I built my DREAM HOME GYM | Full Home Gym Tour

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Training Plans: morsialtd.com
My Instagram: mattdoesfitness
Bulldog: www.bulldoggear.eu
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I built my DREAM HOME GYM | Full Home Gym Tour

? Pred 4 urami
I also made my own place to train, but I call it a dijo not really a gym.
Patrick M
Patrick M Pred 4 dnevi
Looks epic Matt! 🙌🏼
Jared Oshea
Jared Oshea Pred 5 dnevi
Dude your a video editing KING 😂
Kallum Locker
Kallum Locker Pred 5 dnevi
00:00 😂
League Of Daniel
League Of Daniel Pred 6 dnevi
For Cardio 0 Points!
vojkan 420
vojkan 420 Pred 10 dnevi
Fake natty
Stephen Rayner
Stephen Rayner Pred 11 dnevi
Bro much much all of this cost? I want to build one.
Thomas Abbott
Thomas Abbott Pred 13 dnevi
MattDose Fitness. Exelent video here Matt. Great Gym Tour. And have a great day 🍀💪💪🍀
liam bailey
liam bailey Pred 14 dnevi
Last year I tried sarms, what does everyone think? I like www.sharksarms.co.uk brought from them maybe 6 times now and seen good results
Alfred Lauber
Alfred Lauber Pred 18 dnevi
Zac be like arrrrrrrr the 2. best
heli chief
heli chief Pred 19 dnevi
Why did you paint the inside black? I see that on nearly every home gym. Not hating at all, your set up is perfect.
Caven Ng
Caven Ng Pred 20 dnevi
Hello and welcome to ANOTHER video
Paul Broggan
Paul Broggan Pred 21 dnevom
Needs a Morsia M logo on the wall
rc198028 Pred 21 dnevom
Love it!!!
Mr Dacorum
Mr Dacorum Pred 22 dnevi
You look like you need to train harder,,, What a waste of equipment
Mr Dacorum
Mr Dacorum Pred 22 dnevi
Fatgamer Pred 23 dnevi
Cardio score: 0
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd Pred 24 dnevi
What a waste of money! That's not a gym!
MoparX18 Pred 27 dnevi
None of the "we" shit. A company did it. Not you.
Dino Sablic
Dino Sablic Pred 27 dnevi
Thats the most awesome gym! I got my own but its not as good as yours. This is my slpost.info/dev/hY-9bI1whoi9uZU/video.html
Avenew Consulting
Avenew Consulting Pred 29 dnevi
curious to know what you eat
Gavin Jolley
Gavin Jolley Pred 29 dnevi
I love your videos Matt, they are awesome! Full of great workout tips and your cheat days videos are very enjoyable.👍💪
Marvin Navata
Marvin Navata Pred mesecem
Damn... how much money does this cost? Doesn't seem like something an ordinary person can afford
Ivo Budinovic
Ivo Budinovic Pred mesecem
You are one Rich Idiot...point.You bought amazingly Expensive and Not Sufficient Equipment for the price of ...yeah a lot...
John Brucelis
John Brucelis Pred mesecem
Roberto caires
Roberto caires Pred mesecem
it is a great gym but i would put a glass roof to be brighter but thats me im not a fan of working out in darkness
N G Pred mesecem
How long it took till your wife allowed that ? Looks crazy 🤟
M Milo
M Milo Pred mesecem
That's a lot of insulation😂 if you used real wood mostly you'd probably didn't need it.
Hulks point of view
Hulks point of view Pred mesecem
Can I be a pt in your gym? 😄
Jag’s Journey
Jag’s Journey Pred mesecem
This gym is insane!!!! All I could do was build my own DIY gym under £100 🤦‍♀️😂
Emily M
Emily M Pred mesecem
Gym looks amazeballs
Eddie Shearman
Eddie Shearman Pred mesecem
Matt during the recap: do you wanna see some real speed
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth Pred mesecem
That 260kg looked like it felt amazing mate! Congrats, so happy to see how successful you are, long time subscriber so proud!
fstrthnurmom Pred mesecem
I hate the black but love the gym. Good shit
Karan C
Karan C Pred mesecem
you should get a mini fridge
Howtomove Pred mesecem
Any links to 20kg or 45 lbs plates I’m looking for around 400lbs worth
Gung i
Gung i Pred mesecem
Nice vid
Lazar Lazić
Lazar Lazić Pred mesecem
Powerlift : 2 Cardio :0
Jjdjdh Jdjdjd
Jjdjdh Jdjdjd Pred mesecem
Bought with click baits...
