Full Day of Eating in Dubai *4,000 CALORIES*

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Full Day of Eating in Dubai *4,000 CALORIES*

Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Pred dnevom
The subdued crook promisingly dry because albatross perceptually yell above a tasteful mom. goofy, free vase
kenrix TV
kenrix TV Pred 5 dnevi
HAHAHA so much laughs with these 2
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia Pred 6 dnevi
So confuse are you gay?? I see you have a wife ??
Peter Roomian
Peter Roomian Pred 7 dnevi
hi matt
Ewald Marais
Ewald Marais Pred 11 dnevi
Side waise with the fork
Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies Pred 12 dnevi
Yo like my PJ bottoms? No you look like you’ve escaped from some asylum!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 14 dnevi
Cut down into the cheesecake. In my opinion.
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 14 dnevi
You two act like a couple.
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 14 dnevi
No one: Matt Morsia: sees something he does not recognize. Matt Morsia: Miscellaneous item/substance.
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 14 dnevi
The cameramen act hella booky man won't lie fam.
Shivansh Tandon
Shivansh Tandon Pred 14 dnevi
A Luca Morsia signed book is worth more emotionally and financially than a Matt Morsia signed book.
Annabell Janisch
Annabell Janisch Pred 15 dnevi
Purple yogurt paste? Matt that is called AÇAI - you had an açai bowl for breakfast 😂❤️
Unsunghero630 Pred 19 dnevi
Global pandemic...... “let’s go to Dubai”
Beatrice Browne
Beatrice Browne Pred 20 dnevi
I miss warm weather ngl
cquick 3
cquick 3 Pred 25 dnevi
Jesus Saves Love God
yleineping Pred 25 dnevi
In dubai during a lockdown? unsubscribed.
AzAnimations Pred 25 dnevi
Can you pls come backkkk!!!
Niklas Scap
Niklas Scap Pred 27 dnevi
music at 07:10 "STRLGHT - Hype"
Ollie Grisley
Ollie Grisley Pred 28 dnevi
Sideways he's right
Schmidt Fam
Schmidt Fam Pred mesecem
So i do like your channel, but when you do something total stupid as this, where mutation of the virus comes from. In Denmark we have received mutation of the virus, from people that thought it was a good ides to go to Dubai.
manal nehme
manal nehme Pred mesecem
Yes Mate Good Times
Kasi Jung
Kasi Jung Pred mesecem
King James
King James Pred mesecem
14:00 carbonara con i piselli🤮🤮🤮
Jude Ruzgar
Jude Ruzgar Pred mesecem
Yes mate love JBR
Dangerus World
Dangerus World Pred mesecem
Can't find any luca intros . The boys become a mahn 😝😎😎
98cjnixon Pred mesecem
4:25 had me creasing, that pop as the corner hit your head 😭
Jackson King
Jackson King Pred mesecem
Nice vid 😀
Natalie Hersom
Natalie Hersom Pred mesecem
side of the fork
Top Games
Top Games Pred mesecem
Hey matt i subscribeb. Now show me the jump.
MRT RACING Pred mesecem
Fork sideways everytime
ciaran p
ciaran p Pred mesecem
What’s mikes job?
Viper Nitrousx
Viper Nitrousx Pred mesecem
One of my favourite videos and the ones with your son 🌟
Brandon Serafino
Brandon Serafino Pred mesecem
He used to give everyone what as a grandma? Lol I couldn’t understand what he said, I need to know 😂
Tom Crofts
Tom Crofts Pred mesecem
What is the song at 3.40
Alex Tarify
Alex Tarify Pred mesecem
Dont wear your mask like mike video lol
OsheeBah Pred mesecem
Behzinga from the sidemen was here at the same time
Sagar Potnis
Sagar Potnis Pred mesecem
damn bote-- raddaa
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Pred mesecem
Where’s Mike from? His accent sounds northern!
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred mesecem
Would love to visit Dubai 😍😍😍
Gab Jones
Gab Jones Pred mesecem
What a twat 😂
Shadow Pred mesecem
Adam Craig
Adam Craig Pred mesecem
Dubai has jumped the shark. It was so good in 2009 but when I returned recently it was overpopulated and had lost its charm. Too many people know about it now. Everyone e is visiting it
We’ll be alright
We’ll be alright Pred mesecem
How long does it take to grow muscles mainly calf’s and abs if u workout everyday
Kieran Lawrence
Kieran Lawrence Pred mesecem
Have to be go sideways with the fork, more control;)
Tsambika Pred mesecem
the free masonry is the ONLY evil organisation of this world. there is no corona virus and pfizer is free masonry forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. all governments(free masons) have wont let anyone sue pfizer for any side affects. Jesus Is The ONLY Power!! there is NO corona virus. total FAKE
Craig Ryan
Craig Ryan Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does matt look a lot like John cena with that haircut 💇‍♂️
Leopoldo Labiaga
Leopoldo Labiaga Pred mesecem
Everyone, like this vid please so that we can see Mike bald
Distinction Pred 2 meseci
matt: can i have an omlette with no egg waiter : here you are : matt wheres the omelette waiter: you asked for no egg
Megandenny Pred 2 meseci
ayyy your book was published at my dads work! loved the vid :)
WannabeChamp FX
WannabeChamp FX Pred 2 meseci
Mike and Matt sickest duo Can tell Mike loves ittt mateeeee
Alim Media
Alim Media Pred 2 meseci
Wat was the song at 3:08?
