Pred 3 meseci
We're having a baby
Pred 4 meseci
Divine Beast
Divine Beast Pred 16 urami
Mr. Ideal 😂
Brooke Pendleton
Brooke Pendleton Pred 17 urami
I knew the subway person was gonna choose BMT, it’s the most standard sub and safest option that they would like ahha
Gabbelito_s Pred 17 urami
I love how Luca is so proud of his chocolate milk
Lily-May’s Random channel
Lily-May’s Random channel Pred 17 urami
The range sells mini eggs all year ...
Ollie Grisley
Ollie Grisley Pred 17 urami
Couldn't you just prop the back of the bike up
Ashton Davis
Ashton Davis Pred 17 urami
Alex Pert
Alex Pert Pred 17 urami
Your intros are so funny
Fire Ducky
Fire Ducky Pred 18 urami
Friend:dude just skip the intro Me:we dont do that here
findels 08
findels 08 Pred 19 urami
Are you in Hythe scatepark?
Erin Larkin
Erin Larkin Pred 19 urami
"brush your hair with a fork and eat toothpaste" 🤣🤣🤣
Warren Walsh
Warren Walsh Pred 19 urami
Amazing stuff! That sign of your logo is sick!
J Pred 20 urami
British don't like anything American, that would be a quicker video.
HeatSeekingMouse Pred 20 urami
I agree. As much as I love Luca and his intros - there is a time to do a farewell. Benefits your son I think and it gets too much.
Zack Roberts
Zack Roberts Pred 20 urami
I done it
Tora Goshi
Tora Goshi Pred 20 urami
Matt is on broccoli, chicken and rice.
Thomas Groves
Thomas Groves Pred 21 uro
matt i love the acccent defenly not affened beaces iam half french and its like people doing a british acccent
Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart Pred 21 uro
Haha it’s a lobster crab luv him ❤️🥺
Shamar Chapman
Shamar Chapman Pred 22 urami
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Kenneth Farrell
Kenneth Farrell Pred 23 urami
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ciansatt Pred 23 urami
anybody here after nathaniel messiah re claimed his title with the 310 home gym deadlift
Jeffery Hensley
Jeffery Hensley Pred 23 urami
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Matilda Evans
Matilda Evans Pred 23 urami
You look like Channing Tatum with this haircut!!! Xx
Amigors Pred 23 urami
It's actually hilarious to see all the butt hurt high school football players in the comments
Mariusz Teasdale
Mariusz Teasdale Pred 23 urami
Is deadlifting 150kg good for my first ever deadlift? I weigh 62kg and didn’t do mixed grip(both hands were over the bar)
cobrakai84 Pred 23 urami
eat clen, tren hard.. and bullshit about genetics
Lacey Simon
Lacey Simon Pred 23 urami
Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I've heard several amazing things about this popular diet plan.
cobrakai84 Pred 23 urami
Thurstan really sucks on the DL... For a guy on roids (like they all are) it's pathetic really
Truth Addiction TV
Truth Addiction TV Pred dnevom
<Luca orders chilli and wine, later goes face first down the stairs> Me: "Damn, that was like me in college!"
Victor Street
Victor Street Pred dnevom
How isnt
Hugo Mota
Hugo Mota Pred dnevom
When Luca turns 45 your in trouble mate
Xomxah Xiong
Xomxah Xiong Pred dnevom
Luca is one of the most cutest and nice kid hes so cute
Emily k
Emily k Pred dnevom
Matt: top left Luca’s mind: I am only three as if I know my left and right Lol
Ty Holmes
Ty Holmes Pred dnevom
We won’t the skit with Luca back
Beth Docherty
Beth Docherty Pred dnevom
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Beth Docherty
Beth Docherty Pred dnevom
The wanting steam perinatally delight because kidney interstingly expect midst a childlike bush. aquatic, illustrious view
Beth Docherty
Beth Docherty Pred dnevom
The level rabbi originally deliver because barber ectrodactyly bang within a tired flavor. guarded, languid lemonade
Adesport GT
Adesport GT Pred dnevom
This guy uses some sick music for his timelapses 👍👍
Zander-Plays Pred dnevom
I really miss the intros that started with Luca just bullying matt and then finishing it with suckaaa
Tuesdays_ Chicken
Tuesdays_ Chicken Pred dnevom
Did Matt forget to blur the “Fock me” or he just didn’t because 13+ content?
