Pred 5 meseci
We're having a baby
Pred 5 meseci
Jennyfer Galarneau
Jennyfer Galarneau Pred 19 urami
We must protect Luca At all cost. That child is precious
Finley Bailey
Finley Bailey Pred 19 urami
I actually can’t wait to see this house complete it’s gonna be amazing when it’s finished
Xenon Jet
Xenon Jet Pred 19 urami
PLs pin this for LUCA!
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap Pred 19 urami
CONGRATS! I wish him great health and a great life!
Jess Ess
Jess Ess Pred 19 urami
“Baby offers NOTHING to his video!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cody Ivey
Cody Ivey Pred 19 urami
well done bro! beautiful family, beautiful home. doesn't get better than that!
Jordan Ranker
Jordan Ranker Pred 20 urami
I can only imagine how much this cost 😳
Adam Morley
Adam Morley Pred 20 urami
With so many cool spaces I hope your going to include some nice interior LED lighting 🔥will look mental
Rhianon Jakubowski
Rhianon Jakubowski Pred 20 urami
So excited to see the house fully done going to be lit
Luisa Silva
Luisa Silva Pred 20 urami
Who is your architect???? Amazing house plans!!!! I love it
david stone
david stone Pred 20 urami
Me when watching Mattdoesfitness videos recently: "I would like to see the baby" 😍😍
Dirain Eswaran
Dirain Eswaran Pred 20 urami
Matt's Just got the next level of income from his gyms, sponsors, youtube to afford this. Well done Matt!!
Katie sewell
Katie sewell Pred 20 urami
I wish I was born into this family...imagine they’re giving a baby a double bed😔
Areykal Ho
Areykal Ho Pred 20 urami
You "de-clothe" yourself
cool4cats Pred 20 urami
7:44 speaking from experience, you might regret cupboards over your stove/cooktop (they get grimey and greasy easily). A large rangehood is better ... imho 👍😄
BigChopz Pred 20 urami
Although it looks very nice, it doesn’t look very insulated
BazookaSD Pred 20 urami
That SLpost money is 🔥
cool4cats Pred 20 urami
15:43 I hope it involves at lot of trees and plants?!? So many house renovations now rip up the garden and leave nothing left. It's all just building and concrete/decking/patio. Then they wonder why there are no birds, butterflies, bees, etc, and suburbs get hotter and hotter (this is what has happened in Sydney, Australia)
DJL66 Pred 20 urami
Good god. This video is virtually unwatchable. Seriously Matt learn to take a breath and relax. You seem coked up and severely over caffeinated.
Justin Koth
Justin Koth Pred 21 uro
How old is Luca
girlsdrinkfeck Pred 21 uro
now make the floorplan in sims 4
Suhaan Patel
Suhaan Patel Pred 21 uro
Luca is my favorite youtubers kid and this house is gonna be fire
Soumyodyuti Ray
Soumyodyuti Ray Pred 21 uro
Luca and dinosaurs 😂 damn
Damian Cocieru
Damian Cocieru Pred 21 uro
Hopefully u will still be watching arsenal (aka no super league)
Ashwin Maharaj
Ashwin Maharaj Pred 22 urami
The house sounds 🔥
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones Pred 22 urami
It’s sausage
Abubakr Hanif Patel
Abubakr Hanif Patel Pred 22 urami
In my opinion creeps are just gonna stare through the glass at the entrance When they walk past haha. But overall it’s a rlly nice house more like a hotel but a nice house.
Steph Cribbs
Steph Cribbs Pred 22 urami
Technical get up, half a break fall, and shrimp lol
Piper Alaren
Piper Alaren Pred 22 urami
That “pizza” looks wrong
Hayder Muailu
Hayder Muailu Pred 22 urami
Sick house, but no privacy😂😂 Greet design👌🏻
Tim Llewellyn
Tim Llewellyn Pred 23 urami
You need to get Kevin McCloud to come do a review once it is finished
XcerptShow Pred 23 urami
Ive never seen half of those items in America...
MsSammyz1 Pred 23 urami
Is there a secret room?
Ethan Xiang
Ethan Xiang Pred 23 urami
I can lift 5 pans of Weight
Roko’s Basilisk
Roko’s Basilisk Pred 23 urami
Grand designs worthy
Charlie Owen
Charlie Owen Pred 23 urami
This is going to take a while but i’m buckled up for the ride lol. Here we go
SJ Gaming
SJ Gaming Pred 23 urami
Insane house. Endless space for Luca to make intros 😂
Systemstop Pred 23 urami
Matt you should do a day without eating ketchup 😂
Ana Stefani
Ana Stefani Pred 23 urami
HAVE just finished my7 day free trial of the morisa app and its amazing i love it
Jacob ShezzNogg
Jacob ShezzNogg Pred 23 urami
i love how matt replies to practically every comment. wouldn’t find many who take the time to do that. love ur vids Matt keep up the work as always, you deserve way more subs
Kris Pred 23 urami
Who else felt like a peasant and enjoyed it?
