How much did my home gym cost?

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How much did my home gym cost?

King Kirby
King Kirby Pred 4 dnevi
S B Pred 5 dnevi
Its nice how he likes and responds to every comment
Aoife X
Aoife X Pred 6 dnevi
So, I just got alcohol poisoning
Matt3667 Pred 11 dnevi
Im making a gym in my garden right now A gazebo(3M x 4M) £50 🤣 This jigsaw type gym floor £40 Squat rack £250 A bench £140 AND im making my plates out of concrete - YES im that broke So they cost me £50 for the moulds and then its about 50p per kilo i make £7 for high strength concrete and then i use a 2” inner diameter steel bar and mould it around it and cut it off to size OH and got a 7ft olympic bar which was £160 So basically about £800 total i think🤣
James Bramwell
James Bramwell Pred 14 dnevi
Basically nothing is available because it’s all in Matts garden 😂 to think I’m on the fence about spending £100 on 2 dumbells and Matt has all of this 💪🏼
Steve Burchell
Steve Burchell Pred 14 dnevi
Was a good day plastering your gym
Ben Atwell
Ben Atwell Pred 15 dnevi
Matt - you can do more than one exercise with a lat pulldown Geeza!
Paul Wright
Paul Wright Pred 20 dnevi
Nowt like insulting the non followers! Melts pmsl
Jim Dearman
Jim Dearman Pred 27 dnevi
Great setup 👍 Jealous of the actual building and air-con my garage is so cold. Hate it. I already had a power tower for pull-ups and dips, but spent £30 on bands and £250 on a bench and plates. All sorted for most exercises next on the list will be a squat rack, barbell and a couple 20 plates.
Alex Christopher
Alex Christopher Pred mesecem
best tax right off I've ever seen haha
Brummie Runner
Brummie Runner Pred mesecem
Money talks, wealth whispers. This is the difference between those who have it now and those who don’t in their 50s. He’s tomorrow’s chip paper 📄
Victor Hopewave
Victor Hopewave Pred mesecem
It's quite good actually. If you already have an empty room, you can just get the equipment you need. It could easily be less than 10,000
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Pred mesecem
Did you add the cost of the broken phone to the gym ?
Κωνσταντίνος Παζαρας
Κωνσταντίνος Παζαρας Pred mesecem
So this is 480 years in my gym...nice 😅
WorldsBestGuys Pred mesecem
Mattie, great gym mate. We are building $150,000 home gym so stay tuned and lookout for that!
TheEvoeTV Pred mesecem
LG is by far the worst Air Conditioning manufacturer you could have installed :/
Raymond O’Toole
Raymond O’Toole Pred mesecem
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards Pred mesecem
Building cost is insane for such a small space!
Ellie Cornell
Ellie Cornell Pred mesecem
What is the size of the building??? Thanks :)
Gg meme 1800
Gg meme 1800 Pred mesecem
Intro: please subscribe you melts
Lewis Walker
Lewis Walker Pred mesecem
What size is it ? looks huge and looks smart as fuk !
Sourav Thakyal
Sourav Thakyal Pred mesecem
That would be 398 years of gym membership in my local gym in India...
🅰️ndy Powerhouse
🅰️ndy Powerhouse Pred mesecem
Well done on achieve life goals 👏🏻👏🏻
avantgardevegan Pred mesecem
frickin goals!!!! congrats on building the best office ever
LegacyAMV Pred 9 dnevi
@epic gameplay_ did u not watch the video?
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Pred mesecem
@epic gameplay_ He is a fitness youtuber so thats basically his office
epic gameplay_
epic gameplay_ Pred mesecem
its a gym...
0LIVER M3LL1S Pred mesecem
lowkey the reason nothing is in stock is because Matt bought everything.
best ways to burn stubborn fat greg doucette
best ways to burn stubborn fat greg doucette Pred mesecem
bro matt! UK is so much more expensive in terms of this stuff! in the US you could get all this stuff as great quality for like 5k (besides the house) that’s a sick gym tho i’m on a 1500$ budget and i got a bike, half rack, bench, punching bag, bag stand, weight stand, 4 dumbbells, olympic barbell and a set of weights as well as flooring
Beverley Warren
Beverley Warren Pred mesecem
Why not a Bulldog Gear EZ Curl Bar
Gym and Dance Mirrors Direct
Gym and Dance Mirrors Direct Pred 2 meseci
Great vids
Hakai Gaming
Hakai Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Will Kendall
Will Kendall Pred 2 meseci
friggin counter-2996
Hakai Gaming
Hakai Gaming Pred 2 meseci
T_Shub34 Pred 2 meseci
I want to get stronger and am working on my home gym to. I will have a reveil soon so plz sub to my channel at Shubs 34 it would mean a lot!!