CG 7
CG 7 Pred mesecem
Do you have to pay for the app
brandon fiumefreddo
brandon fiumefreddo Pred mesecem
LMFAOOO who ever uses those dumbbells gets evicted from my gym 🤣🤣
Dan Bill
Dan Bill Pred mesecem
Lucky idiot how was school
Subhradeep Sharma
Subhradeep Sharma Pred mesecem
Is your mic inside your face ? mmmmmmmmmmmm
Dim kas
Dim kas Pred mesecem
Check out my Diy home gym under $100 slpost.info/dev/nICpi5eegmrSy50/video.html
Steve Schneider
Steve Schneider Pred mesecem
Congratulations Matt everything looks amazing. BTW 260KG is fricking impressive brother. Looking forward to checking out your app..
Steve Schneider
Steve Schneider Pred mesecem
Great video and badass gym. Its nice to see a good looking brit who's in shape. Ill be honest SLpost and TV and movies tends to give a one dimensional view of what a country looks like.
The Fitness Basics
The Fitness Basics Pred mesecem
No wall mirror??
MeatyYT Pred 2 meseci
bro casually squats 573 pounds
Joe Seph
Joe Seph Pred 2 meseci
Love it, simple but still has what you need, rack, bench, bar weights, dumbbells and cable machine. Only thing missing is some kind of cardio machine. Personally wouldn't have black walls and a black ceiling and black everything though, each to their own.
Austin Edward
Austin Edward Pred 2 meseci
Just outstanding, the build up to squat session is actually really inspiring. This is, I am sure, come to good use.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams Pred 2 meseci
How much do you charge people to use your gym?
Gym and Dance Mirrors Direct
Gym and Dance Mirrors Direct Pred 2 meseci
Great gym mate...
Deli Pred 2 meseci
What are the dimensions of this gym? Apologies if I missed it. Loved this series and the gym looks amazing 👍
Lynne Summers
Lynne Summers Pred 2 meseci
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0v3rc10ck3d Pred 2 meseci
But....where's the power rack?
0v3rc10ck3d Pred 2 meseci
Ah, guess I should watch the video before commenting.
Beshar Al-kital
Beshar Al-kital Pred 2 meseci
What about a TV on one of these walls?
LJ Sibz
LJ Sibz Pred 2 meseci
A pull up bar would be a nice addition
Eddie Morgan
Eddie Morgan Pred 2 meseci
set records eating pizza and cookies.. hmmm
ReviewingYou Pred 2 meseci
⚡What a great work! 💪🏻 Cause the lockdown I have transformed my Closet-room into a Home Gym 😅
Triton h
Triton h Pred 2 meseci
How much did this cost to build the space without the equipments?
刘知恩 Pred 2 meseci
My 21st birthday wish is to train with Matt in his gym!!!
Crazy Spud
Crazy Spud Pred 2 meseci
Sometimes I think your the strongest man 😁😀
Francesco Scagliola
Francesco Scagliola Pred 2 meseci
E poi c’è Danny lazzarin....
Grecoromano Estoesespartaau
Grecoromano Estoesespartaau Pred 2 meseci
Fucking rich people hahaha
Mobeen Official
Mobeen Official Pred 2 meseci
Mark nice one any tips for starters in the gym I’ve started a day ago and it’s difficult working out with the soreness
N O Pred 2 meseci
I love the dumbbell set!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻👌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻💪🏻
Elson FitBoy
Elson FitBoy Pred 2 meseci
sick bruh. what camera are you using in this shooting? Thank you
Sal 73
Sal 73 Pred 2 meseci
Wow those Platforms are the coolest things on that place 💪
Karl Zacca
Karl Zacca Pred 3 meseci
slpost.info/dev/ooy3e6qvfoS3rJ0/video.html hey guys nothing compared to matt's but I got my self some dumbells and resistance bands check them out
Hamza Halaldeen
Hamza Halaldeen Pred 3 meseci
One of the best home gym i ever seen💪
Shay Allday
Shay Allday Pred 3 meseci
Its a depressing gym, too dark
codycast Pred 3 meseci
4:40 slow motion shots of paint going in a tin? With gang rap in background . Lol is that necessary? What a tool
Gero Kostadinov
Gero Kostadinov Pred 3 meseci
First things first,First things first,First things first,First things first. Stop spaming this on every 3d start of a sentence.
