Building our DREAM HOME! Ep. 1
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DaN GeR Pred 5 urami
In order to gain more muscle, there are only two things to consider: training and a good diet. Thankfully, we have Agoge Diet that provides both training and diet plan. Try not to visit their website. Trust me, you can't.
King Das
King Das Pred 5 urami
Thumbnail should b "steroids vs more steroids"
Song Lover
Song Lover Pred 5 urami
16:05 Literally the first coming of Malekith (Thor reference)
Aubrey Tolnai
Aubrey Tolnai Pred 5 urami
This is so cute omg! I'm so happy for you guys :)
Zach Benn
Zach Benn Pred 5 urami
Nobody expected this...
Anthony Barichello
Anthony Barichello Pred 6 urami
hopefully you'll get a better sponsor. sorry to hear it man
Natalie Miles
Natalie Miles Pred 7 urami
All of these look like they belong in an adult novelty store 🥴
Bradley Wray
Bradley Wray Pred 8 urami
I turned off when Cal said he’s never seen lazy town 😬
Mochi Pred 8 urami
Labor pains wary for each person with my son I took no pain meds and had a natural birth and the pain wasnt anywhere near painful I was falling asleep they kept waking me up to check me but I had 2 day labor with my daughter and hers was more intense but no where near painful enough to scream or cry and she was born at home with no meds at all so I guess ot all depends on pain tolerance
dolphin Pred 8 urami
Do a fitness workout with the sidemen
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M Pred 9 urami
Freezy baybaaaayyy🎉🎉
Dennis Alba
Dennis Alba Pred 9 urami
What kind of testosterone you use..?
Aldo Roemer van Opdorp
Aldo Roemer van Opdorp Pred 9 urami
How about you try fasting for 24 hours, the complete opposite of this!
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown Pred 9 urami
This is like a cozy date with his wife. LOL
Erica Willson
Erica Willson Pred 9 urami
I was tempted to not like it because you said you won’t be my friend
Mac Emerson
Mac Emerson Pred 10 urami
I regret purchasing ShakeWeight 😆 🤣 😂
Kagabo Rashidi
Kagabo Rashidi Pred 10 urami
I tried every single diet on the internet and even if I managed to lose few pounds of fat, they would get back as soon as I'm done with diet. I realised that meal plan from *Agoge Diet* is the only diet I could follow forever. It's really sustainable and easy to follow.
Steph B
Steph B Pred 10 urami
The video we all never knew we needed but now highkey want more of! The editor is awesome too :)
Fuad Rahman
Fuad Rahman Pred 11 urami
Imagine being 18 and being that strong
Wrulxy Pred 11 urami
In the beginning it’s just a faze dad doooodoooooo doooooooooooooooo powwweeeeeeeee
Sam Willoughby
Sam Willoughby Pred 11 urami
matt and calfronzpig
Gameboys101 Pred 11 urami
two sarcastic peas in a pod
cameron Pred 11 urami
Anyone else got an actual ad for a dumb fitness product in the middle of the vid? 😂
Steven Bray
Steven Bray Pred 12 urami
well done mate!! your misses is still fit bro and luca a little legend 👊🏻❤️
Louise Perkins
Louise Perkins Pred 12 urami
Different people experience pain differently. At the physical therapist they put me on a similar machine and keep increasing the level until it was the highest level. I could barely feel it. That's why they have different levels.
Anej Trunk
Anej Trunk Pred 12 urami
lettts gooooo
Kieran21 1
Kieran21 1 Pred 13 urami
The collab no one knew we wanted but it’s the collab that we needed
sid Ashwood
sid Ashwood Pred 13 urami
Cool colab ngl
Ben M
Ben M Pred 13 urami
What the.... wasn't expecting this crossover but an absolute banger
BIG CHINA Pred 13 urami
The best collab Matt and Calfreezy 🔥🔥🔥
ashley williams
ashley williams Pred 13 urami
Can you do Chloe ting new workout
Glumy Pred 13 urami
Wait hold up, does this mean Matt is gonna be on The Fellas podcast???
Glumy Pred 13 urami
This collab is honestly jokes, was never expecting to see Freezy on here. You should def do more with him and branch out to other U.K. SLpostrs!
Pacey Foster
Pacey Foster Pred 14 urami
My school fully purchased one of those body blade things waste of money never used them and the school is lacking normal equipment 🤦‍♂️
George Clarke
George Clarke Pred 14 urami
MDF on Wafflin 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Matt McLean
Matt McLean Pred 14 urami
Cool a video of you just putting down people.. Very cool guys 🙄
Matthias Pred 14 urami
What is the name of the first Song? Amazing! I just discovered your channel and i love how normal you are....Not your typical SLpostr. Great work, great guy, great Family. Greetz from Germany!
Paddy Robbo
Paddy Robbo Pred 15 urami
0:05 “calfraazy” lmao 😂
Norgelaw Pred 15 urami
Little late but my guess is 7.5kg
LK-R Pred 15 urami
The Flexible Dumbell looks like a Dildo...
Adam Sadler
Adam Sadler Pred 15 urami
That was hilarious 😂
harrison simpson
harrison simpson Pred 15 urami
So you’re telling me a pack of digestives, bacon toast and egg is 2,000 more calories than a massive McDonalds🤷🏽‍♂️🤨
Mr H
Mr H Pred 15 urami
The channel seems like an afterthought now, with all the other things he has going on.
