Deadlifting with LARRY WHEELS

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Deadlifting with LARRY WHEELS

Mariusz Teasdale
Mariusz Teasdale Pred dnevom
Is deadlifting 150kg good for my first ever deadlift? I weigh 62kg and didn’t do mixed grip(both hands were over the bar)
cobrakai84 Pred dnevom
eat clen, tren hard.. and bullshit about genetics
cobrakai84 Pred dnevom
Thurstan really sucks on the DL... For a guy on roids (like they all are) it's pathetic really
John Pred 3 dnevi
I dont understand these mask why do they have it when they are 1cm close to each other plus they dont even use it
filk07 Pred 4 dnevi
Pin cushions
Stuart Furey
Stuart Furey Pred 6 dnevi
Matts hilarious 😂
Aryan Yadav
Aryan Yadav Pred 7 dnevi
Love the way Larry said finish itttttt🚀🚀🚀🚀🏋🏽🏋🏽🏋🏽🏋🏽
FrankieNeale Pred 7 dnevi
‘First ever prolapsed eyeball on a barbell’ 🤣🤣
Fareed Haddad
Fareed Haddad Pred 8 dnevi
Nice chin diaper
Football Mad
Football Mad Pred 12 dnevi
Luca is so cute
Aksel T.M
Aksel T.M Pred 16 dnevi
What were they sniffing?
Waqas Hussain
Waqas Hussain Pred 16 dnevi
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Pred 24 dnevi
I just feel bad for Mike. Matt jokes about him every two seconds xD
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Pred 27 dnevi
13:02 When Larry shouts "FINISH IT" in that testosterone filled Godzilla voice, you can't just not finish it. Jokes to the side though...Matt's form is impeccable even when he's grinding like crazy. That's the one thing I respect most about his lifting. Hats off, mate!
Lucca Pozella
Lucca Pozella Pred mesecem
that poisoned blade at the start, hes been watching clarence kennedy vids
NavySeal. Pred mesecem
The fact that 300 was heavy, Eddie doing it 4-5 years ago putting 200 +Kg on, doing 500, fucking hell. My Brain can't comprehend
Watch Daily
Watch Daily Pred mesecem
Why do they have a mask on when they dont even use it I get it there are rules but cmon😂
ZWR Pred mesecem
Larry's laugh is the best example of hahaha
Big Guy
Big Guy Pred mesecem
Love this duo lol we need more videos of you and Larry. just really hate that mike thurston is there.
Jackybrown Pred mesecem
Wow,, literally all my favourite bodybuilding guys I follow in one vids.... sick 💪🏻
M Pred mesecem
Conclusion Larry is a beast. Mike needs to just go and do some curls or something and take his trt Your deadlift stance is just weird aswell deadlift properly Larry must have been thinking wtf is this shit.
Aldin Zlatarevic
Aldin Zlatarevic Pred mesecem
Man i swear one of the few people that could fight a gorilla and actually might have a chance
Sam Castle
Sam Castle Pred mesecem
Did Larry just keep 345kg? Or am I just hallucinating.
Ross Little Cook
Ross Little Cook Pred mesecem
I’m so late with my comment and idk if anyone has maybe said this, BUT....I’m pretty sure Matt would’ve gotten that first 600+ if he had some straps
Sa'ad Bala
Sa'ad Bala Pred mesecem
Who else wants a Matt and Joe collaboration
Jyskare Pred mesecem
Why is everyone having masks but not using them correctly? You can just thow them away if you have them like that cause they make no difference.
The Bomber
The Bomber Pred mesecem
Can you do a vid of what gear and how much you take interested to no
joaago1 Pred mesecem
Matt, your feet are so damn flat hahahaha
SparkyAsh Pred mesecem
Love these videos. I hope my videos can have this quality before long.
