked on the video, two minutes of ads. bye.
Bokang Mokone Ranoko1
Bokang Mokone Ranoko1 Pred mesecem
Where is luka
Vince Hpt
Vince Hpt Pred mesecem
Can you someday make another contest about homegyms, I don't know it the first time? I think I'm in the second category - small basementroom, but good equipment.
Mazo Embo : The Sonic Connoisseur
Mazo Embo : The Sonic Connoisseur Pred mesecem
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain Pred mesecem
Let's get to 3 million 😄
rosebudd007 Pred mesecem
Hey Matt. Congrats on 2M. I’m just finishing up my gym. I think it will give your tier 1 winner a run. My wife and I have been working on it for 4 months now. 90% there. Still waiting for a few new pieces that have been on back-order forever. Hopefully have it done in the next month so I can shoot a proper video. Cheers.
Reece Luis
Reece Luis Pred mesecem
you should do a visiting my subs gyms
Eshazman 04
Eshazman 04 Pred mesecem
congrat for 2 million subs
Adam Labra
Adam Labra Pred mesecem
Workout on Skype with a subscriber or friend. Home gyms are the best. Not as good as most gyms but they are personalized. Congratulations on 2mill.
Rico Prodi
Rico Prodi Pred mesecem
Yayaya Bras whats ur gym playlist like when u go to the GOLD'S or now the home GYMZ??? Mine always be classic rock like Metallica, Slipknot or the new band like the Delta Parole. What urs bra?
Yeron Tulu
Yeron Tulu Pred mesecem
we need part 2 please
N6 Productions
N6 Productions Pred mesecem
lmao lumberjack peasant
Phil Stockton
Phil Stockton Pred mesecem
The object in that last home gym was an electric heater I reckon matt!!! 🥵
Alyssa Wendt
Alyssa Wendt Pred mesecem
I wish I’d known about this. I would have submitted my gym
Jay H
Jay H Pred mesecem
A sequel video reviewing youtubers home gyms?
Arveen Pred mesecem
the first one "this one has very little money spent on it" me not even being able to afford one plate :D
Matei Andrei
Matei Andrei Pred mesecem
Video starts 3:21
Fire Fl4mes
Fire Fl4mes Pred mesecem
Matt- “I don’t mean to be harsh”. Also Matt- “I can see you in the mirror that’s awkward, Mark down for that” 😂
sean knot
sean knot Pred mesecem
lol body building 2. and powerlifting 3.5 for a guy with a barbel bench and 6 plates.. A theraband is a 10/10 for body building. bb is literally the most mindless simple training. Isolation, overload, hypertrophy. I'm guessing you ache all the time?
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Pred mesecem
anya nicholls
anya nicholls Pred mesecem
my home gym consists of the extremely hard sit up of getting out of bed🏋️‍♀️
Johanna Duda
Johanna Duda Pred mesecem
I'd be cool if you had people send you a photo of their gyms and a photo of themselves and then you tried to match the gym to the person
Ben Maughan
Ben Maughan Pred mesecem
Back in a min, just off to buy some bags of concrete to build some weights....
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Pred mesecem
Luca be like ha big boy celebrating my hard work 🤣
ipapiga Pred mesecem
I unsuscribed when i saw u use macbook, I aint giving u money for that shit
Jacky Pred mesecem
nice roidshark shirt man
Tsambika Pred mesecem
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Sarah Paul
Sarah Paul Pred mesecem
The one with the cement dumbells and such was brilliant
Jammin' Music
Jammin' Music Pred mesecem
Matt must've been a harsh teacher 😂😂😂
Garrett Pred mesecem
You don't need cardio equipment. I just go outside to walk or run lol
Joshua Scicluna
Joshua Scicluna Pred mesecem
What do you mean by bodybuilding matt? Bodycuilding is just building your body. So i didnt really get what you meant by bodybuilding. Do you mean hypertrophy training?
treadmild is underrated
D A Pred mesecem
This topic could be a series. Going forward, Matt could review 5 gyms in one tier per video. Then the video would not be so long. It would be great at the end so see the list of the 5 contenders and their points (on screen briefly), instead of just the winner.
Chris 00
Chris 00 Pred mesecem
Can you make a series of this? Really enjoyed it!
AnAfinityForKarma Pred mesecem
Love the content but I’m curious over the last year I’ve noticed you say at the end of your video “and I’ll see you tomorrow” buuuut... you release like 1 vid a week XD btw your book is sick, my fiancé is obsessed with it!
dachosen1 Pred mesecem
Look at Matt man so inspirational
D A Pred mesecem
Imagine having parents who make a home gym for their son. And they model that gym off of a SLpostr's home gym that they know their son watches. Sounds like a nice family.
D A Pred mesecem
Manhattan NYC residents: no room for a home gym in a tiny apartment but there is a gym in the apartment building, and there is a choice of Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, New York Sports Club, Crunch, 24 Hour Fitness, Blink, Planet Fitness and more, all less than a 10 minute walk away.
D A Pred mesecem
Great video. I thought it would be boring but found it to be interesting instead!
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