Emir Farouq
Emir Farouq Pred 3 meseci
So Rich😎
I _am Donte
I _am Donte Pred 3 meseci
Much love from Seattle Washington . Glad I found you bro
The Beast
The Beast Pred 3 meseci
Should of got built in speakers
Alberto Del Villar
Alberto Del Villar Pred 3 meseci
What the size of your gym
Mr. James Cagney
Mr. James Cagney Pred 3 meseci
Why does he look in pain when he talks
Wealthbuilderz TV
Wealthbuilderz TV Pred 3 meseci
That’s a lot of dumbbells bro
Geo Mendez
Geo Mendez Pred 3 meseci
It’s a small place to be having it all black .. if your gym was bigger it would be fine but it’s to small looks depressing. You need some sort of light color do bring it alive
Aristyo Ryanza
Aristyo Ryanza Pred 3 meseci
Personally, i'd like to put a power rack for pull ups, squats & presses right in the middle, in front of the mirrors, cables specific machine right in the corner, but also visible to the mirrors, while i just put dumbbells in the other corner, but if i may ask matt, why didn't u put at least a single leg machine? Maybe the quad/ham, or perhaps a gh raise?
NoGimmicks144 Pred 3 meseci
looks good but after spending all that money getting the best gear you ruined it with that tiny ass bluetooth beach speaker lol cmon !!
Nayan Bhargava
Nayan Bhargava Pred 3 meseci
Not gonna lie this is a waste money Matt I mean you should've extended the existing building and made it a bit more huge
Justin Pred 3 meseci
Hey Matt I didn’t hear it in the video, but where is your Cable Machine from? It looks great and there are so many crapy ones out there for home gyms. Congrats on the wicked home gym dude
Kris Byrne
Kris Byrne Pred 3 meseci
Quality 👊
HighSpinSwingSpeed Pred 3 meseci
Love the gym. Would prefer more windows
Ramés Pred 3 meseci
Magnifique !
Alex L
Alex L Pred 3 meseci
Man, I can remember subbing to Matt when he was on like 2k subs!! Jeez, how far you've come..
Legendary Waves
Legendary Waves Pred 3 meseci
Do you use more Machines are free weights One disadvantages of machines
This is a total dream, I know most men have their dream man cave, but my dream is to have my personal gym. A place where I can do all my exercises with extremely loud music. Training like a boss, beast, and animal. Love the gym, defiantly want to aspire to this level.
David Build Vlogzz
David Build Vlogzz Pred 3 meseci
The gym looks awesome man. Someday I hope to have one like that
D- Sean
D- Sean Pred 3 meseci
This is def Mark Zuckerberg on steroids
adrian morris
adrian morris Pred 3 meseci
Bro I need something like that, even in my smaller garage 👌🏻😂
jerolvilladolid Pred 3 meseci
Bro... where is your battle rope. Your TRX, your kettle bells, your medicine ball, your power rack, your smith machine, your plates for dead lifts. All you have is 120 pcs of dumbells which isnt really useful unless you run a commercial gym where all sorts of people from grannies to teenagers need weight variations... This is really a house construction video with some gym tokens inside.
Brandon Aguilar Pérez
Brandon Aguilar Pérez Pred 3 meseci
What are the measurements of that space?
Mohammad Dakkak
Mohammad Dakkak Pred 3 meseci
This looks amazing! Wow 🥵🔥
João Henrique
João Henrique Pred 3 meseci
I think a rack machine with a pulley system would be more worthy than a squat rack. That way you could both squat and bench in and out the cage without having to worrying if by any chance the bar collapes. Besides it would also allow for you to do the lat pulldown and row exercises. There's only missing a leg press machine. Or atleast a Smith machine to do leg press.
Jorge Pred 3 meseci
Gym by day, dungeon by night..the things i can do in there.
Pratik Nepali
Pratik Nepali Pred 3 meseci
i love gym home n home gym
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Pred 3 meseci
What is the present value of your bigggggggg housssee😅
How much did my home gym cost?
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