Mark SN
Mark SN Pred mesecem
Great video . Amazing strength
Mark SN
Mark SN Pred mesecem
All these guys are great but according to a video where Eddie Halls shows how to deadlift, ( I have yet to see it performed properly
Gokodera Jj
Gokodera Jj Pred mesecem
I dislike fake natty the only reason I continue watching is Luke and Larry wheels👍🏻
Samboe Pred mesecem
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Pred mesecem
Wow those deadlifts look hard 🥲
Freddie Brown
Freddie Brown Pred 2 meseci
Can’t lie but Larry is a different level
Muhammad Razikani
Muhammad Razikani Pred 2 meseci
what did he smell?
Eline Schel
Eline Schel Pred 2 meseci
ok but i have a question, what is this band for thats around their bodys while lifting?
Rares Nelepcu
Rares Nelepcu Pred 2 meseci
What is that thing that they smelled before lifting?
The Fit Traveller
The Fit Traveller Pred 2 meseci
I just pulled 162kg at 64kg bodyweight but didnt recorded it. Although i have uploaded 150kg deadlift at 64kg bodyweight. Will surely upload 162kg next time.
Jerelle Lumix
Jerelle Lumix Pred 2 meseci
why is his legs spread when he dead lifts ?
COACH.PATRIK Pred 2 meseci
big respect lads !
Jay B
Jay B Pred 2 meseci
The deadlift techniques differ so much 😯
OneRepMax Pred 2 meseci
Spencer Andersen
Spencer Andersen Pred 2 meseci
760x3 wild
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Pred 2 meseci
i love the matt + mike duo... makes me happy to see them like brothers
CaseDetective A
CaseDetective A Pred 2 meseci
2 of them claim ‘natural’ 😂
wb wbb
wb wbb Pred 2 meseci
Dhairya Sibal
Dhairya Sibal Pred 2 meseci
Crossover episode 😌
adz123888 Pred 2 meseci
Larry's "FINISH IT" would make most lifters hit PRs haha.
Sonny C
Sonny C Pred 2 meseci
i dont think i ver even heard of a deadlift whn i pumped iron it was all bench press back then im only 40 but still i can see this making you pull your back out pretty easy which is exactly what you're told not to do lifting heavy things ..the way Eddie Hall does it would make more sense to me but idk how much weight lifting has changed i guess now the deadlift is the thing not bench press. ive never tried a deadlift...when i start working out agian maybe i will but idk looks like little room for error and a back accident waiting to happen
Sonny C
Sonny C Pred 2 meseci
what is the facsination with all these juicers and Dubai?
Kirk A
Kirk A Pred 2 meseci
Luca should have his own channel
Brent Olitan
Brent Olitan Pred 2 meseci
Feel sad for larry not meeting the one and only legend...... Luca😂💪
drvnhard 02
drvnhard 02 Pred 2 meseci
Rip n grip..
Alan Katz
Alan Katz Pred 2 meseci
Is Larry at 1000 yet for PR?
The Rock
The Rock Pred 2 meseci
Larry should play the next Bane in the bat movie!!
Rabin Siam
Rabin Siam Pred 2 meseci
I think Matt should just stay in Dubai
Turlough Mc Manus
Turlough Mc Manus Pred 2 meseci
Said the Wheel is about 3000 feet tall and proceeded to scratch his head.......It's about 200m. Later calls Mikes apartment around 4000 square feet. Genuinely surprised this lad can add up the plates!
Guvna07 Pred 2 meseci
Larry turned into Danny Dyer at the end 😂 (Danny Dyer is an annoying cheeky cockney from London)
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Pred 2 meseci
Livin' to Learn
Livin' to Learn Pred 2 meseci
Nice to see Jo there as well!
Ben 22
Ben 22 Pred 2 meseci
I love how larry looks at matt with his ego laughing inside hahahha
jamesez warttt
jamesez warttt Pred 2 meseci
yes the wheel definatly is 3000f tall lol.
Confused Moon
Confused Moon Pred 2 meseci
Larry is like a human version of Jiren...
Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis Pred 2 meseci
Hey Matt, just out of interest, why do you do such a wide stance compared to the others?
Strongest Fan
Strongest Fan Pred 2 meseci
Mat said prolapsed eye ball ,Larry thought he said prolapsed anus
Martinesse Pred 2 meseci
Meanwhile we have been in lockdown for 6 months.