Hakai Gaming
Hakai Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Mohammed Shaik
Mohammed Shaik Pred 2 meseci
Your gym looks sick mate!
Miron Jusufi
Miron Jusufi Pred 2 meseci
Good for you matt! You deserve it! Luca is amazing
Bart Verlaak
Bart Verlaak Pred 2 meseci
Matt my man, invest in some acocustic panels, love the gym but you got some serious echo!
Kiril Eremia
Kiril Eremia Pred 2 meseci
So i just did some math and the coclusion is that your gym costs as much as 487 years and 3 months of membership at my gym
vimal gayan
vimal gayan Pred 2 meseci
for that kind of money you could buy a new land and make a gym with same equipment just normal brands
inkzry Pred 2 meseci
It cost £47935 😂
Ivan Hrusovsky
Ivan Hrusovsky Pred 2 meseci
How bout kettlebell? Don’t you use any?
Oskar Tonkinson
Oskar Tonkinson Pred 2 meseci
8 pints later...... lovred tghe vifdeo
donny ogle
donny ogle Pred 2 meseci
that shits dope asf don’t get me wrong but god damn you spent too much money on that
Shaba Pred 2 meseci
Matt's so honest 💪 that's why I follow you bro
Seh Swa
Seh Swa Pred 2 meseci
Its so funny that this comment section says things like thats lucas gym all those kind of this beautiful comment section
therealskipp Pred 3 meseci
yo can someone give me a link to that bench. :D
Pique NY
Pique NY Pred 3 meseci
Mans already healthy as it is and now he gone and bought his own gym. Money madness
Ben Kazem
Ben Kazem Pred 3 meseci
Hey Matt, my little sister called, she wants her shirt back.
57JimboSlice Pred 3 meseci
The building seemed very pricey
david hibbert
david hibbert Pred 3 meseci
Just getting into the videos serous question how long you been going the gym like? We talking everyday for like the last 10 years?
Zag khan
Zag khan Pred 3 meseci
Is it just me or does Matt talk like his mouth is full
Louis Dodsworth
Louis Dodsworth Pred 3 meseci
Matt do you do fitness
TKMAX46 Pred 3 meseci
spent that on the gym but cant by a new tshirt
Sinan G
Sinan G Pred 3 meseci
Need that same juice!
Oblivion Pred 3 meseci
He looks normal and strong at the same time Btw this isn’t a hate comment
Bell Man
Bell Man Pred 3 meseci
psykx Pred 3 meseci
You need to get some reflection panels to sort that echo.
Bobby Pred 3 meseci
Had to watch the video because I couldn’t make it out on the thumbnail
H Price
H Price Pred 3 meseci
Those dumbbells are so nice
Rich_LHDC Pred 3 meseci
Been following you for a long time Matt, this is a wicked set up and you deserve it 100%
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson Pred 3 meseci
So frigin cool you frigin mad meat head
Jk H
Jk H Pred 3 meseci
Why are all you SLpostrs saying nothing about local gyms having to close YOURall good taking about your gyms but what about everyone else small businesses ect , press the like button ? Na mate I’m unsubscribing , stand together ,support them , later
Harry Leigh
Harry Leigh Pred 3 meseci
When you get your black Olympic barbell please can I have your old one? I’m actually being serious btw
darren buckley
darren buckley Pred 3 meseci
I dont have a clue about weights are weight lifting. I have a very week back which i have lived with all my life. I am now 36.Its really usefull watching these clips. Hope to strengthen my back with weight lifting. You seem such a kanny person . So many seem to be so look at me and my mussles. You seem so easy going and dont brag everyone has a right to be who they want to be.You seem to say this in the way you come accros. Basicly keep being you dont become a bitch i am sure you wont. As for your son hes so kanny i wish him all the best x
OliJB1 Pred 3 meseci
Jeez you've come a long way since I saw you on Brandon Campbell's channel. Congrats.
Tom Greaves
Tom Greaves Pred 3 meseci
Was that 33k exc VAT for the building cost?
Fulletain02 Pred 3 meseci
I can't understand english accent, jesus!