Ergooo Pred 2 meseci
Track is STRLGHT - Hype for anyone interested
cocodragan 250
cocodragan 250 Pred 2 meseci
dam matt its nearly been 2 yrs since i started watching you
Phil Ellul
Phil Ellul Pred 2 meseci
Can I have an omelette but no egges in it 😂😂😂😂😂Mike had to make it clear egg whites 10:10 Matt you was jokeing with the guy 😂😂😂😂😂
The Alpha King
The Alpha King Pred 2 meseci
Dude if you had a better face to go with that body you will b more famous
James Ralston
James Ralston Pred 2 meseci
I hope he put out on your date, especially after that expensive meal at the cheesecake factory?
Lauren Winterburn
Lauren Winterburn Pred 2 meseci
14:20 Matt: absolutely terrible lighting Lights in the back: 🥺🥺🥺
Nick Fusaro
Nick Fusaro Pred 2 meseci
The organic friendship between these two guys is fucking hilarious, and entertaining.
nkrulez Pred 2 meseci
mate, u went dubai to get the china virus?
fatris mazlan
fatris mazlan Pred 2 meseci
matt : "gonna go lighter" also matt : bench 3 plates for reps
Joseph Bradbury
Joseph Bradbury Pred 2 meseci
Who thought the title said 24 hours eating dubai
Theresa F
Theresa F Pred 2 meseci
You know you're manly when you can share a piece of cheesecake lol love it. thanks for the video!
Joelthailand2 Pred 2 meseci
My idea of hell...walking into my gym to find 6 wanky fake natty fitness influencers with 6 camera crews, showing off & hogging the benches!
adsq786 Pred 2 meseci
Dubai is my cool country
josh nation
josh nation Pred 2 meseci
Matt.. quit normalizing this fake natty stuff. You are a lying clown.
Lexo xo
Lexo xo Pred 2 meseci
“Good morning Welcome to and other video AND” 😂🤚🏼 I’ve memorised it
Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon Pred 2 meseci
struggling to make sense of why 4k of calories is really needed?
Will Morris
Will Morris Pred 2 meseci
Mike is right in the cheesecake debate
Will Morris
Will Morris Pred 2 meseci
It’s gotta be the sideways fork
James Taylor
James Taylor Pred 2 meseci
Matt please can you do eating A-Z foods, so like A- you eat an apple, B- you eat banana, but you choose the letters or get Lucas to choose the foods for letters!
Jack Young
Jack Young Pred 2 meseci
I love the bit “live here in the meal”
Senuplayz games12
Senuplayz games12 Pred 2 meseci
Peter Fowler
Peter Fowler Pred 2 meseci
I do sometimes wonder what finasteride and steroids would feel like
Markos Sifis
Markos Sifis Pred 2 meseci
This video proves that with out adult supervision boys will be always boys.
Aven7218 Pred 2 meseci
that girl recording looks hot drop the IG
Aven7218 Pred 2 meseci
bro thats acai
Adel Salam
Adel Salam Pred 2 meseci
4,000 *scoffs in Matt Stonie*
Carousels hahahaaha you mean parasols 🤣🤣
Bella booth 3
Bella booth 3 Pred 2 meseci
Omg I live in Dubai but I just got to England for Christmas
dylan harrison
dylan harrison Pred 2 meseci
Pen island took me a minute 🤣
Gg meme 1800
Gg meme 1800 Pred 2 meseci
JBR Cheesecake Factory is the best
DL Siko
DL Siko Pred 2 meseci
2Mill by christmas???
sujatha marc
sujatha marc Pred 2 meseci
"Nonce in his natural habitat" legendary.
Chloe Armstrong
Chloe Armstrong Pred 2 meseci
Missed these two
Studywith Me
Studywith Me Pred 2 meseci
Why are you off on holiday in the middle of the pandemic when NHS staff have to work through christmas, bloody disrespectful.
Bob Aleywine
Bob Aleywine Pred 2 meseci
These videos are awesome!!!
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts Pred 2 meseci
Fork goes sideways, no question about it
ombrax33 Pred 2 meseci
Estela Guerreiro
Estela Guerreiro Pred 2 meseci
“Cold purple yogurt” 😂 açaí you mean
FDX Pred 2 meseci
I don't see a reason to put 4k calories in the tittle, for a man your size that should be nothing.
Brett chiotasso
Brett chiotasso Pred 2 meseci
When he said they use to call him grandma 🤣🤣🤣 @ 14:33
Khadra Amin
Khadra Amin Pred 2 meseci
Every video you are so funny matt 🤣 😂 😆
J YT Pred 2 meseci
Matt acts sus with the boys, a true man
EnkPlayz Pred 2 meseci
Good to be back after a looong break
Megan Greene
Megan Greene Pred 2 meseci
I love California omelettes. However, that omelet looked absolutely paltry. I could have eaten it in one bite.
Stohri Chelbev
Stohri Chelbev Pred 2 meseci
VłONE. PLAYZ Pred 2 meseci
Dang Matt it’s been a year I’ve been watching you crazyyyy 🦋🎸🤟🏾
Tara O'Kane
Tara O'Kane Pred 2 meseci
Yayyyyy plsss
Amaranath Reddy
Amaranath Reddy Pred 2 meseci
I want ur what's app number
Hannah Eke
Hannah Eke Pred 2 meseci
Hiya. My Name is Hannah and I'm 17 years old. I'm writing because I had a question and a favour to ask. A couple of weeks ago I found out that my friend Charlotte is pregnant and she's thrilled. She loves working out however now she's pregnant is finding it hard to know what she can/can't do. I was wondering if you could perhaps share how Sairse is keeping fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy? I know that it is a different kind of request for content but I think it could be really beneficial for lots of women. Thank you- I'm a big fan by the way!! xx
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