I S Pred 2 meseci
Larry’s faces lmao, proper doesn’t get the british slang
Moetelay Pred 2 meseci
Larry with the British lads, can't beat it really.
Brandon Pred 2 meseci
Larry doing an English accent killed me lol
Harry Clout
Harry Clout Pred 2 meseci
Your deadlift is horrible
Mustafa Erten
Mustafa Erten Pred 2 meseci
why joe always make freea ahhahaxd its funny
More Lions
More Lions Pred 2 meseci
I'm hoping all these guys look up to Arnold, as a figure to respect and learn from, but I do feel people these days do things a new modern way. I'm sure any lifter or body builder will except that Arnold always looked far better and far stronger than most people today.
KingK Pred 2 meseci
Americans be like, can we add subtitles to this video? Fak orf
Lee Waters
Lee Waters Pred 2 meseci
Why ? It’s not like it’s a job ? That’s why we have fork lifts,.? Why shit ya pants if ya don’t need to ? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Shaquille Nuku
Shaquille Nuku Pred 2 meseci
Sumo is cheating...
Greg Pechey
Greg Pechey Pred 2 meseci
Why was that bike ad so satisfying to watch
Lincoln Dunn
Lincoln Dunn Pred 2 meseci
I stopped watching this channel but then I remembered Luca and came back😂
Griffin Shoemaker
Griffin Shoemaker Pred 2 meseci
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MATINNUFAEL Pred 2 meseci
A collab I didn’t know would happen 🤯
Blacki Gangsta
Blacki Gangsta Pred 2 meseci
lol when he said Larry is a genetic freek Larry was like : NANI ? 💉💉
J C Pred 2 meseci
you're clueless if you think doing roids will automatically makes you this good
Sebastian Neave
Sebastian Neave Pred 2 meseci
13:18 lookin like mark zuckerburg
A R Pred 2 meseci
Larry at 13:01 then Larry at 15:45 😂😂
GPESS Pred 2 meseci
gro2709 Pred 2 meseci
I hope that Joe (the blonde with the green NBA tank) is OK with his back. This was a lot of fun to watch. Larry, Matt and Mike, along with Joe, are very entertaining to watch and their banter is funny! Please do more like this, Matt and Mike! You guys have great chemistry!
L Fit
L Fit Pred 2 meseci Hey guys, check out my new WORKOUT video. 🤙🏽💪🏽
MRah Pred 2 meseci
Matt looks like a normal guy standing next to Larry
Jermaine Steadman
Jermaine Steadman Pred 2 meseci
All love excellent video love larry
james Pred 2 meseci
that place is my daily walking spot
ToDie NotAfraid
ToDie NotAfraid Pred 2 meseci
What do they smell like?
TheRealGhost21 Pred 2 meseci
Matt, that sniffing stuff got you talking like you're being played at 5x at the end. Wtf did you even say?!
Elson w
Elson w Pred 2 meseci
Sawyer Klatt would kill that weight
Rjxgaming Pred 2 meseci
Why is everyone in Dubai? So many people from the fitness community Ryan and Simeon too. Dubai show?
tranquility321 Pred 2 meseci
All natural guys do all natural lifting, well except Larry Wheels, I think he's enhanced.
V Pred 2 meseci
You can feel the happiness of Matt to finally spend some time with Mike 🥰
PEvolution Pred 2 meseci
Watched through to the end expecting to see Luca set up on the platform!
Yasir Qureshi
Yasir Qureshi Pred 2 meseci
This video deserve 1million views and 1lac likes👍
Nadine Pierre
Nadine Pierre Pred 2 meseci
I 💜 Dubai. Matts apartment looks so amazing. The content is great. Keep it up 👍🏾
Real Mystery
Real Mystery Pred 2 meseci
Bro littrely matt does fitness is so huge and compote to the other guys he looks like a 8 year old kid 😂
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Pred 2 meseci
When I watch people deadlift my heart rate speeds up, I start to hold not breathe lol it’s crazy I start to imagine I’m deadlifting subconsciously
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