Nigel Alama
Nigel Alama Pred 15 urami
Who cares? Its their body? Why judge? go fuck yourself
Nisitha Kaluarachchi
Nisitha Kaluarachchi Pred 16 urami
The collab we never knew we needed
Scott OBrien
Scott OBrien Pred 16 urami
Hahahhaha the nanny gun leaned on the beat aswell hahahahhaha @12:52
squishy bebbey
squishy bebbey Pred 16 urami
Lol vegan sugar? Sugar is made from processed sugar cane juice. The only nonvegan source of sweetness is honey. Now if you're concerned about the use of bone char to process sugar, organic sugar, unrefined sugar or use of beets do not have bone char. Bone char is used as a filter to make your sugar whiter(I think, Plz fact check me.)
Izaak Gregory
Izaak Gregory Pred 16 urami
Congrats on two mill
James Ross
James Ross Pred 16 urami
This is forced can't lie, love Matt but not sure
Imani Pred 16 urami
Man said I'm feeling shit so I'm gonna do multiple sets on 180kg. MAD
LASAGNA DIARRA Pred 16 urami
Wonder if Matt has got training from the editor Andy as he’s a personal trainer at a gym I used to go to
Aesthex Pred 16 urami
You need to collab with ksi and train him😂
David van den Bos
David van den Bos Pred 17 urami
I'm 17 and skinny af looking at this 6 months older dude than me, being an absolute BEAST. I really need the gyms to open up again in The Netherlands so I can restart my fitness journey
Aaron Shoemaker
Aaron Shoemaker Pred 17 urami
Baseball players use the bodyblade for shoulder recovery. It actually works great lol
Jamie Simons
Jamie Simons Pred 17 urami
Creighton C
Creighton C Pred 18 urami
You heard of the shake weight? Now meet the Snake Weight, and constrict your way to an epic otherwise unattainable body. Three distinct power levels, Boa, Python, and the legendary Anaconda. Pro Athlete Larrry Wheeels states it’s the most epic workout ever. Now constrict, constrict, CONSTRICT! Your way to the ultimate body. Coming this fall, the Pit Viper, designed to increase your striking power to unearthly levels. Disclaimer “Larrrry Wheeels” is of absolutely no relation to Larry Wheels.
Brooke !!
Brooke !! Pred 18 urami
He should make merch saying not ideal 😂
mrsj1417 Pred 18 urami
No Luca, No Mauro, No Views.
Mr H
Mr H Pred 15 urami
I really like Matt and his family but he's earning loads of money outside of YT now, so he's putting minimal effort into the channel. The quality has gone way down and it shows in the views.
Millie Dragon
Millie Dragon Pred 18 urami
I think it's so funny how she's enjoying
Sam Connolly
Sam Connolly Pred 18 urami
Those intros are insane Ha Ha Ha Ha
annabel s
annabel s Pred 19 urami
i didn’t know i needed this collab but it was amazing 👀🤍
Adegboye Damilola
Adegboye Damilola Pred 19 urami
Well the video is just 20min or so......women don't spend 30min in pain....hours
karen williams
karen williams Pred 19 urami
Move number 3 is my absolute faviourte pole move I do both grips 😃 and many of my ex's could do it they were skinny boys all that muscle weighing you down
John Miller
John Miller Pred 19 urami
Calfreezy and his lip lettuce is awful!
Jaime Pred 19 urami
Both of you guys are hilarious lol
Frenk Gallager
Frenk Gallager Pred 20 urami
Ну в наушниках выполнять нормативы любой дурак может , а вот на едине со своими выслями, всхлипами, выдохами, вздохами - это действительно проверка на мужика
MirroredArmy Pred 20 urami
I have had Oreo O’s cereal and I’m British.
MirroredArmy Pred 20 urami
That little smile once Luca tasted the chocolate milk is so cute!
joshy SkLz
joshy SkLz Pred 20 urami
Never seen this coming... Didn't even know they knew each other
Josh Lake
Josh Lake Pred 21 uro
Do you like beer
MagicMinter HD
MagicMinter HD Pred 21 uro
matt gonna b on sidemen tinder soon
Onepiece barca
Onepiece barca Pred 21 uro
Biggest crossover event since that time Elon musk became wario
Tiffany Gould
Tiffany Gould Pred 21 uro
The Body Blade is actually still used in Physical Therapy to this day for rehabilitating injuries or after surgery. In the US anyway. Just saying. ;-)
AnA - Power and Charm
AnA - Power and Charm Pred 21 uro
Along the line of fitness! Most pull ups by a 10 year old! This is Ariel and she is 10! Please hit her like button and subscribe to her channel if you like her video ok🥰 She is new to this but will be bringing you all more videos soon! (push ups next!)
The life and times of Lily
The life and times of Lily Pred 21 uro
You know apparently people have tried this and said that levels 3-5 are just period cramps so um... yeah I'll leave that thought with you
Chloe Cox
Chloe Cox Pred 22 urami
I lost it when they started twisting in the first one and ever since then I couldn’t compose myself
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall Pred 22 urami
This is the collab I didn't know I needed
Bradley Keane
Bradley Keane Pred 22 urami
Peter Molnar
Peter Molnar Pred 22 urami
I'm just here to see how Matt can keep up replying to comments.
Up4thechallenge Pred 22 urami
How have these two sides of my SLpost watching come together?? Amazing!