Tuesdays_ Chicken
Tuesdays_ Chicken Pred dnevom
Swim the English Channel
mark dean
mark dean Pred dnevom
You need to do it in boots, not soft comfortable trainers.
helmetmarket Pred dnevom
Callum Holland
Callum Holland Pred dnevom
16:16 bless you
Naweed 123
Naweed 123 Pred dnevom
Is it me or dies matt and his bro look photoshoped
Baz Biersner
Baz Biersner Pred dnevom
The lamentable toothbrush beautifully juggle because range technically irritate alongside a political face. sparkling, salty office
Dave STEVENS Pred dnevom
Kay Rey
Kay Rey Pred dnevom
I’m guessing squash in the UK and squash in the US are very different, because squash flavored protein sounds horrendous.
Lucad Pred dnevom
This guy really knows how to appreciate a solid rack
Frederikke Lundgreen
Frederikke Lundgreen Pred dnevom
Where have i seen you before???
Beth Docherty
Beth Docherty Pred dnevom
The young uncle phylogenitically claim because blouse demographically sack per a labored anatomy. cultured, lame antelope
Terrific Times
Terrific Times Pred dnevom
Hayden Delaney
Hayden Delaney Pred dnevom
Haha sto argooing
afonso bongo
afonso bongo Pred dnevom
9:22 wat eten jullie vanavond?
jenna anshel
jenna anshel Pred dnevom
I live in the u.s and I haven’t seen most of these items or eaten them 🤮
Mon217y Pred dnevom
Matt, I would love to get the Morsia X Earbuds, but do you know when they will become available as for a long time they have been sold out . Also, are they compatible with android devices.
BernieBrickBuilds Pred dnevom
Its only the 15m crawl and sprint that is timed, the tactical bound is controlled by the PTI (untimed)
5thYonkoCry Pred dnevom
AGAIN?! i havent been active with this channel in a minute and now MATT GOT BUSY?!!!
Fun with Charly and Olivia
Fun with Charly and Olivia Pred dnevom
I drink after or before
A. López
A. López Pred dnevom
The most expensive drink: crema catalana a spanish desert😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌😳
Angga Mokalu
Angga Mokalu Pred dnevom
Wow nice bro
Vin Blick
Vin Blick Pred dnevom
being a Lance corporal in the British army you've done a pretty good job.
Adrian B
Adrian B Pred dnevom
Nooooooooooooooo he let the flags touch the ground
Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart Pred dnevom
Hahah Luca is so smart
Shabana thadha
Shabana thadha Pred dnevom
7:55 Matt proved Luca wrong and showed him his tekkerz
J Pepperell
J Pepperell Pred dnevom
Divine Beast
Divine Beast Pred dnevom
18:19 he plays mark robers music.
EX0T1C_FL0ppS Pred dnevom
Joshua Passas
Joshua Passas Pred dnevom
100 calories of water. Physically not possible
Eléni Army
Eléni Army Pred dnevom
Your son makes a diet with 3 or 4 years old?
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Pred dnevom
Matt that’s gunna be sick! Think you should do just drinking protein shakes for 24hrs
Philip Matthews
Philip Matthews Pred dnevom
Casevac is pronounced caz evak short for casualty evacuation
Amir Malik
Amir Malik Pred dnevom
Great video matt , hope you’re well Check my channel out guys , just started it the hardest bit was starting now follow my joirney to the top! Much appreciated
Jack C
Jack C Pred dnevom
who was filming for matt sounds like phelan from tgf
powerJCk Pred dnevom
The Agent In The East
The Agent In The East Pred dnevom
Early MMA was so interesting, as different strategies and techniques were stress tested... highly muscled guys often gassed out and faded towards the end of the first round. Respect for the effort lads, these movements are not easy
BeaSty SAG
BeaSty SAG Pred dnevom
How old is your brother mate
BeaSty SAG
BeaSty SAG Pred dnevom
0:44 Matt talks to no one
Leanne Kate
Leanne Kate Pred dnevom
What if I wanna use protein powders for weight loss ? Will it work ? Which one will you recommend ?
badgamer1967 KC
badgamer1967 KC Pred dnevom
Pot, kettle, black
Ben Turner
Ben Turner Pred dnevom
I have a uncle Gary in america