J90JAM Pred 3 meseci
The circular urethane dumbbells cost so much more than hex ones. A full rack isn’t actually that much of a bigger footprint than a half rack. Where’s the calibrated plates though? 🤷🏻‍♂️
The Wolffit Proyect
The Wolffit Proyect Pred 3 meseci
ok, I follow you, but if I lose the 50kg that I am missing (I have already lost 35) you will give me back the follow ok? :D
DarK Elemental
DarK Elemental Pred 3 meseci
That would be 400 years of my gym membership 😂 good on you for sharing though
Caylee Anderson
Caylee Anderson Pred 3 meseci
Im so depressed, i started working out about 6 months ago and now iv gotten golfers elbow in BOTH arms AND got knee tendinitis in BOTH knees! Nothing seems to help and im just about to give up🤮😭 i just started seeing all my results to!! Omg
Jujojo Pred 3 meseci
Are you on drugs? What's with the rocking back and forth all the time?
Gayanga Herath
Gayanga Herath Pred 3 meseci
Bro wear some shoes mate when deadlifting!!!
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred 3 meseci
So cool 😎
Patricia C.
Patricia C. Pred 3 meseci
Matt should have bought the 500 dollars adjustable ones for less space
Kevin McClintock
Kevin McClintock Pred 3 meseci
What company did you buy the pulley system from please?
andrew jackson
andrew jackson Pred 3 meseci
Second hand dumbbells going for more than new ones🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Weekend Cyclist
Weekend Cyclist Pred 4 meseci
This gym is a frickin amazing 😍 I myself was lucky enough to build my own gym before the covid and people have offered me more then double of the price to buy all the stuff of me but I ain’t selling bad boy 😝 congrats mat hard work pays off mate 💪🏽
xto xto
xto xto Pred 4 meseci
matt could of done your paint job I'm professional
agashpower Pred 4 meseci
Nice video. Music in background is annoying
Christy Creavin
Christy Creavin Pred 4 meseci
You got ripped off 😹😹😹loser
UlrikVonLiektenstein Pred 4 meseci
I’ll subscribe as soon as you stop aggressively leaning into the camera...
Da boyy
Da boyy Pred 4 meseci
Hey I love your videos they've helped me so much along with a nice custom diet I found out, For all those looking to be be fit faster you can check Custom Keto Diet it also helped me, you'll thank me later. @t
Trystan Tose
Trystan Tose Pred 4 meseci
Hullo wullcum tu anuther voodieo
Zakory Lloyd
Zakory Lloyd Pred 4 meseci
*has not one but 2 £285 bars* Matt: imma get the black ones soon cus they look better
Eddy XV
Eddy XV Pred 4 meseci
What was the total cost?
the King futuristic Pigeon boss
the King futuristic Pigeon boss Pred 4 meseci
WHAT DA HECK! THAT'S EXPENSIVE MAN! lucky enough my money I higher than that! :|
ZolidTech HD
ZolidTech HD Pred 4 meseci
Justin Ward
Justin Ward Pred 4 meseci
Giving you a like for never taking a breathe while talking throughout the entire video hahaha!!
The Pie Hunter
The Pie Hunter Pred 4 meseci
Cant give you a thumbs up on this one bro. Lost my Job 8 months ago and its been a hard road. Im happy for you im not hating but 50k english pounds would have paid for my family for the next 2 years. I know you said you didnt do it to boast. There is just a ton of people hurting at the moment
splaterpus23 Pred 4 meseci
You need to get a Wireless Access Point set up for you're wifi and you're set then.
Acquired Peace
Acquired Peace Pred 4 meseci
47,999 pounds... wow...
Jeff allen
Jeff allen Pred 4 meseci
The ultimate dismissal of anyone. In your best Luca voice, "calm down Big Boy". Classic !
Bhagyashree Patil
Bhagyashree Patil Pred 4 meseci
Slow down, Matt! You talk so fast it's like listening to rap 😂.
Chloe Watson
Chloe Watson Pred 4 meseci
Tbf he’ll get to set this against this income for tax so get like 40-45% of the cost off of his tax bill as it’s a business expense
Gwhitts Pred 4 meseci
Hay can you do the SAS training I would really enjoy that
Axmity Pred 4 meseci
Love your channel
Kirk Rosa
Kirk Rosa Pred 4 meseci
love ur gym matt looks bad ass! all i got is a bent bar and some shit iron dented weights lol
Star Pred 4 meseci
100 years membership
Jamie N
Jamie N Pred 4 meseci
What phone case is that? Looks awesome
Michael B.
Michael B. Pred 4 meseci
Actually, that's not bad at all. I already estimated 10 to 12k for equipment.
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