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera Pred 23 urami
Ginger beer is so good
Cristen Kearney
Cristen Kearney Pred 23 urami
I'm excited to watch y'all go on the house journey
NoneOfYourBusiness Pred 23 urami
If the house looks anything like the simulated finished picture it's going to look incredible.
Acf Wrestling
Acf Wrestling Pred 23 urami
Matt:we are creating are dream home Luca: no we are not SUCKA. Luca: destroys house with bull dozer Luca: oh yea right there mate. Anybody else having intense flashbacks to that one intro
Andy Pred dnevom
I just love that Matt replies to all of these comments. Love ya mate and congrats on the new house!
KornDoG Pred dnevom
just a quality of life comment, wouldn’t it be better if the shower of the master wasn’t directly behind the bed, seems a bit loud
Steph Cribbs
Steph Cribbs Pred dnevom
Aaww congratulations! Your wife is a bigger beast than you on the low though 😁
Daniel Ahmadu
Daniel Ahmadu Pred dnevom
For the game room, you should definitely invest in a proper 7.1 or 7.2 sound system. It'll make a huge difference.
Madyson Bent
Madyson Bent Pred dnevom
I am sooo glad I can across you guys on SLpost 3 years ago and I can't wait to see your guys journey and new house. So proud of what you guys are doing ❤
Oscar Bailey
Oscar Bailey Pred dnevom
Yo Matt sick renders here, word of advice on built in desks for your office. Make sure they’re deep enough! I’d recommend 800mm deep for enough room for papers and computer monitors. Keep up the sick work!
Karl Enzmann
Karl Enzmann Pred dnevom
If you are going to do concrete floors, I hope you will have radiant heated floors. Its the only way to go in colder climates. You'd love it...no more cold feet in the winter!
Steph Cribbs
Steph Cribbs Pred dnevom
Love this video. I think every guy should try this once 😁
Astro Fluid
Astro Fluid Pred dnevom
Damn me and my bro watched you when you did your gym vids now your family vlogging. You’ve come so far congrats dude :)
Hunter Dawson
Hunter Dawson Pred dnevom
Make sure you get double glazed glass trust me well worth it, keep the warmth in and noise out. loving the house guys 👍👍
Graeme Mowat
Graeme Mowat Pred dnevom
I normally love your videos but as an architect myself I appreciate this one so much more!
P 09
P 09 Pred dnevom
How are you going to cover the glass tho, is it gonna have curtains or blinds??
Angelina Krasznai
Angelina Krasznai Pred dnevom
Just one technical question here: How will there be any curtains?
Just Zeus
Just Zeus Pred dnevom
"Watch Arsenal games"😬😬
N Evans
N Evans Pred dnevom
Fireplace is fire
Cian Murray
Cian Murray Pred dnevom
That’s gonna be an amazing house when it’s complete
Nathan Banks
Nathan Banks Pred dnevom
Don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times Matt said ‘here’ in this video
Droptheshoulder Pred dnevom
New pad will be sweet mate. Love all the glass.
Amanda Zepeda Ordoñez
Amanda Zepeda Ordoñez Pred dnevom
With that amount of glass, wouldn't the house get really cold?
Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards Pred dnevom
Can you really get involved with vlogging the process pleaseeeeee
Elizabeth Hornak
Elizabeth Hornak Pred dnevom
I absolutely love that he tries to like every comment!
MoayedAtlas Pred dnevom
*Lewis Morgan has entered the chat*
Jack Kerr
Jack Kerr Pred dnevom
Hi, I’m a 17yr old blacksmith and fabricator from surrey in the Uk! And I was wondering if you would like me to make a custom Morsia fire pit for your new future outdoor space at the new house! I would appreciate it if ppl liked this comment so Matt has a chance at seeing it! 🤙😁 Thanks for reading!
Papenfus Charlie
Papenfus Charlie Pred dnevom
I feel like Matts one of those few SLpostrs who’s adult enough to be set for life off what he makes on SLpost but, also interesting and crazy enough to make fun/ child like purchases such as a slide into a cinema room.
C T Pred dnevom
Glass house hmms prone to chips and greenhouse effect. Should add solar panels on roof and add smart stuff.
MariosCY5 Pred dnevom
A pool in the garden??
Purplelord 129
Purplelord 129 Pred dnevom
Luca personal Thomas the tank engine track giant size
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred dnevom
Imagine if he does this every year, when his son turns 18+
EightBallGuy Pred dnevom
Nice house!
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred dnevom
Imagine playing outside with Luca He eats some dirt, what my sis did at that age Matt: ....
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred dnevom
I found this guy again after a year after forgetting his name
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred dnevom
Oh finally, I saw this guy years ago, stopped watching SLpost for w while and was never able to find him again because I forgot the name!
Matt Lawrence
Matt Lawrence Pred dnevom
Push ups: 0 gotta keep the head up mate 😂
Jen Pred dnevom
Slide will get old quickly but the rest sounds awesome!
Matt Lawrence
Matt Lawrence Pred dnevom
Should have done the swim first